China Hot Sale 6W 10W 15W Led Ar111 Spotlight, Ar111 G53 Led With Sharp, Cree, Nichia And Epistar Chip

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Product Description:


Product Description


china hot sale 6w 10w 15w led ar111 spotlight, ar111 g53 led with sharp,

cree and nichia chip and isolated constant current external driver

( A good LED replacement for 70w halogen spotlight )



Key specification


1.Description: LED AR111 spotlight AR111-01C-15W

2.Item No.:PS15-AR111-01C-15W

3.LED qty/type:1 pcs/ high brightness LEDs

4.External dimensions:Φ111mm*65.5mm

5.Housing material:Aluminum alloy/ Gray body/ White frame

6.Input Power:15w

7.Input Voltage:AC 90~260V, 47~63Hz

8.Beam Angle (Degrees):25º

9.Light color/CRI:PW(pure white)>80, NW(neutral white)>80,

WW(warm white)>80

11.Luminous Flux: PW:1050lm, WW:950lm

12.Operating temperature:<60°C, operating humidity:10%~90%

13.Color temperature:warm white(2700-3500k), neutral white

(3800-4800k), cool white(5500-6500k)

14.Average life span:50,000 hours

15.Base type:G53; Driver type: external driver

16.Comply with CE & RoHS

17.Application: automobile show room, jewelry shop, villa,

shopping mall, office building, ideal replacement for

traditional fluorescent lamp and halogen lamp

18.Warranty: 3 years

19.ODM and OEM projects are welcome.



a.Low power consumption, 80% energy saving about 10~30%

of the traditional lamp. 1/10 power consumption of

incandescent and 1/2 of fluorescent under the same lighting


b.High luminous efficacy. 12-24lm/w for incandescent and

tungsten halogen lamp; 50-70lm/w for fluorescent; 90-140lm/w

for sodium. Most of the power changed into heat. 120-200lm/w

for LED.

c.Long life, lighter weight, epoxy resin packaging, endure high

strength mechanical shock and vibration, not easy and broken.

Single LED life expectancy can reach 100, 000 hours, life

span of LED AR111 light bulb/spotlight can reach 5-10 years

under normal use, the average life time is 10 times more than

traditional lamps.

d.Green ,environmental friendly and energy saving cool light,

no ultraviolet radiation, can protect the eyes and no crack

on the illuminated object. Create a good environment for

customers, bring good health to the staff.

e.Green, environment friendly cold light source, no

stroboscopic, excellent CRI; no mercury, such as lead,

cadmium toxic substances. It is healthy to human being.

f.Embedded hidden lamps, all light project downward, it is a

direct light distribution project Can use different reflector,

lens, shutters, bulbs to obtain different light effect. In

addition, AR111 spot light don’t occupy much space, can

increase dimensional downy atmosphere; if we want a warm

feeling, we can try to furnish AR111 spot light, which can

reduce more space oppressive feeling.




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2. "Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

3. DHL and UPS cannot ship to military or P.O. boxes address

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Q:The difference between led grille lamp and dared light
Dared light is usually a commonly known as the grille lamp, because the appearance of lamps and lanterns of the tank using light source similar to "fight" (old instruments of food), so also called dared lamp, also have called "the bean pot lamp", should be the harmonics. Dared light panel is made of high quality aluminum alloy profile, after spraying processing, flashing silver, rust and corrosion resistance
Q:The service life of the LED lamp?
LED 1000 hours in use may not decay, and then begin to decay, normal service life of LED lights in 20000 hours, the leading enterprise of philips lighting LED lamp life for at least 25000 hours, maximum use of 40000 hours.
Q:Led lamp power consumption how much every day
Power consumption calculation: 1 hour because 1 kw is 1 degree, if according to the 5 w, 10 hours, computational method is, 0.005 kw x = 0.05 degrees, 10 hours a month (30 days) power consumption is 1.5 degrees.
Q:A transformer with 10 led to shoot the light, to buy what kind of transformer?
and multiple series, you can according to the above design. The total power is constant, the efficiency in the middle. Hope to have some help to you.
Q:The LED lamp aging is what mean
Aging principle ditto Factory after aging in general refers to shoot the lamp to be produced at room temperature and under the condition of electricity place about three days, detects the presence of dead lights, brightness down too quickly to the naked eye can obviously see other problems.
Q:Clothing store 20 square meters need several track shoot the light, Ann is LED
The other is a little hung and embedded installation upper furniture, walls, dado or play crural line. Shoot the light has a variety of color temperature, clothing is given priority to with light color requires high 6000 k color temperature to shoot the light. Lines and installation base is the foundation of safe use, have to attach importance to. Line 2.5 copper core national standard fire retardant, suggest using jump line access, 2 groups and control, wiring installation specification; Orbital slot, it must be firmly to shoot the light rail and made of fire prevention board edge have vent.
Q:How many W LED lamp can and ordinary 35 W lamp as light
12 w LED brightness is more than 35 w to shoot the light,, but I can't incandescent light and thick golden white light.
Q:How many W LED lamp can same as philips 150 W metal halide lamp brightness?
3 x1 m billboards with 150 w metal halide lamp effect should be good, because the billboard is the reflection to the human eye, so the human eye can see clearly, so if in see billboards within a certain distance, need certain average illuminance, namely lux Lx.
Q:Drive power supply with a what kind of specification, can be in parallel two 3 wled shoot the light
Upstairs to answer the wiring method in theory can be bright, but if one of the lamp is broken, because it is a constant current driver, another lamp will inherit the double current, quickly burn out. So the correct connection is the use of double current unchanged, power driver, serial connection.
Q:The led will shoot the lamp to warm the white heat?
As long as it is light, it will be hot, because of the need to consume energy.

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