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Container house

Container house is one kind of environmental architectural forms with high safety, high flexibility and strong adaptability. Compared with the traditional building of brick concrete structure, it can reduce 60% of concrete and water consumption during concrete construction, about 70% of construction waste and renovation waste, more than 40% of the construction period, about 50% of energy as well as noise pollution and dust pollution. However the price is 35% lower than traditional buildings. Its products are mainly applied to temporary housing on the construction site, room for mine field operation, room for emergency and all kinds of modern hotel building, mobile shops, private residential buildings

Due to the fine quality of steel in the main body, It can withstand the impact of sudden storm and torrential rain. In the meantime, it also can be combined together freely.

Each container house weighs about 8000 pounds, 40 feet long, with a bearing capacity of 50000 pound. Standard combined container houses can be stacked up to 8 stacks at most.

The functions of container houses tend to be diverse, for example, folding and pre-assembled container housing is a good solution to lack of space and huge cost in the process of transportation. In the meantime, it is also beneficial to field installation.

Container architecture also is simple in design, construction fast, material recycling, etc, in the future will be more and more widely used in the construction field

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Q:Georgia Real Estate..?
You in addition to the things KW provides nationally (like a free web site, free syndication of listings to major internet portals, etc.) -- these are important elements of how I market my listings and I used to pay a LOT more for them before our office worked out a group deal, thereby saving us all tons of money. Small offices can't usually compete with a lot of the technology that larger brokerages can provide, but they may give you a leg up as far as expertise in the community, providing good leads, etc. Best of luck! Be sure you have 6-12 month's worth of money for living expenses in the bank because even experienced agents are taking a big hit right now and real estate is usually a very slow career in which to start making money, even in the best of times.
Q:buying and selling real estate?
Get added to your parent's mortgage if they are buying soon or going to refi. (just don't do it for that reason only) If not, open up a credit card (student card perhaps) and within 6 months open another one. At the 2 year mark of you having credit, you can buy. Until then, save up as much as you can. I became a homeowner at 18 with my mom and at 21 I bought a house by myself. It just takes discipline
Q:Can anyone predict how the real estate market will be in two years...?
Can anyone predict how the real estate market will be in two years...? God I wish! I have been in strategic planning and real estate finance for many years. You are asking a question millions of Americans are faced with today. If it's bighting the bullet then obviously you don't have confidence that it is a NEED. Listen, millionaires will be made form this market for buying while prices are down and holding for a few years. It's a market over-correction. Here is YOUR litmus test: Do I NEED a new home? Is this home WHERE I need it to be? Can I afford the payments and upkeep? Does this home serve my purpose? If you answered yes to at least two of those you shouldn't have any fear. If you answered yes to three you're wasting time. If you answered yes to all four write the check. Condos had their heyday from 2003 to 2006. Don't look to accumulate wealth in condos - although it CAN still happen. Will condos in North LA continue to decline in value? Your friend doesn't know - he's guessing. But it's probably a good guess. If the wrong person gets elected and they don't have the experience or connections to guide us through this really not good time you can bet the market will tumble farther. It's all but guaranteed. If the economy continues to slide you're just in the same boat with everyone else. If the market recovers prices should climb slowly for a couple of years then begin to improve on scale. Weigh your need against the purchase. Best to you in your decision! (If you find someone who can truly predict the real estate market - marry them!)
Q:Being a real estate investor?
Do TONS of research before a deal. You need very very thorough inspections and you want to be familiar with some local contractors and know how much they will charge to fix each thing. It would be very helpful, although not required if you had a real estate license. The real estate commissions will eat up a big chunk of profits if you have to pay realtors every time. If you can process the transactions yourself, you basically earn commission on your own sales. Plus you can probably work as a realtor for other buyer and sellers in addition to doing your own houses that you are trying to flip. My other advice is to become familiar with general construction practices. If you can do some of the work yourself, you save money by not paying contractors to do it. I recommend some business management classes, some real estate classes, and if you can find them, some construction management classes.
Q:How do I become a real estate agent in other countries?
You could must pass to California and take the truly property publications (except they are furnished on-line). Then you could must take the licensing examination in character in California. The crisis is even supposing you probably did do all that and desired to hold your license at a brokerage, you are not able to! You wouldn't have a Social Security Number and also you wouldn't have US residency or a visa to enable you to paintings there.
Q:What does it mean to trade real estate?
When you trade up in real estate, you're not actually trading anything. You're selling a property and using the proceeds of the sale to buy a better, more expensive property. Real estate only truly generates income by being rented or leased out. You buy or own the property, and you charge someone rent to live there. If this income is greater than what it costs to own it (mortgage, taxes, insurance, etc.), this is called a positive cash flow and you're making money. You can kind of consider a property value going up over time as being income generated. But, this income is only on paper, and is not realized until you sell and take your profit.
Q:good real estate agents?
Attend open residences. Also, choose up the regional truly property books that they supply out totally free. Find a couple of residences you favor and make contact with the directory agent and ask to peer the apartment. That will supply you a danger to satisfy a couple of regional retailers and notice if there's someone you mesh good with. We used Remax with our final acquire/and promote. However, I might no longer base my selection on a designated organization title....each and every realtor is exceptional and specified. Try to stay with a organization that has a extra good recognized title (none of the ones discounted expenses locations or tiny firms) so you understand you're getting essentially the most correct expertise feasible. If feasible, it might be first-class if the agent used to be almost your age, in order that they may be able to relate to why you're watching for special points or areas, and will higher foresee different properties that can be superb for you that might be you're overlooking as being moderately unfamiliar with the discipline. Good good fortune! Look at a number of residences earlier than making any presents!
Q:Is there somewhere where I can get some detail into the life of a real estate agent?
You Best, The Real Estate Group NY
Get your real estate broker with 100% commission or one that will send leads to you. After you get a feel for what is a good and bad deal. Then buy
Q:When should we get a real estate attorney?
Kim gave it to you in a nutshell-- and the Loanmaster expressed his Grand Mastery--take heed and Good Luck-- and make sure there are no other hidden liens and encumberances on the property before you close. Sometimes the previous owner will take a loan against the property just before they move out and the paperwork has not yet gone into records and this may not get noticed until you have already moved into the house and then later--are notified and demanded to pay for something you didn't know about

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