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500 Pieces stereo bluetooth speaker pc
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New design,super Bass,competitive price.Small order  is accepted  ,WS101 Stereo mini Bluetooth speaker


Portable Bluetooth stereo speaker, built-in microphone for hands-free calls. With built-in
rechargeable battery for up to 6 hours of play time



1.Dual built in speakers, high quality sond performance.

2.Can be paired with bluetooth device, when pairing with your mobile phones, allow you share music and answer your call easily.



1. Material:Plastic

2. Speaker: Magnetism Prevent (4Ω) 40mm x 2W

3. Playback time:                 3-6 hours

4. With built-in rechargeable battery for up to 6 hours of play time



Accessories:USB charging cable,3.5mm audio cable



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Q:I need help with my speakers!?
It isn't your speakers, it is the source. The music needs to be encoded for 5.1 (this means that it has to have information attached to the different noises that tells it to go to the back right speaker or the front left speaker). Your iPod is only encoded for stereo (left right). As for the computer, you should be able to go to Control PanelSoundsVolume tabAdvanced, in Speaker settings5.1 Surround sound speakers.
Q:How do i repair my speakers?
What sometimes happens to a speaker is the little braided wire from the terminal to the voice coil fractures. That fracture might be corrected with a small amount of solder applied just where it's broken to rejoin it. If the actual voice coil itself is burned out, the speaker is toast. Very expensive and high quality speakers can be re-coned and get a new voice coil and that is pretty expensive and specialized and not worth doing to a book shelf speaker.
Q:Hard Wiring Motorcycle Speakers?
do these have an internal amplifier? if so, just run a fused cable directly to the battery, and then a relay to the ignition wire if not, get a small amplifier and wire it that way, then wire the speakers to the amp then use whatever device you want to send the speakers their audio signal (i have an iPod hooked to mine)
Q:Speakers wont work in my truck?
A blown speaker can sometimes cause what you're describing, but more commonly it's a pinched or shorted speaker wire. In either case, if there's not enough resistance through the speaker (damaged voice coil) or if the speaker wire is grounded, it can cause the head unit's built-in amplifier to shut down. In my experience, it's far more common for this to be caused by a shorted speaker wire than a blown speaker. The easiest way to troubleshoot is using a digital multimeter with an ohmmeter function. Wait for a time when you're not getting any audio, then pull the deck. Inspect all the speaker wiring behind the head unit for pinched or bare spots. If you don't find any, check the resistance between each speaker wire and the chassis ground wire. There should be no connection between ground and any speaker wire; if you find a wire that shows contact with ground, it's the likely culprit.
Q:2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Speakers?
i've got are available in this past to. not on a Jeep, yet on a extra vehicle. Leaves and stuff plugged up the heater center. This stopped the fan from pushing air by potential of potential of the heater. nevertheless felt warmth, it purely did not blow. different than you're very handy and don't ideas getting grimy, you may ought to take it someplace. A outdoors guy ought to do this for you as that's purely time ingesting. now not a exceedingly technical subject. attempt asking on Craigslist for cellular mechs on your interior sight.
Q:Logitech speaker system x 530?
I also have a logitech 5.1 speakerset, with a small control centre on my desk. I noticed also, that my middle speaker did not work and thought that there was something wrong. There are different ways of listening to music with your speaker set. Mine has several options. Stereo x 2 ( middle speaker out) Stero (middle speaker out) 6 Ch Direct ( centre speaker out ) Dolby PLII Movie ( now middle speaker is also working) Dolby PLII Music ( middle speaker is now also on ) Try it out, you will see, that there is nothing wrong with your middle speaker. When I just bougt the speakers I felt the same as you did. Spend a lot of money on a speaker set and one is not working. Some people prefer to listen with Stereo x 2 . I did to for a while, but now I listen Dolby PLII music. I find it more realistic.
Q:Speaker Switch Box for 2.1 channel to 5.1 speaker connectivity?
Computer speakers are not going to give you 5.1 sound only stereo at best 5.1 speakers for computers use the sound card in the computer to generate the surround sound.connecting those speakers to you blu ray will only yield 2.1 no matter what you doso save your money and just hook it up for stereo at best.what you really need is a receiver and home theater speakers not computer speakers
Q:What can i do to fix my speakers?!?
Step 1: Check to make sure the balancefade settings are neutral or biased to that speaker. Step 2: Do a continuity check on the speaker wire between the head unit and the speaker ends. (disconnect both ends) I suspect you have a short in the wire somewhere. If you dont have a multimeter, first check by hooking up a different speaker. If the other speaker still doesnt work then replace the speaker wire from the head unit (dont worry about running behind the dash ect yet, just hook up the speaker to see if it works).
Q:5.1 surround sound speaker volume?
Rear speaker volume is rarely loud. Mainly background sounds and noise is channeled there. They will not have nearly the volume of the main front speakers. Not only because they are usually smaller, but because less sound is sent there.
Q:Question about speakers?
first, what are you playing these speaker with?a computer?amplifier?and are these speakers in individual box?what ohms are these speakers?More info. I know speakers have different ohms independence,and when you hook them up in series it increases the ohms .If you hook them up in parallel you decrease the speaker ohms.This might be your problem since you have to match the speaker ohms equal or more to the device that you are using to play the speakers.

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