Channel Bar Hot Rolled Zinc Coated from Tianjin

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Product Description:


1)U-Channel Steel
2)high quality Channel Steel
Hot Dipped Galvanized Channel Bar
1)Material: Q235,A36,SS400


2.Thickness 1.2 -3.0mm

3.Surface: Galvanized.


5.Specification:C80*40*15  C100*45*15-C200*40*43-C400*50*15

6.Zinc coat: 275g/m2.

7.Packing:2-3t/pvc bag steel pallet or according to the customers` requirments

8.MOQ: 20ton

9.Delivery time: 15 days

10.Payment: T/T(30% advance), L/C at sight

 Our company specializes in manufacturing profile steel  products such as H beams,I beams,Channel steel,Angle steel , and also can find some best quality steel plate,steel pipe ,steel coils,tinplate and many kinds of steel products of this kind.Through past decades hard working,we have been well known in China ,we set up the international trade department this year and try our best to have a good  beginning,We wish to enter into business relations with you by the commencement of some practical transactions

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Q:Span 6 meters, simple beam support center force 380Kg, need to choose how large channel steel, how to calculate?
The bending moment M=3800/2*3N.m, the allowable stress takes delta = 200MPa, the modulus of bending section is obtained by W=M/ Delta, and the channel parameter is checked (GBT 706-2008, including the W value of channel steel of various specifications), and the suitable channel type is obtained.
Q:Large steel channel used for steel structural staircases
Standard Specification for channel steel is C250*78*6TThe rest are flat steel strips and checkered steel plates
Q:What does "channel weight" mean?
What does channel weight mean? How much is the theoretical weight of channel steel per metre?.
Q:Steel GB channel and non GB there is no difference?
The so-called non standard steel (including steel), strictly speaking, is actually a kind of shoddy unqualified products, its thickness can not reach the minimum size standards, the actual use can not guarantee the components to meet the design requirements of the strength.
Q:How is the hollow tempered glass mounted on the channel steel?
Installation method of hollow toughened glass:1, glass cutting: the original glass is usually colorless float glass or other colored glass, sun glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, the thickness of 3 mm to 12 mm, the glass must comply with the provisions of a superior product grade, GBll614, can be used after passing inspection. Glass cutting may be done by hand or by machine, but it shall be in accordance with size requirements. Such a procedure of workers in the operation process, should always pay attention to the glass surface without scratch, er uniform, no bubbles, slag and other obvious defects.2, glass cleaning and drying: glass cleaning must adopt the machine cleaning method, because manual cleaning can not guarantee cleaning quality. Check the glass without scratching before cleaning. In order to ensure the adhesion between sealant and glass, it is better to use deionized water. In addition, in order to ensure the use of water recycling, water conservation, water filtration can be used to ensure long-term use. After cleaning the glass to light through the inspection, inspection of glass surface is water, water stains and other stains, if there is water, water stains and other stains, need to machine running speed, heating temperature, air flow, brush clearance adjustment, to achieve the effect until well done. After washing the glass should be assembled within 1 hours into a hollow glass, in addition to ensure that glass and glass between the friction and scratch, it is best to have semi-finished glass storage car, between the glass and the film.3. The assembly of rubber strip type insulating glass and aluminum strip type insulating glass. Adhesive tape type insulating glass assembly:
Q:What do you mean by "A" in the channel type?
The same waist height, according to its thickness is divided into a, B, B, C or a.
Q:Excuse me, when the high voltage cabinet is installed, should the base channel (10#) be placed upright or upside down? Are there any rules?
According to the drawing requirements, the cabinet is arranged in rows, installed on the base steel, and the distribution room adopts groove 10. When making, the bent channel steel is straightened and straightened, and the base steel is prefabricated and processed according to the drawing requirements. After the foundation steel system, according to the location of the drawings, with the civil engineering to be buried.When installing basic channel steel, leveling and aligning are applied. The uneven straightness and levelness of the base channel shall be less than 1mm at the length of each metre and shall be less than 5mm at full length.The foundation channel of buried power distribution cabinet should be well grounded. According to the design requirements, the earthing flat steel is welded at both ends with the grounding grid, and the welded surface is 2 times of the width of the flat steel.
Q:What kind of low carbon steel and medium carbon steel are they?
Low carbon steelLow carbon steel (low carbon steel) as the carbon content of less than 0.25% of the carbon steel, because of its low strength, low hardness and soft, it is also called the mild steel. It includes most of the ordinary carbon structural steel and some high-quality carbon structural steel, most of which are not used for engineering structural parts without heat treatment. Some of them are used for wear-resistant mechanical parts after carburizing and other heat treatment.The annealed structure of low carbon steel is ferrite and a small amount of pearlite, its strength and hardness are lower, and its plasticity and toughness are better. Therefore, its cold forming property is good, and cold forming can be carried out by curling, bending and stamping. This kind of steel also has good weldability. Carbon content from 0.10% to 0.30% low carbon steel is easy to accept all kinds of processing, such as forging, welding and cutting. It is used to make chains, rivets, bolts, shafts and so on.Low carbon steel is generally rolled into angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, steel pipe, steel belt or steel plate. It is used to make all kinds of building components, containers, boxes, furnaces and agricultural machinery and so on. High quality low carbon steel is rolled into thin board, making deep drawing products such as automobile cab, engine cover, etc., also rolled into bars, used for making mechanical parts of low strength requirement. Low carbon steel is not treated by heat before use. The carbon content is above 0.15%. It is treated by carburizing or cyaniding. It is used for shaft, shaft sleeve, chain wheel and other parts which require high surface temperature and good wear resistance.
Q:Channel loading
It is assumed that the channel material is Q235, model 14a, vertical, 3.5m, center force, and the maximum load is P.
Q:What does channel 150*8 mean?
The back grade of channel steel is 150MM, and the thickness of channel steel is 8MM

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