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HANA Heavy-duty coatings originated from newmaterials research in aerospace industry. Test results from the nationalauthorities show that , our products have excellent performance in adhesion,acid, alkali and salt resistance, which are at a worldleading level. It has undertaken stringenttests and already been successfully used in the defense aerospace and heavychemical industry.

The chemical industry is a pillar of the national economy. Chemical industry with a variety of production processes, have various corrosive environments.HAHA chemical industry equipment anti-corrosion coatings are devoted to address corrosion problems in chemical production.We can develop personalized anti-corrosion solutions for customers.Our products are widely used in various chemical manufacturing enterprises, petroleum and petrochemical

machinery equipment, production equipment, various types of reaction tower corrosion and p

etrochemical plant, various types of steel.

Product Features

Excellent weathering performance

Extensive product range

High corrosion resistance

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Q:Which manufacturer's paint is good?
Guangdong, the United States Tu Shi Building Materials Co., Ltd. a professional paint, waterproof paint, wallpaper and other wall protection decorative products and production of large-scale integration of modern enterprises, with an annual output of over 200,000 tons, production capacity and market share in the forefront of the industry. With the Guangdong Shunde, Chengdu, Chengdu, two major production base, which is the United States Tu Shi Chengdu Industrial Park put into operation in 2017, is China's large-scale production base of paint is one of the current domestic production of high degree of automation standards of production lines, All the use of international advanced fully automated and fully enclosed production lines, all intelligent logistics system, the main production of paint, furniture, paint, furniture (footwear) adhesives, energy-saving building materials and other products, the project covers an area of 800 acres, Area of 200,000 square meters. In recent years, the United States Tu Shi to three-dimensional marketing, Qi made a wide range of products, and constantly enhance the brand, to strengthen the product market demand to meet.
Q:The impact and harm of paint on children
Principle: Antioxidant and hydrophobic plastic coated wood or iron, these resins are dissolved in the paint, coated with solvent evaporation after the end of condensation. Different metal oxides or metals themselves have different colors. Such as iron red, copper green, chrome black and other pigments.
Q:What kind of paint is it painted on the wall?
Surface porous, pattern or the original color, will affect the amount of paint. The porous surface absorbs the amount of paint, especially the primer. Similarly, some decorative walls, such as pebble walls, ribbed wallpaper and coarse paint, etc., absorb a lot of paint, and may even reach twice the original estimate. Dark surface often need to brush two inner paint to cover the original color. The outer layer of the outer paint at least brush twice, to the Royal wind erosion. Most lacquered pots are marked with an average amount of paint per unit area
Q:How much is a kilogram of paint
Wuxi City Transit anti-corrosion paint, depending on the price of different varieties, the lowest 9.5, the highest 100 +
Q:What is the difference between a polymer battery and a lithium-ion battery?
Lithium polymer battery (Li-polymer, also known as polymer lithium battery): with high energy density, more compact, ultra-thin, lightweight, and high security and low cost and other obvious advantages, is a new Battery in shape, the lithium polymer battery with ultra-thin features, with the needs of a variety of products can be made into any shape and capacity of the battery.The battery can reach the minimum thickness of up to 0.5mm
Q:Seeking: paint the specific terms and content of the GB, often see those GB / T.
(G / g) is not more than 200; free formaldehyde (gAg) is not more than 0.1; heavy metal content (mg / kg): soluble lead is not greater than 90, soluble cadmium Not greater than that, soluble chromium is not 60, soluble mercury is not greater than 60. It should be made clear that such technical requirements are determined by the multidimensional arguments of the professionals (materials, production, design, application, construction, health, etc.) that are capable of basic assurance of people's health. Of course, with the economic and technological development, people's quality of life to improve, will continue to modify and improve. For the current national standard such technical requirements, most of the synthetic resin emulsion interior paint (commonly known as latex paint) products, in accordance with the industry's usual technical specifications, the purchase of qualified chemical raw materials, in particular the selection of well-known large enterprises at home and abroad raw materials, Adulteration behavior, will be able to meet the requirements of this standard, for most of the well-equipped, management standards of coating enterprises to meet or exceed this standard is no need for any difficulties.
Q:Printer ink problem water-based with oily, with the dye with the pigment in the end what relationship?
Make sure that the machine has a running sound, such as no sound, the printer supplies re - installed, the problem remains the same, it is recommended to contact the local service center.
Q:What type of paint to use when painting a mural?
Painting The trouble with acrylics if you have large areas to cover is the expense. Using tempera with a little acrylic medium and coating it after will be perfect and less expensive. You can buy it even in gallons.
Q:How to color leather products
Squeeze dyeing method The method is to first dye and plastic by dry dyeing method for mixing, and then extruded with a special extruder into a thin, cut into granular. The method of color mixing is good, help to disperse the poor pigment.
Q:Mobile power: lithium polymer battery, lithium battery, lithium ion battery which is good
You said above several lithium batteries, lithium polymer batteries and lithium-ion battery is a secondary battery, that is, rechargeable batteries. Lithium battery usually refers to a battery, can not be charged, if the charge will explode. Mobile power is the use of secondary batteries, that is, rechargeable batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are collectively referred to. Lithium-ion batteries according to the materials used and electrolytes to distinguish between different lithium-ion battery. The polymer lithium ion battery is a lithium ion battery using a polymer as an electrolyte. If the material of different electrode materials, can also be divided into lithium iron phosphate lithium-ion battery, ternary material lithium-ion battery, lithium manganese oxide lithium-ion battery, lithium cobalt oxide lithium battery and so on. But from the security, different types of lithium-ion battery safety differences, compared to the lithium iron phosphate material slightly better, the polymer electrolyte is also better, if the lithium iron phosphate polymer battery safety It is better. In fact, the key is the charge and discharge circuit and the protection and the quality of electrical components. So it is hard to say which kind of good market. Or choose a good brand it

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