China Black Natural Granite Interior Exterior Stone Decoration

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Yellow,Pink,Grey,Dark,White,Green,Blue,Red,Brown etc .


Polished,honed,flamed,bushhammered,sandblasted, chiseled, natural split,tumbled,pineapple,etc.


tile,slab,kerbstone,cube stone, paving stone, countertop.













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Strong fumigated wooden pallets for export.

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One 20' Container

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During the whole production process, from raw material choosing, fabrication to package, Our quality controller will strictly inspect each pcs and control each process to ensure quality standards and timely delivery.

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1,Price terms:FOB,CIF,CNF

2,Payment terms:T/T or L/C at sight,and Western Union if it is samples

3.Loading port:Xiamen 、 Qingdao or Any China Port.

4,MOQ: 1x2ft with mixed style container,sample order is negotiable

5,Package: Fumigated seaworthy wooden crates with plastic and foam inside

6,Delivery : Within 10-20 days,depengs on customers' order quantity

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During the whole production process,from material choosing, fabrication to package,our quality auditors will strictly control each single and every process to ensure quality standards and punctual delivery.

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For tilesplastic foam inside, fumigated strong wooden crate outside, reinforced with metal strap
For slabsSeaworthy fumigated strong wooden bundle
ShippingOur professional service team in Xiamen is able to provide FCL and LCL shipment with competitive cost

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Q:What is the slate is form process
New slabs contain high sand, calcium and pyrite more, lithology hard
Q:Who can teach me how to maintain marble floor ah?
Operation method: 1, will be a good dilution of stone cleaning fluid into the washing machine, from the back forward, according to the straight line, so as to avoid omissions.2, scrub and start the suction machine, while scrubbing the suction in addition to sewage, washing machine can not be washed on the ground can be used to mop the Bubble Cleanser after scrubbing.3, clean the ground after cleaning with a detergent, according to the same wash with water again, dry water can be completed.4, note: clean the ground to prohibit the use of acidic detergent and detergent powder, otherwise it will damage and corrosion marble surface.5, standard: clean and transparent, no stains, no prints.Daily maintenance measures: Marble regularly to moist with mild detergent cloth wipe marble, and then use a clean soft cloth and wipe dry and polish. Encountered serious wear of the marble to handle, steel wool or available electric polishing machine polishing, or liquid scrubbing agent carefully wipe. Can choose black lemon juice or vinegar, clean the marble surface, but should pay special attention to is, lemon in time is best not to stay more than 2 minutes. No one will be absorbed by the marble marble, resulting in New Stone pollution, if necessary, repeat operation. And then clean and dry. Minor scratches can be protected by special marble care agents. If old or precious marble or should be invited to professional stone company. Painted marble.
Q:Natural stone and artificial stone to decorate the home windowsill which is better
Artificial stone, artificial stone resin including artificial stone and artificial quartz stone, artificial stone has more advantages than the natural stone is the largest seamless splicing, no radiation, environmental health, and natural stone radiation and size restrictions can not be seamless, relative to the natural stone, artificial stone texture rich natural stone, generally about forty or fifty yuan a metre to two hundred or three hundred yuan a meter, and the artificial stone of more than seventy or eighty yuan a meter to more than 200 meters. Imported artificial stone and natural stone can not be said that the price, too expensive for ordinary consumers can not afford.
Q:What is the best brand
Hodge, four small artificial stone processing plantThis kind of stone quality is not good, easy to appear you are worried about the problem of pollution is not easy to clean. Generally do not recommend buying.Natural stone table - natural stone that is natural stone. Natural stones, including a variety of natural texture of marble and granite, they are more beautiful, hard texture, feel cold, scratch resistant performance is very prominent, is a more traditional mesa material. Is more commonly used two kinds of black and white, but only natural marble, because of its pore, easy to accumulate dirt, antifouling performance is insufficient, and the brittleness, not more than one meter table. Natural stone density, hard, need a strong cabinet to support, but it is lack of flexibility, if you encounter a heavy blow or rapid changes in temperature, unseen natural cracks cracks are difficult to repair, and natural stone may not be too long, can not make the whole Taiwan long face, two splicing not all blend into one harmonious whole. The joint is easy to accumulate dirt, bacteria, health effects. Natural stone table price varies with different colors and styles, the most commonly used in some of the general 200 yuan a meter, is one of the most economical material.
Q:Sandstone is made of what material?
Quartz and feldspar clastic sedimentary clastic rock components accounted for more than 50%. The sandstone is the source rocks by weathering, denudation and accumulation in the basin. The formation of moving rock is composed of two parts of clastic and interstitial material. Besides detrital quartz and feldspar and Bai Yunmu, heavy mineral and rock debris. Fillings include cement and miscellaneous debris based on two components. The common cements are siliceous and carbonate cementation; matrix composition mainly refers to the deposition and debris and finer particles of clay or silty. The composition and structure of interstitial material reflect the geological environment and the physical and chemical conditions of formation of sandstone. Sandstone according to the sedimentary environment can be divided into: quartz sandstone, feldspar sandstone and lithic sandstone. Three types of sand and sandstone constitute the main reservoir of oil and natural gas and groundwater reservoir. Sandstone and sand can be used as abrasive, glass raw materials and building materials. A certain attitude Sand and sandstone is rich in gold, diamond, zircon, ILMENITE PLACER and Jin Hongshi.The sandstone is a sedimentary rock is composed of stone through water erosion sedimentation in the river, after thousands of years of accumulation of strongand. Due to the earth's crust movement, and the formation of today's mines. The main origin of Sichuan sandstone and Yunnan, Neijiang.
Q:What are the components of sandstone?
The chemical composition of sandstone is very large, and it is determined by the composition of clastic and interstitial materials. The chemical composition of sandstone is mainly SiO2 and Al2O3, and the SiO2/Al2O3 ratio is a sign of maturity and immature sandstone
Q:How is the classification of rocks classified?
Layered rock layer, cementation, no soft rock x09 basalt, quartzite, quartz sandstone, limestone and Ordovician Maokou limestonex09 stable rock x091. is relatively hard, Rb = 40~60 MPa
Q:What materials should be made of artificial marble
The artificial marble is made of inorganic materials and organic polymer materials. The binder is formed by the binding of inorganic materials, and then the green body is immersed in the organic monomer to polymerize under certain conditions. On the plate, the bottom with a low cost and stable performance of inorganic materials, the surface layer of polyester and marble powder production.Sinter type artificial marble is an artificial marble mixed feldspar, quartz, diopside, calcite powder and hematite and small amount of kaolin, billet with mud method by semi dry pressing method, used in the furnace
Q:What are the requirements for producing calcium oxide
The production of active lime is the main requirement of the production method, which requires the use of light burning process. The requirement for limestone is high purity, often wash away dirt before burning.
Q:How to clean indoor sandstone
It is difficult to deal with latex paint on sandstone is mainly sandstone, the surface is very rough, latex paint enters a tiny dent hard to clean, you can use the clean towel wet and hot water over it with latex paint latex paint in general parts, water will soon soften, after repeated brushing with a brush slightly harder finally, the use of a small amount of water to scrub, generally can basically clean!

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