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Medium Pressure





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Medium Temperature

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China (Mainland)

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Water, air, oil

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

standard export packing plywood case

Delivery Detail:

30 days


● Rubber encapsulated disc
● Drain plug hole makes insertment of lifting equipment for flap possible
● Suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation
● FBE coated inside and outside
● Product color:Blue RAL5017


Technical Specification
● Flanges Drilling:EN1092-2 PN16
● Hydraulic test to ISO5208
Seat Test Pressure:17.6 bar
Shell Test Pressure:24 bar
● Maximum temperature:70℃



Parts Name       Material                                         
Valve bodyDutile iron, stainless steel, Cast Seel
Valve glandDutile iron, stainless steel, Cast Seel
Connection typeFlange connection
Application temperature≤80°C
Valve discStainless steel+ nylon cloth wrap




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Q:What's the difference between check valves and non-return valves?
Check valves are check valvesThe check valve is only a one-way start and stop valve to prevent the flow of fluid medium on all kinds of pipelines or equipment.Check valves are widely used and come in many different types,The following is a common check valve for water supply and heating:1, spring: the liquid from the bottom up, rely on the pressure spring controlled valve,After the pressure disappears, the spring force presses down the disc and seals the liquid back.Often used in the smaller diameter check valve.
Q:Are check and check valves the same kind of thing?
Yes, that's right. Ha-ha。 My friend needs an anti - stop valve to find me. I have one for sale here.
Q:Check valve H15B-16 DN25 is that product?
Screw swing multi valve check - nominal pressure 1.6Mpa, product caliber 25mmOur company has production!
Q:What's the fire check valve?
When the range hood is disabled, the valve is automatically reset and closed, and the valve has high strength, easy deformation, good sealing performance, small resistance, large exhaust capacity and good performance of preventing the smoke from flowing backward. Side open fire check valve are made of metal material, after spraying and electroplating processing, beautiful appearance, spring is embedded by the mounting plate and the fastening screws do not need to install the exhaust pipe, the installation is simple and reliable, easy disassembly, easy cleaning, eliminate some problems difficult to check valves in the future maintenance of the inverse.
Q:How do I install the pump outlet check valve?
Order note: 1. Pump outlet check valveProduct name and model number 2. Whether or not to take accessories for our correct selection. Use pressure. Use medium temperature.Two, if the company has been selected by the design unitPump outlet check valve type, please pump outlet check valveThe model is ordered directly from our sales department.Three, when the use of the occasion is very important or the environment is more complex, please try to provide design drawings and detailed parameters, by our valve company experts for your audit checks. If you have any questions: please call us for advice:,We will do our best to provide you with quality service.
Q:The difference between the micro and slow closing check valve and the silent check valve
Another micro, slow, closed noise check valve, a little larger flow.Slow closing check valve, also known as check valve or check valve, its role is to prevent the medium back in the pipeline. The opening and closing parts depend on the flow of the medium and the power is turned on or off by itself. The valve that prevents the backflow of the medium is called a check valve. Check valves belong to the automatic valve, mainly used for one-way flow of media channels, allowing only medium to flow in one direction, to prevent accidents. This kind of valve should be installed horizontally in the pipeline.
Q:Does the check valve of the flue of the range hood work?
The picture of the check valve of the flue of the range hood is as follows:In addition there is a full sealed flue check valve or smoke exhaust hood treasure is installed in public on the flue pipe valve, exhaust valve to open the hood, hood stop valve is closed, the current Taobao sold this kind of sealed check valve is more, we also evaluated very high. Pictures are as follows:
Q:Is it necessary to install a check valve in front of the water meter? Does the water company have a definite requirement?
To install a check valve, or, when the tap water supply, there is water in the pipe will flow back, but the water meter will not reverse, if there is air in the water pipe, this phenomenon continues to cycle, virtually increase the number of water charges
Q:40 how large check valves are installed in the water pipes?
Crown valve press40 of the pipe outer diameter of 48 DN40 check valve on it
Q:Why can't the check valve on the air pipe be used when the wind speed is less than 8 meters?
First of all, you must understand the working principle of the check valve, indeed, as you said, you can adjust the position of the hammer by adjusting the position of the drop hammer.If you are in their own design and production, consider the thickness of the blade, drop hammer size, weight, and other parameters considered.Hope to be of help to you!

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