China HJ Series High Efficiency Jaw Crusher

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Overview of HJ Jaw Crusher

According to the actual needs of customer, on the basis of introducing and absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, our company designs a modern high performance crusher, HJ series high efficiency jaw crusher. It is based on the design concept of high input - high output, integrating the characteristics of low power - high productivity. Practice has proved that HJ series jaw crusher, with its excellent performance, reliable quality and high cost-effective, has won the trust of customers around the world, being an ideal upgrade alternative of the traditional jaw crusher.

Features of HJ Jaw Crusher

1. High Performance. The model has a large output, by the optimization of the trajectory of movable jaw plate and the cavity, to determine the optimum engagement angle and stroke property values, so that the productivity of this model has risen considerably with the same power.

2. High stability. By the optimization of the whole structure and the counterweight section to determine the structure of flywheel and driving wheel and the weight of counterweight section, so its function of vibration has been greatly improved. Compared with the same unit jaw crusher, HJ series possess a greater stability.
3. High reliability. Heat-treated forged eccentric shaft, extra large bearings, “E” frame, labyrinth seals, etc, making equipment sturdy and durable, more reliable.
4. Easy maintenance and operation. Advanced side fender bolt system makes the replacing of the side shield more faster; reasonable machine structure makes it more convenient for discharge setting and replacement of toggle plate. All this can effectively shorten the operation and maintenance time
5. Wide application. HJ series jaw crusher has a compact structure, compared with the same unit jaw crusher, it possess a smaller footprint. So that it can play a greater role in the limited space to suit a variety of crushing process. 

Specifications of HJ Jaw Crusher

Input opening size (mm)650×980800×1100950×1250
Max feeding particle size (mm)560660800
Adjustment range of discharging (mm)100-200100-200125-225
capacity (t/h)170-410215-510306-650
Rotation speed of eccentric shaft (r/min)270260230
Motor power (kW)90/110110/132132/160
Overall dimension (mm)2470×2000×21802875×2472×25303320×2600×3120

China HJ Series High Efficiency Jaw Crusher

China HJ Series High Efficiency Jaw Crusher

China HJ Series High Efficiency Jaw Crusher

China HJ Series High Efficiency Jaw Crusher

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Q:Roller crusher and general crusher compared to what is a little ah? Why is it so expensive?
Roller press, also known as extrusion mill, rolling mill, grinding is a new energy-saving equipment developed in the middle of 80s, with an alternative to high energy consumption and low efficiency of ball mill pre grinding system, and reduce the steel consumption and noise function, suitable for the construction of new plants, also can be used for the technical transformation of the old factory.The use of roller press can make ball mill production increased by 50 - 110%, after the material cake after pressing 0.08mm fine aggregate accounted for 20 - 35%, less than 2mm accounted for 65 - 85%, the internal structure of small particles due to extrusion and filled with many small cracks, grindability is greatly improved. The roller surface adopts hot surfacing, and the wear-resisting layer is more convenient to repair.Roller presses are really expensive, but where is the production efficiency?! Used to use a lot of crusher can reach the output, with roller press easy to get!
Q:What's the difference between jaw crusher and impact crusher?
Say simple and clear, a counterattack crusher is a broken kind, usually two or three class and so onJaw crusher generally belongs to the main crusher, that is, broken material in the first break
Q:Rotating direction of hammer crusher
Without a fixed direction. At the feed point, the hammer is turned upwards. Adjustable distance.
Q:What crushing machine does asphalt recycling break?
Asphalt material adopts the crusher can build the system
Q:Main uses and characteristics of urea crusher?
Use and maintenance of crusher(1) mill motor factory before the seals, couplings have been corrected, please don't loose;(2) cleaning the permanent magnetic cylinder and the iron impurity on the permanent magnetic plate of the pulverizer feeder;(3) check the fineness of the finished products regularly;(4) regularly clean or change the dust bag (ensure the ventilation of the bag), check the operation of the solenoid valve regularly (see if it can work properly);(5) inspect the worn parts of the crusher regularly to see if it belongs to normal wear;(6) always pay attention to the vibration of the crusher;(7) hammer wear should be replaced, attention should be paid to the weighing, guarantee two (1800 relative direction) relative to hammer pin on the two block of the hammer weight less than 1G and two relative (1800 directions) hammer pin on the total weight of the hammer gap less than 2g;(8) the screen of the crusher is seriously worn. When replacing, it is necessary to pay attention to the smoothness of the new screen and the size of the screen, and whether the installation is in place, it is better to make the mesh face in the installation;(9) the opening degree of the feed damper of the impeller feeder shall be adjusted properly;(10) if it is found that the vibration of mill is large and the noise is abnormal, it should be checked immediately;(11) spindle bearings should be added 80 grams of grease after 40 hours of running, but only added to 60%. After 1800 hours of running, the bearing box cover should be removed and replaced with all used grease. When fresh grease is added, grease is added to the area around the roller and bearing ring, and 1/3 / 1/2 grease is added to the bottom case. Do not add too much grease;(12) when the mill yield decreases suddenly, in addition to the factors of raw materials, should focus on checking up the air door is in place, whether pipeline leakage, pulse bag is blocked, the solenoid valve, the fan is working properly.
Q:What is the cause of the left and right swing of the crankshaft?
Preventive measures:1) on-site maintenance personnel in the maintenance operation, should be replaced by the cone crusher scrap parts recycling, placed in the designated location, is strictly prohibited to scrap all kinds of metal waste into the ore at will.2) the maintenance staff in the dressing workshop shall strictly observe the operating rules and avoid the maintenance tools and sundries left in the equipment when they are overhauling the equipment.3) by purchasing and relying on their own technical power, the existing metal detectors can be updated or modified to improve the capability of metal detectors to detect and eliminate metals.4) feed belt guard crusher operator to strengthen the sense of responsibility, increase the material inspection efforts, found out the foreign body should be timely.
Q:Function and difference between thin oil station and hydraulic station in cone crusher
The former is to continuously supply lubricating oil to the body, to cool and lubricate the friction parts; the latter is to support the moving cone by the pressure oil, so as to maintain a stable discharge size. The main difference is that the components are different in shape, and the pressure gauge has a big numerical gap.
Q:What is the reason that jaw crusher does not cut material?
When the jaw crusher meets the material surface water greatly, it is very easy to appear card material, ore crushing after plugging in the cavity down material phenomenon; or because the jaw crusher in crushing material, which mixed with mineral mud, resulting in not down.
Q:What are the differences between cone crushers, PYZ, PYB, and PYD?
The three kinds of cone crusher work principle is identical, the difference is broken cavity is different, broken parallel belt length is different, short head type parallel belt is longer, and medium-sized next, the standard is the longest. The parallel belt is longer, the ore feeding port and the ore discharge mouth are smaller, and the finer product size can be obtained
Q:Why is the crusher easy to wear the stripper plate?
The surface of the liner is in a complex state of stress, and the extruded ore causes great pressure on the local surface of the lining plate, producing a chisel, cutting and impact on the lining plate, and the main form of wear is the extrusion pit.

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