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Medium Pressure





Temperature of Media:

Medium Temperature



Port Size:


Place of Origin:

China (Mainland)

Model Number:

Check Valve

Brand Name:







Customer's Request


Flanged/ Threaded


ISO9001:2008 CE/TS

Body material:

casting steel/stainless steel/iron

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

Export Standard Polywood Case/Wooden Pallet

Delivery Detail:

15 days


Material of Construction:

Cast Iron

: IS 210 Gr FG 200

Cast Carbon Steel

: ASTM A 216 Gr WCB / WCC   

Cast Stainless Steel

: ASTM A 351 Gr CF 8/CF 8M

Forged Carbon Steel

: ASTM A 105

Forged Stainless Steel

: ASTM A 182 Gr F304 / F316

Design & Testing International Standard:

Valve Design

: API 594 / API 600(ISO 10434) / API 6D(ISO 14313) / API 602 / API 603 / API 608 /    API 609 / IS 780 / BS 1414 / BS 14846 / BS 1868 / BS 1873 / BS 5351 / ASME B 16.34(BS 5351) / DIN 3352 / DIN 3356 / DIN 3357

Pressure Testing

: API 598 / API 600 / API 6D

Face To Face

: ANSI B 16.10

End Connection


Flange Connection

: ANSI B 16.5 (For NPS≤24) / ANSI B 16.47 SERIES B, ANSI 16.47 SERIES A, MSS SP-44 (For NPS >24)

Butt Weld End

: ANSI B 16.25

Socket Weld End

: ANSI B 16.11

Screwed End

: ANSI B 1.20.1(BSP/NPT)

Wall Thickness

: API 600 / BS 1868

Pressure Rating

: AS PER ANSI 125#, 150#, 300#, 400#, 600#, 800#, 900#, 1500#, 2500#

Engineering Option

: Gear Operated, Electrical Actuated, Pneumatic Actuate

Size Range

: AS PER NPS 2" - 48"





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Q:The role of the clip lift check valve
The check valve of the lift check valve is located on the valve seat sealing surface of the valve body. In addition to this valve disc is free to lift, like the rest of the cut-off valve, the fluid pressure valve from the valve seat sealing surface lift, medium return led down to the valve seat, and cut off the flow. Depending on the service conditions, the disc can be of all metal construction or in the form of a rubber pad or rubber ring on the valve frame. The same as the cut-off valve, lift check valve fluid through the channel is narrow, so the check valve by lifting the pressure drop than the swing check valve a little bigger, and swing check valve flow restrictions very little.
Q:What is the function of the check valve installed in the water meter before entering the residential water?
The check valve installed before the water meter is convenient for the maintenance, maintenance and management of the user's water.
Q:Why is the intelligent water meter equipped with a check valve, still can not prevent the water meter idling?
4. conclusionMany reasons for water rotation, but on the whole can be divided into two: one is the subjective factors, namely subjective causes, such as construction acceptance, human responsibility caused by Water Leakage, original gas gathering, which can strengthen the construction management, improve the staff's work and to improve the level of responsibility. The two is the objective factors, the main characteristics of the water itself, by the characteristics of pipeline and the level of technology development in the external objective factors, on the one hand to work in the future continue to explore the improvement will be improved.
Q:How can the fast closing noise check valve prevent water hammer?
Biaoguan valve that once the pump stopped, check valve spool in the spring or other auxiliary device for double end under the action of force balance in advance to the closed position, can greatly reduce the amount of water and initial water reflux falling height, water hammer force is calculated by gravity superposition, to reduce the amount of water is equal to the reduced gravity, but fell short height reduces the inertia time is relatively reduced speed, and can prevent the formation of destructive or reduce water hammer water hammer.
Q:Can the slow stop disc check valve close quickly?
Slow closing disc check valve does not turn off quickly."Slow closing" means slow closing and fast closing.The butterfly valve is mainly composed of a valve body, two semicircular discs, a return spring, an oil storage tank, a slowly closing small cylinder set, and a needle valve (a micro regulating valve). The principle relies mainly on the thrust of the imported medium and pushes the two discs smoothly.
Q:Automatic water tower water reflux, plus a check valve not supposed
Check the direction of the installation is correct, check valve quality is good, you can install two check valve. Check valve refers to rely on the flow of the media itself and automatically open and close the valve flap, used to prevent media backflow valve, also known as check valve, one-way valve, counter flow valve, and back pressure valve. The check valve belongs to an automatic valve, whose main function is to prevent the backflow of medium, prevent the reverse of pump and drive motor, and release the container medium.
Q:Is the check valve a check valve? What is its main purpose?
Check valve, also known as one-way valve or check valve, its role is to prevent the medium back in the pipeline.
Q:What are the differences between different check valves applications?
The application performance of the acoustic check valve only allows the medium to flow in one direction, and prevents flow in the direction. Usually the valve is automatically work, fluid pressure flow in one direction, the valve open; the opposite direction of fluid flow by gravity, fluid pressure and valve closing effect on the valve seat, thereby cutting off flow. Not suitable for medium containing solid particles and viscosity. The design of the check valve takes full account of the requirements of the use of the environment, and uses the inclined plate structure to achieve no vibration, no noise, stable operation, and ensure the quiet environment of the hotel and the residential environment, and has the effect of energy saving.
Q:Is the flue check valve the same as the flue check valve? What's the difference?
The flue check valve is not the same as the flue check valve;Flue check valve: a valve that is used at the joint of the hood, flue pipe and flue. Mainly to prevent the role of soot intrusion. The smoke in the apartment building is a public flue, and sometimes the food is always wafted from upstairs to downstairs when cooking, usually from the flue. This check valve can have a certain extent to prevent soot from the role of intrusion, but after all, it is difficult to completely sealed, so the food can not completely prevent the taste of isolation.Check valve refers to rely on the flow of the media itself and automatically open and close the valve flap, used to prevent media backflow valve, also known as check valve, one-way valve, counter flow valve, and back pressure valve.
Q:The working principle and structure description of the mute check valve
1, when the medium according to the provisions of the direction of flow, the valve by the media force, is open; the medium back, due to weight and disc valve by the medium reverse force, so that the sealing surface of the valve flap and valve seat sealing and closed, to prevent the media counter to.2, the body and valve sealing surface using stainless steel surfacing.3, the length of the valve according to the provisions of GB12221-1989, flange connection size according to the provisions of JB/T79-1994.

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