Check Valve with API 6A Standard for Oilfield Usage

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Check Valve Description

The design and production of the product completely meets the requirements of API Spec 6A: Wellhead and Christmas tree specification. In accordance with API Spec 6A specification form a complete set of equipment and used interchangeably at home and abroad.

2. Main Features of Check Valve

1) The valve is made by forging, that make it bear high-pressure.

2) The inner parts of valve is made of stainless steel, piston and disc seat covers nickel-based alloy , so it has a long working life without corrosion.

3) The special construction can avoid water hammer phenomenon.

4) The characteristic of the valve is that, good sealing performance, strong corrosion resistance, long service life, flexible switch and also can be used for regulating the flow.

3. Check Valve Images

4. Check Valve Specification

Working Pressure2,000Psi20,000Psi
Nominal Diameter2-1/16 "4-1/16 "
Working Temp. : KU (-60℃~121)
Working Mediumoilgasmud
PSL ClassPSL14
PR ClassPR12
Material ClassAAHH
End ConnectionAPI Spec connection

5. FAQ of Check Valve

We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:

①How about your company?

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SSAW, LSAW and square and rectangle pipe), seamless steel pipe, hot dipped galvanized steel pipe and steel pipe with 3 layer polythene coating. We can provide 

customers different specification standards e.g. ASTM A53, ASTM A106, BS1387, API 5L, API 5CT, ISO3183 and etc. Our scope of supplying covers from 1/2" to 48" for the 

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We have established the international advanced quality management system,every link from raw material to final product we have strict quality test;We resolutely put 

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③How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of product within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible.

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Q:Location of an EGR Valve?
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Q:2002 Honda Accord P1457 EVAP faulty bypass solenoid valve?
If they are saying your ECM needs to be replaced, they're probably pulling your leg. What do they mean a 50/50 chance it needs to be replaced? That's a load of BS. Either it needs to be replaced or it doesn't. Very easy to tell. Simply put the key in your ignition and turn to the ON position (do NOT start the car yet). This should flash the lights on your dash. This would include the oil light indicator, check engine light, etc.. they should come on, then go off after you start the vehicle. If these lights flash, then go off after starting your vehicle, your ECM is fine. Also if the ECM is reporting a check engine light, chances are it's working properly. There is a VERY VERY slim chance it is reporting the wrong code, in which case the ECM could very well be bad, but this is very unlikely. If the solenoid is replaced and the issue persists, it is probably another problem that has triggered the P1457 code. They would need to check the train of what could be communicating with the solenoid in case another component has failed. Unfortunately I'm not sure about the other part of your question but just wanted to give you a heads up about the ECM.
Q:Where to get Electric Valve?
ASCO is another vendor, though Grainger is good. If your budget is tight you could remove one from a dead dishwasher or washing machine.
Q:how to replace relief valve on hot water tank?
Gas fired? Place thermostat to pilot to keep burner from coming on while you work. Turn off cold water supply to Hot Water heater. Open all the Hot water faucets in the house. Get a Pipe wrench and some pipe dope. and of course the new relief valve, place some towels under the relief valve as some water will leak out. Put pipe dope on the new relief valve threads, remove old relief valve using steady pressure, immediately put in new properly pipe doped relief valve, screw in hand tight, then use pipe wrench until it is set. Don't over tighten. Dry off area around new valve so you can more easily detect leaks. Reopen supply water to HW heater, let faucets run until no more air comes out, then shut faucets. Put regulator back on. Done.
Q:Fast fast question about aquarium check valves?
The airstone is not too big, unless it causes the water to bubble right out of the tank. Then you will need a valve to divert the excess air to an unused air line. If the airline is already cut, just put the check valve wherever the airline ends. If it's not cut you can put it anywhere. The arrow on the check valve should point toward the aquarium. If it says IN and OUT, then the OUT is on the aquarium side. If you want to test it to be sure, blow in one end of the valve. You can't blow air into the side that connects to the aquarium. Be sure there is a drip loop in the air pump electrical cord. If water were to somehow get in the air pump or drip on it, water might follow down the outside of the electrical cord and go into the the wall outlet. To make sure that doesn't happen be sure the cord is looped down lower than the outlet and then loops back up before it's plugged in. Get a second airstone any time in the next few weeks. About once a month, trade airstones, putting the recently used one into a jar with white vinegar. A week or so of soaking will unclog the airstone so that it can be used again several times before needing to be discarded. If you do have excess air, I find that running a piece of airline tubing to a spot away from sight and putting a short piece of pipe cleaner in the far end will muffle the hissing sound of the excess air.
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Q:Why can't i start my valve?
what kind of valve are you talking about? A Valvo?? LOL...No really, what kind of valve? Valves do not start, once the engine is fired up then the valve becomes a part of the engines 4 cycle system of opening and closing to allow fuel and air to enter inside the combustion chamber and ignite the fuel to keep the engine running. good luck..
Q:Broke my trucks gas valves?
...Gas Valves???....WTF....
Q:Is a leaky heart valve considered heart disease?
Hello, Yes, it is. Obviously the leak is still within the arteries, - no blood is leaking out of the heart, - any leak is only in the backwards direction of blood-flow. One function of the valves is to stop blood which has just been pumped, from falling backwards again to where it came from. As soon as the pumping action stops, the valve has to close to lock the pumped-blood in its new forward position. If any blood leaks back through the closed valve, that is called regurgitation of blood, - and the closed valve which is leaking is described as incompetent or insufficient, in medical language. Sometimes newborn babies are born with a heart valve (or valves) that leak backwards, having not been properly formed in the womb, - or sometimes the valve (or valves) are damaged in adult life by some disease, - for example, infections like Rheumatic Fever or Syphilis, (both rare nowadays). I hope this is of some help. Best wishes, Belliger retired uk gp
Q:How does an electric motor operated valve (MOV) actuator work?
Motor Operated Valves

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