Changlin Brand Single Drum Vibratory Roller 8088L

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Features— Changlin Road Roller 8088L


This 8088L vibrating road roller is a set of vibratory road roller with self-propelled articulated steering frame, and is mainly applied for building the highway and compacting the car park, industrial yard and other restricted areas. Since its vibratory wheel is 1.7m in width and runs with the compaction speed at 15km/h, this kind of road roller is well suitable to compact the road. 

1. With the mechanical drive, hydraulic vibration and articulated steering, this 8088L vibratory road roller has a spacious and comfortable cab with wide vision. This whole machine features flexibility, high reliability and high performance-price ratio.
2. There are two kinds of braking system, which are separately the hand brake and hydraulic foot brake to ensure the operation safety and reliability of this machine. 
3. It adopts high quality 4100AY engine which features ample power reservation, reliable performance, stable quality, low oil consumption, and easy maintenance.

4. Its gearbox is installed on the back side of this road roller and the engine cover could be in full open, which provides the optimal space for repair and maintenance.


Parameter— Changlin Road Roller 8088L


Operating mass 8000kg 
Centrifugal force 80kN 
Vibration frequency 50Hz 
Vibration amplitude 0.4mm 
Traveling speed 2.2km/h 4.7km/h 15km/h 
Grade ability 25% 
Dimension 5180×1920×2580mm 
Engine model 4100AY-1 
Engine power 40.4kW 
Min. turning radius 5000mm 
Vibrating drum width 1700mm 
Min. ground clearance 320mm

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