Changlin Brand Tire Static Roller 8202-5

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Features— Changlin Road Roller 8202-5



Our 8202-5 road roller is widely used to compact asphalt surface, cohesive or non-cohesive base layers, as well as sub-base layers of various materials. It is characterized by eleven-wheel oscillation, ensuring good compacting effect. In addition, this pneumatic roller utilizes dual sprinkler systems with large ballast capacity. Moreover, the ground pressure can be well adjusted to meet different road construction requirements.



Parameter— Changlin Road Roller 8202-5


Overall Dimension 
1 Length 5060mm 
2 Width 2381mm 
3 Height(To the top of the cab) 3456mm 
4 Wheel base 3840mm 
Main Technical Specification 
1 Max Operating weight 20000kg 
2 Min Operating weight 12000kg 
3 Max. ballast water 2300 kg 
4 Average ground press 235-395kPa 
5 Min. ground clearance 270mm 
6 Roller width 2250mm 
7 Gradeability ≥20% 
8 Min. turning radius(Outside of rear wheel) ≤8000mm 
9 Traveling speed(Km/h),2 forward and 2 reverse 
    (1) 1st gear forward 0~8 
    (2) 2nd gear forward 0~16 
    (3) 1st gear reverse 0~8 
    (4) 2nd gear reverse 0~16 
Diesel Engine 
1 Model Chinese Engine YC6B120-T20 
2 Type Direct injection. Turbocharged. Water cooling 
3 Rated output 85 kW 
4 Rated speed 2000(r/min) 
5 Inter-bore of cylinder/stroke 6-108×125 (mm) 
6 Total exhaust of cylinder 6.87 (L) 
7 Max. Torque 450 (N.M) 
8 Min. specific fuel consumption 240(g/Kw.h) 
9 Model and parameter of starting motor 6.6kW-24V 
10 Starting type Electric 
11 Net weight 680(kg) 
Transmission System 
1. Torque Converter 
    1 Model YD15 
    2 Type 3-elements.single stage 
    3 Torque ratio 2.52 
    4 Cooling type Pressure oil circulating 
    5 Type Power shift, spur gear constant mesh 
    6 Gear shift position 2 Forward and 2 reverse gears 
2. Axle and Tire 
    1 Type of main reducer spiral bevel gear, single stage 
    2 Gear ratio of main reducer 5.286 
    3 Type of final reducer Single stage, chain driven 
    4 Chain-Gear of ratio of final reducer 2.462 
    5 total ratios 13.01 
    6 Size of tire 11.00-20-16PRC-1A 
    7 Number of tire Front 5&Rear6 
Steering System 
1 Type Tire deflexion full hydraulic steering system 
2 Model of steering gear Bzz1-E500C 
3 System pressure 14MPa 
4 Dimension of steering cylinder 90x45x296(mm) 
Brake System 
1 Type of traveling brake Air-over-hydraulic activate drum brake of 4 rear wheel 
2 Air pressure 7-8(kgf/cm2) 
3 Type of parking brake Band brake Manual control cutting-off air brake 
Oil Capacity 
1 Fuel(diesel) 125L 
2 Engine lubricating oil 15 L 
3 Oil for converter and gear box 20 L 
4 Oil for hydraulic system 55L 
5 Oil for driving axles(F/R) 15 L



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