China TH-100 Full-digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System For Medical Apparatus

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Product Description:

Introduction :
* Multi-application: abdomen, OB/GYN, vagina, small parts, urology, peripheral vessels,
cardiac, rectum, pediatric, biopsy
* High-precision DBF
* PC platform
* Multi-frequency transducer series
* Max frequency up to 10MHz
* English, French interface
* Supportive of all PC printers and video printers
Standard configuration:
TH-100 main unit
10″non-interlaced CRT monitor
Two transducer connectors
Permanent storage of 5000 images
Max 512-frames of Cine Loop
Two USB ports
Measurement & calculation software packages
Electronic convex array transducer: CA3.5MHz/R50 (2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5/6.0MHz)
Electronic linear array transducer: LA7.5MHz/L40 (5.0/6.0/7.5/9.0/10.0MHz)
Electronic endocavity transducer: EV6.5MHz/R10 (4.0/5.7/6.5/8.0/9.0MHz)
Electronic micro-convex array transducer: CA3.5MHz/R20 (2.5/3.5/4.0/4.5/5.0MHz)
Built-in 160G HDD
Needle-guided brackets
Mobile trolley
RTDT (real-time dynamic transfer of images and videos)
SVVR (super volume video recording up to 1 hr)
Technical Specifications:
General Descriptions
Imaging mode: B, B+B, B+M, M, 4B
Gray scale: 256
Display: 10″non-interlaced
Transducer frequency: 2.0 ~ 10MHz
Transducer connector: 2
Beam-forming: DBF (Digital Beam-forming)
DRF (Dynamic Receiving Focusing)
DFS (Dynamic Frequency Scan)
RDA (Real-time Dynamic Aperture)
DRA (Dynamic Receiving Apodization)
Scanning angle (°) : from 24 to 156.6 (depending on transducers)
Scanning depth (mm) : from 20 to 250 (depending on transducers)

Image Processing
Pre-processing: 8-segment TGC
gross gain
dynamic range (≥120db)
Pre Gray
acoustic power adjustment
scanning angle selection
Post-processing: edge enhancement
frame correlation
line correlation
black-white reverse
left-right reverse
up-down reverse

Cine loop: 512-frame cine loop memory
Storage media: permanent storage of 5000 images, USB, built-in 160GB HDD (option)
Zoom: real-time partial zoom
RTDT: real-time dynamic transfer of images and videos(option)
SVVR: super volume video recording up to 1 hr (option)
Measurement & Calculation
B-mode: distance, circumference, area, volume, angle, residual urine volume,
histogram, profile
M-mode: distance, time, velocity, heart rate
Software packages: abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, cardiology, small parts, peripheral
vessels, orthopedics, urology

Peripheral port: video output 1
USB port 2
DICOM3.0 1
Power supply: 100~240V±10% 50/60HZ
Net weight: 10Kg
NOTE: specifications subject to change without prior notice.


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Q:As long as the electricity of the machine, have radiation?
But the specific depends on what machine, and ordinary enterprises can not see the high radioactive elements. Even if the pregnant woman in the nuclear power plant is safe, so you do not have to worry about. Of course, radiation is inevitable, but it is already unavoidable, like solar radiation, real life, those human factors caused by radiation is basically smaller than the sun radiation. So you do not have to be away from it. FROM: College of Nuclear Science and Technology, Lanzhou University.
Q:Does the TV have radiation? How much penetration is it?
TV: negative oxygen ions will cause discomfort Watching TV, it should not be too close. Too close to the words more than hurt the eyes, when the TV picture tube in the opening, its negative will send high-energy electron beam. When these electron beams violently impinge on the fluorescent material on the inner wall of the screen, the image is displayed on the screen, but at the same time it also produces X-rays with penetrating power. There is a time limit for watching TV. If you want to see a long time, should remember at least every hour to leave the scene for a while. Sitting at least two meters away from the TV, and it is best to install a protective screen, the TV screen display images will also release a large number of positive ions, they like the same magnet adsorption of air around the negative oxygen ions, so that indoor air A significant reduction in negative oxygen ions. Long in the absence of negative oxygen ions in the state, people are prone to headache, chest tightness and loss of appetite, the kind of long time watching TV, should also pay attention to the flow of indoor air.
Q:Roof installation of photovoltaic solar power equipment downstairs radiation big?
The PV module itself does not generate any electromagnetic radiation at power generation.
Q:Detection of radiation of household appliances, what equipment to use?
The simplest is the radio, the whole band of the best radio, wide coverage frequency, radiation can be detected by way of sound.
Q:Substation radiation range
These residents on the roof of the wires are 11 million volts of high-voltage wire, will have a strong radiation, the human body is harmful. In addition, due to the voltage up to 110,000 volts, and the wire equipment may fail, so the building high-voltage line "harmful theory" and "harmless" source Foreign experts from the perspective of epidemiological survey "harmful" conclusion; Domestic experts from the electrical point of view "harmless" conclusion. 2, high-voltage line to whom the greatest impact The impact on young children, the impact on adults is small. 3, the impact of high-voltage line in the end how much? British epidemiologists concluded that children living with electromagnetic radiation had a leukemia rate of one in 700, twice as high as those living in children without electromagnetic radiation (one in 1400). Swedish National Industrial and Technical Development Committee concluded: 1,15 children under the age of exposure to the average magnetic induction intensity greater than 0.2 micro Tesla environment, the prevalence of leukemia is more than 2.7 times the general children; 2, if the magnetic induction is greater than 0.3 Microtech is 3.8 times. "The electromagnetic field can lead to suicide and adult leukemia, which can lead to a certain degree of risk of developing childhood leukemia, adult malignant brain tumor, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, abortion and so on," the California Health Sciences Review Agency concluded. 4, high-voltage line is how people have an impact? Its safety index value High-voltage transmission of high current, high current magnetic field on the impact of human health.
Q:Does the 400V cabinet have radiation?
Any electricity equipment, there are radiation. Mobile phone radiation, the TV has radiation, the light has radiation, the computer has radiation, the refrigerator has radiation, rice cooker has radiation, as long as the power is connected to radiation.
Q:The application of ultrasound in agriculture
Q:Computer radiation on the human facial skin have those injuries?
A: long time operation of the computer, electromagnetic radiation generated static electricity, the most easy to attract dust, easily lead to spots and wrinkles. Make the skin rough, yellow, so the Internet should not be too long. Second: computer radiation prevention 1, after work to wash your face, wash your hands, and according to the skin selection of different series of cleanser cleaning, let the skin relax. It is best to clean the time at noon, that is, skin care, and the whole afternoon also feel very cool face, work efficiency naturally improved. 2, replenishment Computer radiation can cause the skin to dry. Put a bottle of water products around, such as Jane soft nourishing liquid, soft (cool) skin water, essence, etc., often to face replenishment, skin care products to add some high moisture skin cream and anti wrinkle cream. In addition to drink plenty of water, both to supplement the skin moisture loss, but also promote metabolism. 3, to ensure that the screen clean Before the boot with a clean fine flannel to rub the screen again, to reduce the above dust.
Q:What are the hazards of hydropower stations to people?
Substation has security protection, safety distance and a series of standard constraints, the electromagnetic environment problems are currently no definite in the world. Overall, ultra-special high-voltage substation on the surrounding electromagnetic environment is more harmful, in the higher frequency band affect the effect of various radio signals. The impact on the human body is still in the study, there is no quantitative, credible conclusion.
Q:Does the refrigerator radiate?
There is no radiation, to talk about radiation, all electrical appliances, including wire radiation can be measured with precision instruments, the natural environment there is radiation.

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