Changlin Brand 8ton Wheel Loader 980

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500 unit/month

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Feature of  CHANGLIN 980 7.5ton

Wheel Loader is a type of construction machinery (engineering vehicle/construction equipment), usually wheeled, that has a front mounted square wide bucket connected to the end of two booms (arms). 

1. Excellent performance, great power, less malfunction

2. Bottom heavy design, stability and suitable for all kinds of construction environment

3. With hydraulic steering system, compact structure, small size, energy saving, easy to maintain 

Changlin Wheel Loader 980


Wheel loader 980 is also a type of construction equipment (construction machinery/engineering vehicle). This wheel loader 980 is equipped with reliable original Cummins engine, famous original ZF wet-type axles with multi-disclimited-slip differentials, combined seal cylinder which obtains high seal performance and more reliability, dual brake valve & dual pipe full hydraulic 
brake and central lubrication. 
Features of Wheel Loader 980:
1. KD switch allows better efficiency & easy operation
2.Reliable ZF transmission case and Torque Converter
3.Bucket automatic leveling ability
4. It can deliver maximum traction in changing traction conditions
Applications of Wheel Loader 980:
Wheel loader 980 is a type of construction equipment (engineering vehicle, construction machinery) that is primarily used to scoop up material such as asphalt, demolition debris, dirt, gravel, logs, raw minerals, rock, sand, wood chips, etc. to another place.

Overall Dimension


Length(with bucket on ground)



Width(to outside of wheels)



Bucket width



Height(to the top of the cab)



Wheel base






Min. ground clearance


Min Technical Specification


Rated load



Operating weight



Rated bucket capacity



Max. breakout force



Max. Drawing force



Max. Dump clearance



Dump reach



Dump angle at any position



Digging depth(with bucket bottom horizontal)



Min. Turning radius

(1)Outside of bucket


(2)Outside of rear wheel



Pivot angle frame



Oscillating angle of rear axle



Lifting time of bucket


Diesel engine



Original Cummins QSM11-C290



Direct injection Turbocharged, Water cooling


Rated output

216 kw


Inter-bore of cylinder/stoke



Total exhaust of cylinder/stroke



Model of starting motor



Power of start motor



Voltage of Starting motor



Rated speed

2100 r/min.


Max. Torque

1329 N.m


Starting type



Min. specific fuel consumption

198 g/Kw.h


Engine specific oil consumption

1.0 g/Kw.h


Net weight


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