Cheap 4.1W 5V Led Decoration Light

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Product Description:


Product Description

Cheap 4.1W 5V christmas decoration light

LED light with4.1W wattage and 5V input voltage and various colors are available.





1. No UV-IR radiation. Green products, no harm to human beings.

2. No heavy metal material (such as mercury, cadmium), friendly to the environment.

3. Good heat output, 90% high efficiency.

4. High luminous efficiency, 30,000 hours long lifespan.

5. Solid light source. Easy for transportation.

6. Low voltage and constant current operation, safe for installation and operation, No strobe and glare light, reduce visual tiredness.


LED light with4.1W wattage and 5V input voltage and various colors are available.

1. Input voltage: 5V DC

2. Water-proof: IP35

4. Wattage:4.1W

5. LED quantity:200pieces

7. Brightness: R(48-60LM),G(195-228LM),B(45-72LM),Y(45-72LM),W(300-420LM),WW(216-345LM)

8. LED color: Pure white

9. Easy to install, Maintenance free

10. Long lifespan, Green product, compliant with RoHS and CE


Product photoelectric parameters :                                                                                                   

Part NumberEmitting ColorInput VoltageWattage(max)Waterproof DegreeLED QuantityLEDLuminous IntensityWeightingContinuous Connect(pcs)
YJ-LSX3528W52-10WPure White4.1WIP35200pcs35283004208502
YJ-LSX3528W52-10WWWarm White4.1WIP35200pcs3528216345850


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1.    3-5 business days for Sample Orders; 7-30 business days for Bulk Orders for Bulk Orders.

2.    "Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

3.    DHL and UPS cannot ship to military or P.O. boxes address

4.    The Shipping Service above is for reference only, for any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


 Application case:                                                                                                                             

a) Signal lighting 
b) Advertisement signs 
c) Slim characteristic for lighting sign 
d) Decoration for indoor illumination 
e) Archway and canopy edge lighting 
f) Amusement park, theater, and aircraft cabin mood lighting


7.1 Applicable Voltage: DC5V.

7.2 Operating temperature: -30°C ~ +50°C.

7.3 The power voltage is permitted in  +10%~-10% fluctuating. If it’s beyond the said scope, it would influence lifespan, even unlighted or burnt out.

7.4  Make  sure  connecting  wire  is  connected  and  sealed  well  to  avoid  defending  Electricity Leakage.

7.5 Make sure waterproof protection, and no defending Water leakage before connecting to extra power supply.

7.6 Before maintenance, make sure the power cut off. After assembling right, it can be connected power to use.

7.7 No breaking to any stipulation of fireproofing. Please ask Professional to install.




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