Changlin Brand Double Steel Drum Vibratory Roller 8125L

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Features— Changlin Road Roller 8125L



This machine is also named tandem vibratory roller which is developed by our company. It is configured with one good power performance engine and two 1700mm wide compaction drums. This kind of road roller features low emission, large power conservation capacity, high working efficiency, as well as novelty. 

1. Compact structure, rational layout and attractive appearance.
2. This double drum vibratory road roller adopts the hydraulic vibration device for the front drum, and the mechanical-driven device for the rear wheel. 
3. The Commins engine with strong driving force has excellent performance and could save the energy and protect the environment. 
4. It is safe and reliable that the rear drum is powered by the gear side drive.
5. The watering devices are installed at the front and back side of the electrical control system. 
6. With the hydraulic central articulated steering device, our engineering vehicle is easy to control and flexible to operate. 
7. The footbrake can be connected to the flexible shaft, which realizes easy operation. 
8. The front and rear compaction drums are all 1,700mm in width and could run with high efficiency. 
9. With a low, medium and high speed-change switch, the gear box could easily change its speed and efficiently work. 
10. The driving cab is designed according to the demand of the standard configuration. If you need, the driving cab could adopt the umbrella structure. 
11. You can also decide to install the air-conditioner for cooling and warming 
in the double drum vibratory road roller.


Parameter— Changlin Road Roller 8125L


Operating mass 12000kg 
Exciting force 120kN 
Vibration frequency 50Hz 
Vibration amplitude 0.35mm 
Traveling speed 2.5km/h 5.5km/h 8km/h 
Grade ability 20% 
Dimension 5390×2060×2980mm 
Engine model 4BT3.9-C80 
Engine power 60kW 
Min turning radius 7000mm 
Drum width 1700mm 
Min ground clearance 310mm 
Sprinkler tank capacity 280L+280L

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