China Led Manufacture High Brightness Hot Sell 14.4W/M Led Ring Light

Ref Price:
$1.03 - 5.15 / m
Loading Port:
Shen Zhen
Payment Terms:
Min Order Qty:
50 Meters m
Supply Capability:
100000 Meters Per Day m/month

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Product Description:

General Introduction

1. UV-Protected: Waterproof IP65 and IP68 types can be UV-Resistant, non-yellowing in at least 2 years. 

2. Multiple Choice of LED Lumen: 7-8lm/6-7lm/5-6lm/4-5lm optional.

3. Good Color Consistency: use LEDs in fixed color bin for each model.

4. Specifications can be customized.

5. 2 Years Warranty; CE&RoHS Compliant.

6. Maintenance-free, Easy-installation with 3M Tape on the back.

7. Connectors, Clips, Power Supply, Controllers available



LED QTY/meter:60pcs
IP Rating:IP20/IP65/IP66/IP67/IP68 Optional
Working Volgate:DC12V/DC24V Optional
Current/meter:0.6A for 12V type/0.3A for 24V type
Emitting Color:3000-3500K/4000-4500K/5500-6500K/11000-13000K,R/G/B/Y Optional
Rendering Index:70-80Ra
Electrostatic Discharge:1000V
Operation Temperature-20~50°C 
Storage Temperature:-20~80°C
PCB Color: Black/White/Yellow Optional
PCB Width: 8mm/10mm Optional
Packing:5 meters per reel


led ring light Model Table

      IP Rate     Item No.     Light ColorInput VoltageLED QTY./meterWattage/meter
       IP20SL-F5050NWP-60WW Warm White(3000-3500K)    12V     60pcs   14.4W
SL-F5050NWP-60NWNeutral White(4000-4500K)
SL-F5050NWP-60PWPure White(5500-6500K)
SL-F5050NWP-60CWCold White(11000-13000K)
      IP65 SL-F5050WP5-60XX12   XX stand for light color    12V     60pcs  14.4W
(Not UV-Resistant)(Refer to the above IP20 type)
      IP65SL-F5050WP5P-60XX  XX stand for light color    12V     60pcs  14.4W
  (UV-Resistant)(Refer to the above IP20 type)
       IP66SL-F5050WP6-60XX12 XX stand for light color    12V     60pcs   14.4W
(Refer to the above IP20 type)
       IP68 SL-F5050WP8-60XX  XX stand for light color    12V     60pcs   14.4W
(Not UV-Resistant)(Refer to the above IP20 type)
      IP68 SL-F5050WP8P-60XX  XX stand for light color    12V    60pcs   14.4W
  (UV-Resistant)(Refer to the above IP20 type)



1. Cove Lighting,Cabinet Lighting
2. Back lighting or edge lighting for light box or sign box.
3. DIY lighting for indoor use
4. Path or contour marking
5. Decorative lighting for festivals, events, shows, exhibitions.
6. Stairway and Walkway lighting.
7. Emergency&Security lighting.


Quality Control
1.Standard anti-static and dust-free workshops;
2.Well-trained employees and advanced operating machines;
3.Finished products will be detected by detecting equipment;
4.Every product will be tested for 48 hrs,defect rate is 0.2-0.5 percent;
5.All series with top quality can meet CE,UL,FCC,RoHS and EMC demands

Trade Terms
1.Sample lead time: 1-3days
2. Production lead time: For 100~500PCS 1- 7days; 500~1000PCS 3-14days
3.Shipping freight are delivered under your requests
4.Shipping port: Shenzhen, mainland China
5.Discounts are offered based on order quantities
6.Min Order Quantity: 100PCS-200PCS (accepted sample: 1-10PCS)
7.Logo: According to your requirement
8.Packaging: 1PC /gift box/white mail order box



Shipping Service

Estimated Delivery Time


2-8 business days


3-8 business days


2-10 business days


1-7 business days


6-14 business days


7-12 business days

China Post Air Mail

7-15 business days

China Post SAL

14-30 business days

By Air

3-10 business days

By Sea

30-40 business days


1.Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 24hours.
2.Well-trained and experienced staffs will answer all your enquires in fluent English.
3.OEM & ODM, any your costomized lighings we can help you to design and put into product.
4.Distributers are offered for your unique design and some our current models.
5.Protection of your sales area ,ideas of design and all your private information.


About us
Our company is a market leading innovator and professional manufacturer in the field of high power LED, who represents the best quality lighting fixtures from its headquarter in Shenzhen, China.
We carry a full line of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures including LED Street Light, LED Down Light, LED Strip Light, LED Corn Light, etc.Our products are designed to be reliable, functional, practical, efficient, user friendly to the installer and end-user, moderately priced and safe.

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Q:How much is the output voltage of the LED lamp belt driver?
A series parallel circuit and the main LED bulb lamp with you, if you are a series circuit with 3 LEDs, the driving voltage is 12VDC, 6 beads, the driving voltage is 24V, of course, the circuit should be added to the current limiting resistor.
Q:LED what does the band add to change colors?
LED light band, only two colors, three colors can change colors.The two color lights come with 2 wires into the 2 LED, and the 1 is the public ground, with 3 lines. The tricolor light comes with 3 wires, 3 into the LED, and the 1 is the common ground wire, with 4 lines.The purchase of finished color, three color controller, in accordance with the port logo, respectively, corresponding access to each line, power, you can control the color changes in the band.
Q:How to install the car LED lamp belt?
Each LED lamp belt must be equipped with a special plug (plug with transformer); when connected, it is necessary to remove the bright plastic cover, then connect the test lamp and then cover it. Cannot cut directly with the lid join, such short circuit is easy!
Q:LED lamp with a whole such as bad if not how to detect the lamp with a lamp quality
General lights on the LED are grouped, the group has a bad whole group will not light, inspection is also very easy, with a bad LED one by one, and may be bad on the LED, the light on the show and the bad, change it. You can also use a 100 ohm resistor, and use a multimeter to measure the voltage, too. The voltage is over 3 volts is broken.
Q:How does the LED light band connect the dimmer controller?
What kind of controller is to look at, usually thyristor dimming, dimmer has four lines, two inputs, two output, two input LN zero FireWire, and the remaining two connected to LED lights, with power on OK
Q:LED chandelier (ceiling lamp), the band controller does not synchronize, what should I do?
A long power failure makes the charge on the capacitor miss. It may take a long time. It may take hours or even days
Q:LED flexible light band width minimum, how much can be done?
3528 of the lights with 10mm width, I do not know if there is no finer.
Q:How many meters can the 250W transformer carry with the LED light belt?
If the connection distance is exceeded, the LED light band is easy to heat, and the service life of the LED light belt will be affected during use. Therefore, the installation must be in accordance with the requirements of the installation of manufacturers, should not let the LED lights with overload operation.
Q:How much voltage can the LED lamp withstand?
What is the voltage of the ED lamp in general? We Guanghong LED lamp electronic production with conventional voltage specification is 12V and 24V, LED 12V lamp with LED lamp is three LED for a group of 24V band is 6 LED as a group. Customers have been asked to lower the power supply voltage, but not all colors, all specifications of the LED band can be used to reduce voltage, and it can not be unconditionally reduced. To make a clearer distinction between what specifications of LED lights, the band voltage can be reduced, and first look at the 5 conventional colors of a single LED drive voltage:1, white LED:3.0~3.3V2, red LED:1.8~2.2V3, blue LED:3.0~3.2V4, green LED:2.9~3.1V5 yellow LED:1.8~2.0VThe market standard DC power supply voltage specifications are 6V, 9V, 12V, 18V, 24V and so on, then LED lights with step-down specifications must also be consistent with these specifications, otherwise the power supply matching is also a problem.
Q:LED can the band be cut at will?
Each of the 3 LED lamp 12VLED lamp with a module, modules can be arbitrarily cut.

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