Check Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Check Valve Description

This product is designed and manufactured fully in accordance with API Spec 6A wellhead and Christmas tree equipment standards,and can thus be used interchangeably with the products manufactured at home and aboard,which tally with API Spec 6A specifications ,or used to form a complete system.

This is a type of check valves which rely on the pressure of working medium to get meal-to-meal sealing between the core and body(seat). The higher the medium pressure,the better the sealing performance. It is always able to withstand the pipeline pressure within the value cavity.

The body of the valve is forged with alloy steel,which has solid mechanical properties and is able to withstand high pressure in safty and reliability.

The bonnet and the body of the valve are connected with blinding bolts. Sealing washers are used to seal up the bonnet and the interior wall, which reduces the space in between to a minimum (designed as 0),thereby considerably minimizes the erosion of the bolts and the bolt holes,caused by erosive  media,and also decreases the load taken by the bolts.

2. Main Features of Check Valve

1) Fitted  with a valve-opening indicator
2) Designed with the relief valve
3) Designed with the plane thrust bearing structure
4) Designed with the meal-to-meal sealing structure
5) Fitting with the valve stem sealed by using some special material made lip-shaped packing
6) Made of high wear-resising& corrosion-resising materials, both the valve core and bean are durable
7) Designed and manufactured strictly in accordance with API Spec 6A ,ANSI and NACE MR-0175 standards.

3. Check Valve Images

Check Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

Check Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

Check Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

4. Check Valve Specification

Check Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

5. FAQ of Check Valve

We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:

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Q:What is the purpose of those new valves on bikes that are longer and skinnier and that you?
first off they are not new ;-) These two standards have been around a long time. valve stems come in two types, schaeder and presta. Now i sometimes get these mixed up but I think Presta is the narrower valve. If I'm wrong I'm sure someone will correct me ;-) Either way there are these two types. Here we are referring to width/diameter not length. the thicker valves are usually on mountain bikes, some comfort bikes. the thinner narrower valves are usually on road bikes, some cross bikes, the type with skinny tires. Most bike pumps these days whether floor pump to mini pump will work for *both* Schaeder and Presta. The valve end on your pump (unless it's a piece of c*^ from Wallmart) SHOULD simply unscrew, reverses and voila! You can now pump up the tires of your MTB and your road bike or help another rider out! Now, on to your actual question ;-) Sorry for the drift. the long valve stems have to do with Aero wheels. These are rims, usually carbon that are designed to be very narrow and literaly slice the wind for faster acceleration. these are usually road bike rims, the skinny tires. Examples of Aero rims would be like Rolf Elan. Because of the design of the aero rim a longer valve stem is needed or it would literaly be lost within the carbon rim. But you don't have to have aero rims to have a tube with a longer stem. The stems on most tires are available in long, short, medium. I like to have the length match, it's just an aesthetic thing. But the function is exactly the same and the difference in weight is negligable. So to sumarise if you have aero rims you *must* choose tubes with a longer valve stem. If you don't have aero rims you can use them if you like, doesn't really matter, it's all what you like. but you do not need a different pump.
Q:Radiator valve is constantly spitting water?
The little valve needs to be changed with a new one,that valve has a small leather inside and it is to spit out water and air until the leather gets wet ,and then stops, then when the leather gets dried out ,it will do the same thing again and again, This is a auto radiator air bleeding type valve used for many years in radiator heating systems................Ok.......Mel........ Hope this helps you...
Q:GMC chevy 350 valve problem?
at first sounded like brake booster vacuum leak; the valve noise top end lack of oil ? if rod and crank bearings are good might be by pass spring on oil pump stuck or weak = low oil press
Q:Gummed up french horn valves?
Sounds like your oiling correctly but you need to get the dried oil out, that's the gum your feeling. One way is to have the school send it to the repair shop, its not your horn so don't spend any money on it. Another way is to flush them out with a thin valve oil. Where can you buy a quart of valve oil? Walmart and Kmart has it but not labeled as valve oil. Look for Lantern oil , the stuff used in oil lamps, it is very cheap and many of the valve oils are made of the same stuff. Take out all the crooks on the instrument and flood the valve with the lamp oil, this should flush out the gum. After you have dumped the lamp oil re-oil the way you have been. (Lamp oil is not dangerous, it burns if you hold a match to it but that is about it, you can also use charcoal lighter)
Q:Water heater leak around relief valve?
close off the chilly water grant to the water heater and additionally close the gas grant or the heater administration. Drain the water heater (this might drain all your homestead warm water besides). Open a warm water sink valve to enable air enter. Drain the water till the water is below the threads. decrease or unsolder the joints mandatory to get rid of the threaded setting up. get rid of the setting up, and positioned across it to a community plumbing grant homestead and get a clean one. set up the hot one with teflon tape. close the sink warm valve. Open the chilly water grant valve on the water heater slowly. verify for any leaks. If its leaking, initiate over. If not resolder the copper joints jointly, and be confident to purge the air by way of your sink back. or in basic terms call a plumber or an HVAC business company.
Q:What causes valves to leak?
I would say that it would be because of thin tissue.
Q:Heater valve and tube for Volvo?
these are the duplicate of original made by the same manufacture that volvo used. if your car is a 7 series almost any vacume operated after-market valve can be used in it's place as long as the operation is the same [ie. if memory serves vacume closes the valve] this actuation can easily be checked by starting the car and turning floor heat on, then moving temperature slide from cold to hot and checking the vacume supply tube [no vacume] then sliding control to cold [has vacume]
Q:how i fix my trumpet's third valve?
instead of the standard cheapo trumpet grease, try a more generic brass instrument oil. also make sure you aren't tightening the valve screw cap too tightly. it's not a good idea just keep tapping it. also, unwanted moisture can create a seal that will sometimes inhibit the valve from popping back up. get it dried out as much as you can. also, don't use too much of anything - the oil, the grease, etc - excess will keep it from popping out too.
Q:what is valve lash i dont get it?
as stated by another valve lash is the gap space between the rocker arm end and the valve top. I too recomend getting an inch pound torque wrench especially when setting a ft lb wrench to 11.33 would be very rough.(not accurate)
Q:How do you know if your gas valve is off?
Generally speaking the valve has a handle that pivots from parallel, to perpendicular. Open is in line, or parallel. Closed is perpendicular. If it's a rotating handle, then the valve stem will be all the way in when closed, or all the way out when open. The valve stem is located in the center of the wheel that you would turn. Hope that works for you.

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