China Supplying Air Vent Diffuser Ceiling Use

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Product Description:

Description of Air Diffuser

Difference Materials And Use

Size Be Customed

OEM Accepted

Ceiling use/ Sidewall use/Baseboard/Floor 


Usage of Air Diffuser


The grille is suitable for ceilling  sidewall, soffit or cill mounting and may be used for supply or extract applications. 

Typical installations include offices, shops, hotels and most commercial or industrial buildings.

Available as standard in white polyester powder coat finish. 

Other polyester powder  coat finishes are also available as an option.


Specification of Diffuser:

rectangle air diffusers

metal frame ceiling diffuser

white metal color





1. Product name: air diffuser



2. Material: steel



3. Powder coated: standard color, RAL 9010/9016



4. Damper with



5. reduce the flow resistance and noise.



6. The products are easy to install and clean.



7.  adapt to centrel air-conditioning systems.



8. other size/colors available.

Dimensions,colors,thickness, finished, disigns and other specification can be customized according to customers' request



Model Picture of Air Diffuser


China Supplying Air Vent Diffuser Ceiling Use

China Supplying Air Vent Diffuser Ceiling Use

China Supplying Air Vent Diffuser Ceiling Use

China Supplying Air Vent Diffuser Ceiling Use

China Supplying Air Vent Diffuser Ceiling Use

China Supplying Air Vent Diffuser Ceiling Use


FAQ of Air Diffuser:


1, What's size do u have for round type diffuser?

A: We have face size from 150mm to 550mm,neck size from 250mm to 400mm


2, Do u still have other types ?

A: Yes, we have round diffuser/ rectangle diffuser/ linear grilles/ baseboard diffusers,etc


3, What's the most early delivery time?

A: Within 25 days for each 40'fcl


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Q:To warm the water back to the water is not hot
The gas valve to get off the gas to see if the valve is open
Q:Gas boiler hanging water valve bad, how to pay the furnace.
After the wall valve has been damaged, it is best to replace a model with the same parts, once and for all, to facilitate future use and maintenance. If you do not find the same parts, and the water valve is only damaged, and not leaking, and not to the tap water back, you can use y the following way to fill: 1, the heating system to remove the remaining pressure (through the exhaust valve ), And then open any pipe at a connection, connect a three-way, so that the ends of the tee connected with the original connection, more than one end of the connection of a pipe and a valve, the valve and tap water can be connected The 2, open the valve, open the water valve, tap water into the heating system, observe the pressure gauge, to 1.5bar when the valve closed, remove the water pipe. You can use the boiler. 3, if the tap water pressure is too low, less than the minimum value of the start of the boiler, single Dan Wei Pie Pie Shi paint ten ginger can be manually pressed pump connected just the valve, manual pressure to 1.5bar.
Q:The complete floor heating system consists of several parts
There are boiler, pipe, control system
Q:To warm the system main material and auxiliary materials which include what
As we all know, water to warm system is a complex artificial engineering, from the warm and the main material to warm the composition. To warm the main material to determine the warmth of the safety and stability, to determine the warm air to meet the environmental protection and energy saving. To warm the main material parts: wall-hung boilers, heating the main channel, sub-catchment, to warm pipe, thermostat, and so on. Large houses are also equipped with heating circulating water pump (from the pressurized effect), constant temperature mixing valve (energy saving and good comfort) and so on. These devices are the main part of the warm floor, but also to warm the main supplies, especially the boiler and to warm the tube, basically occupied the vast majority of the cost of heating. To warm the auxiliary material laying part: reflective film, extruded board (insulation board), steel wire mesh, the border insulation strips, to warm the staples, insulation casing, raw materials, such as ball valve. The price of these auxiliary materials is not high, more varieties, the market is complex, but these accessories are warm to install the important details of the heating system to the energy-saving effect and insulation effect is to warm the auxiliary materials are inseparable.
Q:What is the best brand on the market now?
To warm the brand is not good to say, to warm to warm tube. Fireplaces. Sub-sump, control panel, and so on some components. And they are their own brand, so that you want to ask the warm brand, it really can not say. But it is possible to compare the warm and plumbing. Heating before the heated museum satin and other turtles to persuade the horizon to invest a little smaller than the plumbing but did not get the water heater, so the home of the water will have to pay another money to buy, plumbing, then put into the pre-heating than expensive, But the water heater in the boiler to solve the problem of hot water, do not have to buy a separate water heater. So it is almost the same. Later use, then the obvious plumbing than the cost of heating the location, but this is to see the use of personal circumstances, but theoretically calculated: 1 kWh = 860 calories, 1 air = 8600 calories, 1 The amount of electricity to calculate the cost of 0.5 yuan Well, 1 air count 1.8 yuan, the same generation of 8600 calorie gas needs a party, electricity needs 10 degrees, then the side gas is 1.8 yuan. 10 degrees TV 5 yuan. The gap came out, the students on their own calculations. Late maintenance point of view: the existence of electricity attenuation, and now can not guarantee that can be a long time. Water to warm the words, the pipeline is 50 years of the package, as long as not a group of people did not have any damage.
Q:Carbon crystal heating plate how much electricity
Carbon crystal heating plate each piece of power 250w, generally a 15 square meters around the room to use four, an hour once electricity. The temperature continued to decline in the daily power consumption is relatively large. Not every family are suitable for installation, can not open all day, master the indoor and outdoor temperature difference, the thermostat to be adjusted. Can only carbon crystal hot plate as a useful supplement. Carbon crystal heating plate that "carbon crystal heating low temperature radiation heating system." Is a carbon crystal heating plate as the core components and developed a new type of low temperature radiation heating system. Carbon crystal heating plate principle: in the electric field, the heating element in the carbon molecules produce molecular motion, carbon atoms between the intense friction and impact, the heat generated by far infrared radiation and convection in the form of external transmission, Its power and heat conversion rate as high as 98% or more. Carbon crystal hot plate system makes full use of carbon crystal plate excellent surface heating characteristics, heating the whole plane temperature, continuous heating, good heat balance effect. To overcome the traditional heating products, heating is not continuous, poor heat balance effect of the disadvantages.
Q:My home renovation of the old house, ready to floor warm, plan to sand layer destroyed, about 3cm
You simply do not have a solution, who would dare to pour the body? 2 cm high 2 cm high bar, do not do the top of the ceiling with a color mirror with a color bar to do the shape, allowing the shelves to look like a trap,
Q:What are the common parts of the car heating and cooling system?
Automotive air conditioning and refrigeration system is mainly composed of compressor, expansion valve, condenser, evaporator and blower, etc., during which the various components between the use of high-pressure rubber pipe and steel pipe connected into a closed system, in the refrigeration system work, the refrigerant will In a different state in this space circulation, and this cycle is divided into four processes: 1, the compression process: the compressor inhalation of the evaporator at the exit of the low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas, it is compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas Discharge the compressor. 2, the heat process: high temperature and high pressure superheated refrigerant gas into the condenser, due to the pressure and temperature reduction, the refrigerant gas condensed into liquid, and discharge a lot of heat. 3, the throttle process: the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant through the expansion of the device after the expansion of large volume, pressure and temperature of the sharp arrest Cao Ken 丨 old investigation of intestinal fried to decline in the mist (small droplets) discharge expansion device The 4, endothermic process: mist refrigerant liquid into the evaporator, so the refrigerant boiling point is much lower than the evaporator temperature, so the refrigerant liquid evaporated into gas. In the evaporation process a large number of absorption of heat around, and then low-temperature low-pressure refrigerant vapor into the compressor. The above process is repeated for the purpose of reducing the temperature of the air around the evaporator. Automotive air conditioning refrigeration and home air conditioning refrigeration is exactly the same, the need for compressor work, and heating is much simpler, because the car engine after cooling there are about 90 degrees, directly facing the engine blowing is hot air friends.
Q:To warm the type of too much, do not know what kind of election, and now the most is the kind of ah?
You can try under the hot geese to warm.
Q:To warm which brand the best
First of all to warm is a heating system, this must first look at you to use the power to warm or water to warm. If it is warm to the water. It includes a lot of components, such as heating pot dan merit test Jia Yao Huang Wei wilt super-furnace, to warm pipe, water separator, thermostat, and so on. In case of warmth, it is necessary to understand from its main parts. Heating boiler is famous for the German Earl, Fisman. To warm the German Rui good, Solander and so on. Suggestions in the choice or to do their own homework to understand, and then to the physical store experience.

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