China Led Manufacture High Brightness Hot Sell 14.4W/M Led Ring Light

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$1.03 - 5.15 / m
Loading Port:
Shen Zhen
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Min Order Qty:
50 Meters m
Supply Capability:
100000 Meters Per Day m/month

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Product Description:

General Introduction

1. UV-Protected: Waterproof IP65 and IP68 types can be UV-Resistant, non-yellowing in at least 2 years. 

2. Multiple Choice of LED Lumen: 7-8lm/6-7lm/5-6lm/4-5lm optional.

3. Good Color Consistency: use LEDs in fixed color bin for each model.

4. Specifications can be customized.

5. 2 Years Warranty; CE&RoHS Compliant.

6. Maintenance-free, Easy-installation with 3M Tape on the back.

7. Connectors, Clips, Power Supply, Controllers available



LED QTY/meter:60pcs
IP Rating:IP20/IP65/IP66/IP67/IP68 Optional
Working Volgate:DC12V/DC24V Optional
Current/meter:0.6A for 12V type/0.3A for 24V type
Emitting Color:3000-3500K/4000-4500K/5500-6500K/11000-13000K,R/G/B/Y Optional
Rendering Index:70-80Ra
Electrostatic Discharge:1000V
Operation Temperature-20~50°C 
Storage Temperature:-20~80°C
PCB Color: Black/White/Yellow Optional
PCB Width: 8mm/10mm Optional
Packing:5 meters per reel


led ring light Model Table

      IP Rate     Item No.     Light ColorInput VoltageLED QTY./meterWattage/meter
       IP20SL-F5050NWP-60WW Warm White(3000-3500K)    12V     60pcs   14.4W
SL-F5050NWP-60NWNeutral White(4000-4500K)
SL-F5050NWP-60PWPure White(5500-6500K)
SL-F5050NWP-60CWCold White(11000-13000K)
      IP65 SL-F5050WP5-60XX12   XX stand for light color    12V     60pcs  14.4W
(Not UV-Resistant)(Refer to the above IP20 type)
      IP65SL-F5050WP5P-60XX  XX stand for light color    12V     60pcs  14.4W
  (UV-Resistant)(Refer to the above IP20 type)
       IP66SL-F5050WP6-60XX12 XX stand for light color    12V     60pcs   14.4W
(Refer to the above IP20 type)
       IP68 SL-F5050WP8-60XX  XX stand for light color    12V     60pcs   14.4W
(Not UV-Resistant)(Refer to the above IP20 type)
      IP68 SL-F5050WP8P-60XX  XX stand for light color    12V    60pcs   14.4W
  (UV-Resistant)(Refer to the above IP20 type)



1. Cove Lighting,Cabinet Lighting
2. Back lighting or edge lighting for light box or sign box.
3. DIY lighting for indoor use
4. Path or contour marking
5. Decorative lighting for festivals, events, shows, exhibitions.
6. Stairway and Walkway lighting.
7. Emergency&Security lighting.


Quality Control
1.Standard anti-static and dust-free workshops;
2.Well-trained employees and advanced operating machines;
3.Finished products will be detected by detecting equipment;
4.Every product will be tested for 48 hrs,defect rate is 0.2-0.5 percent;
5.All series with top quality can meet CE,UL,FCC,RoHS and EMC demands

Trade Terms
1.Sample lead time: 1-3days
2. Production lead time: For 100~500PCS 1- 7days; 500~1000PCS 3-14days
3.Shipping freight are delivered under your requests
4.Shipping port: Shenzhen, mainland China
5.Discounts are offered based on order quantities
6.Min Order Quantity: 100PCS-200PCS (accepted sample: 1-10PCS)
7.Logo: According to your requirement
8.Packaging: 1PC /gift box/white mail order box



Shipping Service

Estimated Delivery Time


2-8 business days


3-8 business days


2-10 business days


1-7 business days


6-14 business days


7-12 business days

China Post Air Mail

7-15 business days

China Post SAL

14-30 business days

By Air

3-10 business days

By Sea

30-40 business days


1.Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 24hours.
2.Well-trained and experienced staffs will answer all your enquires in fluent English.
3.OEM & ODM, any your costomized lighings we can help you to design and put into product.
4.Distributers are offered for your unique design and some our current models.
5.Protection of your sales area ,ideas of design and all your private information.


About us
Our company is a market leading innovator and professional manufacturer in the field of high power LED, who represents the best quality lighting fixtures from its headquarter in Shenzhen, China.
We carry a full line of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures including LED Street Light, LED Down Light, LED Strip Light, LED Corn Light, etc.Our products are designed to be reliable, functional, practical, efficient, user friendly to the installer and end-user, moderately priced and safe.

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Q:5050 per meter, 60 beads, led band power consumption is about how much watts?
The electrical parameters of 5050 beads:1, current: 43-46mA (this is the most ideal driving current); maximum use current can not exceed 60mA;2, voltage 2.8-3.6V (transient voltage not more than 5V beads, or damage or serious damage to the LED lamp to repair);3, the ambient temperature -20 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius (requirements of thermal design of lamps and lanterns do better, LED lamp pin temperature can not exceed 60 degrees);4. If the current is at 14-20mA, the brightness of each 1mA is reduced by 4%;
Q:How to connect the LED lamp with constant current drive?
Both ends of the line is relatively early and also a common method, because of its convenient wiring, aging, simple and so on. So far, there are many LED lamp manufacturers. The two pins of the lamp cap are shorted together, then connected to the constant current power on the inside. Such a wiring method only needs to be removed from the traditional starter, so that it can work properly.
Q:How many watts does the LED light have?
The band of lights in your picture is high voltage 220V's 5050 meter 60 lamp band. In theory, one meter is 14.4W, but the actual measurement is not so much.
Q:What is the difference between a flexible Led band and a hard lamp?
According to the waterproof type is divided into: NK- bare board (waterproof), epoxy type (type), casing (for outdoor use), a glue sleeve type (complex environment)According to the color is divided into: red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white.Scope of application:A, car chassis and city profile lighting (building, advertising wall, signage, Christmas landscaping)B, irregular design of the decoration (hotels, nightclubs, KTV and other places of polygon wall, ceiling groove design...)C, home Cao border (door frame, bar, wine cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinet...)
Q:LED color lamp does not take controller, can you still change color?
Colorful LED lights also called LED color lamp, using the fourth generation light source LED as luminous body, long life, light color and soft, bright colors, because its shape is an elongated, some people call it LED colorful line lights, is mainly used to do decorative landscape lighting in buildings
Q:LED lamp with main lighting, how many watts per meter?
How long will it take to see the distance?! The common spacing is 33mm, the power 7.2W per meter, 30, and the voltage is 12V.This type of light belt should meet the basic requirements of lighting, 5 meters or more can be. Depends on your indoor brightness requirements,Also, pay attention to the length of the light band and preferably double head light!
Q:Why does the LED band suddenly go dark?
If the external power supply, considering the light attenuation, is mainly determined by the LED chip.LED decay refers to LED after a period of time after the light, the light intensity will be lower than the original light intensity, while the low part is the LED light failure. General LED packaging manufacturers to do the test is under laboratory conditions (25 C under normal temperature), to 20MA DC to LED1000 hours of continuous light intensity before and after the light contrast.
Q:LED lamp and lamp with high and low points?
The low voltage is internally without drive and needs to be supplied with a power supply and then connected to the 220V.
Q:LED flexible light band width minimum, how much can be done?
Mainly depends on what model you use, about 5mm bar. Specific to Shanghai, the United States should consult. Professional LED lamp band
Q:Troubleshooting of LED light belt
Packaging protection 1, LED lamp is not perfect, resulting in beads impacted and damaged during transportation.2, LED flexible light strip welding weld phenomenon in the process of transportation and vibration caused by soldering off caused light is not bright.3, LED flexible lamp with less solder, solder joints easily fall off4, LED flexible light band soldering quality is not good, LED flexible light band in the bending process, solder joints prone to cracking, peeling phenomenon5, LED flexible light belt installation when the bending angle is too large, resulting in LED flexible light strip solder joints and copper foil separation and lead to light6, LED flexible lamp belt when the installation of excessive extrusion products, leading to LED flexible light chip damage, or solder joint deformation off and not brightThick circuit board solder layer 7, LED lamp, welding solder and circuit board can not be completely fused together, is a kind of phenomenon.8, LED flexible light band in the installation can not be distorted, if distorted, it will cause LED flexible light strip of solder joints fall off and lead to not bright.9, electrostatic burn out, because LED is an electrostatic sensitive element, there is no good static protection measures, it will lead to chip burned. LED lamp belt market is intermingled, regular manufacturers and cottage products prices vary greatly. If professional and technical to identify the quality of LED light belt, I am afraid many customers do not have this ability. But we can make a preliminary identification from the simple appearance, which can basically distinguish between good and bad quality.

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