China H1 Tablet Ultrasound Diagnostic System For Medical Apparatus

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General Descriptions
Imaging mode: B, B+B, B+M
Gray scale: 256
Display: 10” IPS LED Tablet
Transducer connector: USB port
Scanning angle (°) : C3 70.75°
M3 101.07°
Scanning depth (mm) : C3: 23 levels (70-225mm, step=7mm)
L7: 23 levels (35-112mm, step=7mm)
M3: 23 levels (70-225mm, step=7mm)

Image Processing
Gross gain 25 levels (0-100db, step=4)
Contrast 25 levels (0-100, step=4)
Focus H1-C: 15 levels (25-150mm, step=5mm)
H1-L: 15 levels (15-85mm, step=5mm)
H1-MC: 15 levels (25-150mm, step=5mm)
Image invert: Horizontally invertible
Cine loop: at least 512-frame cine loop memory
Storage media: 16GB ROM, TF memory card slot
Zoom: 3 levels (1.4/1.7/ 2)
New (Patient): ID, Name, Gender, Age
PatView: image, cine
Measurement & Calculation
B mode: distance, circumstance, area
M mode: heart rate, time, distance, velocity
Obstetrics: BPD, FL, CRL, HC, AC, GA, FW
NOTE: specifications subject to change without prior notice.

 China H1 Tablet Ultrasound Diagnostic System For Medical Apparatus

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Q:Is it useful to protect your belly?
C, in the computer screen (except LCD) or audio and radio before the use of mobile phones, will interfere with their normal use, the computer screen flashing vibration, with a radiation service to block the phone, the interference quickly disappeared. Now the maternity dress is generally a suit, the best is the vest + dumplings with two pieces to wear, 360 degrees protection and double the effect.
Q:Detection of radiation of household appliances, what equipment to use?
Appliance radiation is only ordinary electromagnetic radiation, little harm
Q:Does the refrigerator have radiation? How much is the radiation?
Hello! There is radiation in the refrigerator, the refrigerator is a high magnetic field. If the refrigerator and TV share a socket, the refrigerator is running, the electromagnetic wave will cause the TV image instability, indicating that the electromagnetic wave of the refrigerator is very large. Different wavelengths and frequencies of electromagnetic waves released will form an electronic fog, affecting the human nervous system and physiological function. Electromagnetic wave penetration is very strong, through the body surface depth of deep tissue and organs, people usually do not pay attention to, once the surface tissue pain, it means that deep tissue or organs have been seriously damaged. Refrigerator operation, the rear side or below the cooling line to release the largest magnetic field, the refrigerator heat pipe dust will also have too much impact on the electromagnetic radiation, the more dust the greater the electromagnetic radiation.
Q:Are all factories required to carry out environmental impact assessment of radiation equipment?
Such as power plant transmission lines more than 100KV need to do radiation EIA, and the need for relevant units to do the evaluation
Q:Does the computer not turn on the power supply only?
The computer is not working when the boot is only a relatively low working condition, so do not boot power is also a radiation. If you do not want the computer to have radiation, then the computer shut down the power cut off, so the computer is basically no radiation. Radiation is not necessarily the time of live work. There are a lot of electronic components inside the computer, all kinds of metal materials are, at any time there is radiation, but usually small is very small, can be ignored. Really want to isolate the radiation, then wear a radiation suit it.
Q:Where does computer radiation come from?
Another: do not agree with t0931 point: Under normal circumstances, TV, VCD / DVD and other household appliances remote control is infrared emission, rather than radio wave, it is a very small power near the infrared, is a light, not electromagnetic radiation. Because you can remote control of household appliances, manufacturers are too much, it is difficult to avoid because the radio remote control signal re-code led to others at home remote control TV results you follow the move. But the infrared light is not going through the wall. So to avoid this problem
Q:Is the hair dryer radiated?
Hair dryer is a high radiation of household appliances, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences published a 1000W hair dryer, radiation value of about 350 milligs, far more than the TV 45 pounds and computer 100 mg; plus the use of hair dryer, must be close to the head, so The harm of radiation can not be ignored. In addition, the Consumers Association has also published on the domestic hair dryer survey, the hair dryer and the outlet is the highest detection of electromagnetic waves, where the grip even measured 250 milli-gauss, the equivalent of measured in the substation wall To 10 times the maximum. In addition, the hair dryer in the open and closed when the maximum radiation, and the greater the power the greater the radiation. The impact of electromagnetic radiation on the human body The impact of electromagnetic radiation on the human body is slow and indirect, but also because of this, the hazards are often overlooked. When the human body by electromagnetic radiation, will cause the central nervous system and mental system dysfunction, dizziness, fatigue, limb weakness, memory loss, loss of appetite, insomnia, forgetfulness and other symptoms.
Q:Ultrasonic cleaning equipment
Ultrasonic anti-scaling equipment Features: 1, anti-scaling anti-scaling equipment: equipment, cleaning, anti-scaling synchronization, scale cleaning, scale anti-scaling, a descaling, long-term anti-scaling. 2, low power consumption, low operating costs: a single device system power consumption is only 1KW, power output peak power continuously adjustable, free routine maintenance. 3, triple automatic protection, safe and reliable: equipment using over-current, over-voltage, overheating triple automatic protection, intelligent control, safe and reliable. 4, user-friendly design, automatic control: control equipment can automatically track the frequency; automatically monitor the working state of the transducer and the load state of the device, in a timely manner to follow the response; when the device is in no-load work automatically sound and light alarm signal, And cut off the power protection equipment to run. 5, clean and environmental protection: cleaning, anti-scaling throughout the process does not require the use of any chemicals, no corrosion, no interference, no pollution, no radiation, no pollution to the environment, the operator and heat transfer equipment without damage.
Q:Do you watch mobile TV with headphones? The The What is the risk to the body?
We are now full of life everywhere, such as mobile phone headset, wireless network, even watching TV have a certain degree of radiation, and so much better, much better. These radiation is relatively low, if long-term use, then some people will be a headache, ears uncomfortable, individual physical differences, the impact will be different. This depends on how much you usually use? Or you do not feel bad, you can use slightly
Q:Neighborhoods: ultrasonic cleaning related knowledge, the more the better
 The United States produced more than 40 companies specializing in the production of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, more than about 10 famous, Western European countries, the production of cleaning equipment is mainly Britain, France, Germany and Switzerland and other countries. China's ultrasonic cleaning equipment, about 10 major manufacturers, small-scale individual companies countless.     Foreign manufacturers are very concerned about the chemical cleaning agent supporting the supply and cleaning process consulting services, which is the most lack of domestic manufacturers, the domestic manufacturers to consider the production of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, very few specialized departments engaged in the development of cleaning agents To meet the needs of different cleaning objects. If the ultrasonic cleaning equipment and chemical cleaning agent can be a good combination will get better results, because the main physical mechanism of ultrasonic cleaning is the phenomenon of ultrasonic cavitation, and cavitation strength in addition to the ultrasonic power density, frequency and so on , But also with the cleaning fluid viscosity coefficient, surface tension, vapor pressure and temperature and other parameters. At present, from the perspective of environmental protection requires water-based cleaning agent instead of organic solvents for ultrasonic cleaning, and many domestic manufacturers have not yet been able to adapt to this challenge, but also need a wide range of cooperative development.

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