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HANA Heavy-duty coatings originated from newmaterials research in aerospace industry. Test results from the nationalauthorities show that , our products have excellent performance in adhesion,acid, alkali and salt resistance, which are at a worldleading level. It has undertaken stringenttests and already been successfully used in the defense aerospace and heavychemical industry.

The chemical industry is a pillar of the national economy. Chemical industry with a variety of production processes, have various corrosive environments.HAHA chemical industry equipment anti-corrosion coatings are devoted to address corrosion problems in chemical production.We can develop personalized anti-corrosion solutions for customers.Our products are widely used in various chemical manufacturing enterprises, petroleum and petrochemical

machinery equipment, production equipment, various types of reaction tower corrosion and p

etrochemical plant, various types of steel.

Product Features

Excellent weathering performance

Extensive product range

High corrosion resistance

Chemical Equipment Anticorrosion Coating Index

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Q:Why Roland inkjet machine spray gradient pattern will be uneven?
The dye colorant in the dye ink is completely dissolved in the ink in a single molecule, and the colorant particles are small and easily soluble in water or other chemical solvents. Such a structure makes it difficult for the dye ink to clog the nozzle. Even if the plug, clear the nozzle is also relatively simple. But the dye ink dye colorant there is a lot of hydrophilic particles, easy to dissolve. So that once the printed version of the water, the original fixed on the medium of the coloring agent will be dissolved again, and with the flow of water to the surrounding spread, causing serious blooming phenomenon. This is the main reason for poor dyeability of dye ink. At the same time, the coloring agent of the dye ink is directly exposed to the air. Under the action of light and ozone, the chemical chain of the dye colorant may break, causing the coloring agent to change color and so on, so that the printed matter fades, thus affecting its storage performance.
Q:What kind of food should the painter eat?
Milk is one of the oldest natural beverages, known as "white blood", the importance of the human body can be imagined. Milk, as the name suggests, is squeezed out of female dairy cows. In different countries, milk is also divided into different grades. The most common is the whole fat, low fat and skim milk. Currently on the market of milk is also a lot of additives, such as high calcium low-fat milk, which added calcium.
Q:Polymer cement waterproof coating reaction type and volatile type What is the difference
As the polyurethane is also a polymer, the ratio is also inorganic powder, and polyurethane curing is the reaction with the water and film, so called reactive polymer cement waterproof coating, is actually wrong.
Q:Why ink black color is not as black as the dark dye?
Common colors of ink are red, blue, black and blue and black. Red ink is generally used to modify the job, the use of smaller. Blue and black ink color deep and solemn, not easy to fade, writing fluency, is the people to learn and work in writing to use a more common kind of ink. Black ink with carbon ink is the most ideal, black ink concentration, shiny, written on paper black and white, very eye-catching, used to write pen or writing pen calligraphy works, the best.
Q:Epson 7908 and 9908, useful for the supply of dye ink
You can use dye inks. Just use dye ink to print photos easily fade.
Q:How to distinguish between fluorocarbon paint and ordinary paint?
In my opinion, choose Hua? Long paint fluorine paint, will feel good.
Q:What is a Acrylic painting?
There isn't too much difference but Oil is obviously oil+pigment based, while Acrylic is more plastic+pigment based. Acrylic dries fairly quickly unless you use loads and finishes kind-of like plastic, but oil dries really slowly, like a week slowly! It dries with a dull finish which can be helped with varnish. Hope this helps :)
Q:Lipstick raw material
Softener, can increase the color attached to the lips of the ability, but also moisture, lip gloss contains more oil, less wax.
Q:what is painting mean?
Painting mean make the pictures of different things.
Q:Paints For Automotive Use?
emulsion paint could basically be thinned with water. Gloss etc must be thinned with spirits like white spirits or turpentine. you may study the guidelines on the tin. There are paint thinners attainable at any DIY save and Tesco/Saisbury's/ Morrisons/Wilkinsons etc. Even the markets!!

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