Check Valve with API 6A Standard for Oilfield Usage

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Check Valve Description

The design and production of the product completely meets the requirements of API Spec 6A: Wellhead and Christmas tree specification. In accordance with API Spec 6A specification form a complete set of equipment and used interchangeably at home and abroad.

2. Main Features of Check Valve

1) The valve is made by forging, that make it bear high-pressure.

2) The inner parts of valve is made of stainless steel, piston and disc seat covers nickel-based alloy , so it has a long working life without corrosion.

3) The special construction can avoid water hammer phenomenon.

4) The characteristic of the valve is that, good sealing performance, strong corrosion resistance, long service life, flexible switch and also can be used for regulating the flow.

3. Check Valve Images

4. Check Valve Specification

Working Pressure2,000Psi20,000Psi
Nominal Diameter2-1/16 "4-1/16 "
Working Temp. : KU (-60℃~121)
Working Mediumoilgasmud
PSL ClassPSL14
PR ClassPR12
Material ClassAAHH
End ConnectionAPI Spec connection

5. FAQ of Check Valve

We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:

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Q:Someone help, I have Valve problems!?
The valve with the biggest opening wins. The type valve with the biggest opening is called a ball valve. It is also the quickest one to open because you only have to turn the valve 90 degrees. Th answer to you problem is, get a BIGGER VALVE and bigger lines. Thmyth bustersrs use 6 valve which are 500 times bigger than 1/4 inch so they are 100 times more powerfull.
Q:Leeky Aortic Valve Questions?
as the doctor said, Could be many issues eventually something will need to be done without the big words ... your Aortic Valve is the MOST important valve in your Body because all the oxygenated Blood that flows From your lungs to each cell passes through the Aortic valve into the aorta and to each cell... More then Likely at some point in your life, the Valve will most likely need repair or replacement.... The good news is... that these are being done quite Normally now in Most Large Hospitals these Days... something to consider if you live in extreme rural places... I would mention that You should have a baseline idea of what is normal exertion for you, and at any point, you begin to feel breathlessness, tireness (above beyond normal) Chest Pain .... Do YOu Have chest pain Now, which is normal then anything above and beyond that should be something you should go to a doctor or even a real hopsital... so with that being said how are you feeling? what sorts of exercise do you typically do? play any sports ? gym? ride a bike? text ?lol point is if things change dont ignore it get to the doctor right away.. if you dont have a doc yet , how about a hospital?
Q:Information Blow Off Valves?
A blowoff valve goes onto your intake or the piping from your turbocharger to make sure that you dont run to much pressure they are adjustable to whatever pressure you desire. Usually people running a positive displacement blower or a turbochargers run them. That being said I'm sure that you could put one on your car but without a power adder it would never blow off. Except in the case of a intake manifold overpressure such as a backfire.
Q:i need help identifying a broken valve in a van?
Cylinder compression test will tell you if you have a broken valve. Thats the best way. The valve might not be broken, it could just be a poor seal.
Q:Vauxhall Vectra EGR valve replacement?
Easy. Just google it and it will tell you how. It will take a minute to change.
Q:Does anyone know what those valves are/do in my picture?
Those are the hot and cold water pipes. You can turn off the water to the handle/knob by adjusting these valves. Although, it may be simpler and quicker to simply turn off the main for the home. This link has some similar examples and dialogue.
Q:replacing pressure reducing valve?
The cost you quoted seems a bit high to me. Mine didn't cost anywhere near that amount in East Texas. A pressure reducing valve acts like a check valve when there is no flow. That is it closes as the pressure rises when you are not using any water. In this condition, the hot water heater can raise the pressure even higher since there is no place for the expanding water to go. That is the reason for the expansion tank. Without the expansion tank the pressure relief valve on the hot water heater can relieve unnecessarily or weep a bit.
Q:Can you put a blow off valve/dump valve on a diesel e46 BMW 320d?
Most diesels do not have throttle valves (including yours), therefore a blow off valve would never work. They work by relieving the pressure build up caused when the throttle valve is closed (foot lifted off gas pedal in a petrol engine), which happens when you shift (usually only for manuals) so the built up pressure does not bring the turbo speed down. A side effect of this pressure being dumped is the whoosh sound, which some people desire more than the performance gains it offers. That sound is the air rushing out of the intake system, which usually has been metered already, and now is wasted. The ECU measures that air and adds fuel for it. When it gets blown to atmosphere, the fuel is added, but not the air. Now the engine is running rich. There are some systems that recirc that air back to the turbo, but then there is no whoosh sound. Anyway, since most diesels do not even have a throttle valve, it won't do any good.
Q:Are valve stems replaceable from one tire to another tire?
Impossible. Tires don't have valve stems. Wheels do. For gosh sakes man, if your Mom ever taught you anything never re-use something that will eventually bite you in the butt. Old whipped out valve stems have tiny cracks which lead to leaks. It would cost you five times more than a simple valve stem if you had to break a tire down, replace a leaky valve stem, remount the tire, re-balance it and stick it back on the car. What is your economy $ thinking? Tell you what, if you ever see a tool for removing valve stems for re-use I'll eat it! Go hole hog and spend a big dollar or two and get past your idea.
Q:Valve cover gaskets?
You can buy Valve gasket sealer for a quick fix.

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