Changlin Brand 6ton Wheel Loader 967H

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Feature of  CHANGLIN 967H 6ton

Wheel Loader is a type of construction machinery (engineering vehicle/construction equipment), usually wheeled, that has a front mounted square wide bucket connected to the end of two booms (arms). Wheel Loader ZL18H consists of reliable Cummins engine, 2 forward & 2 reverse power shift transmission, combined seal cylinder which obtains high seal performance and more reliability.

1. Excellent performance, great power, less malfunction

2. Bottom heavy design, stability and suitable for all kinds of construction environment

3. With hydraulic steering system, compact structure, small size, energy saving, easy to maintain 

1. The 967H Wheel Loader is equipped with ShangChai engine.
2. Its KD switch allows better efficiency and easy operation.
3. This wheel loader employs the famous original GRAZIANO wet type axle with multi-disc limited slip differentials to deliver maximum traction under changing traction conditions.
4. It is equipped with reliable ZF transmission case and torque converter.
5. The bucket of this wheel loader features automatic leveling ability and its boom comes with position limitation.
6. The combined seal cylinder adopted by this wheel loader obtains high seal performance and more reliability.


Main Technical Specification

1Rated load6000(Kg)

2Operating weight18600kg

3Rated bucket capacity3.5(m3)

4Max. breakout force190KN

5Max. driving force180KN

6Max. dump clearance3028(mm)

7Dump reach1228(mm)

8Dump angle at any position≥45°

9Digging depth(with bucket bottom horizontal)212(mm)

10Min. turning radius

(1) Outside of bucket6870(mm)

(2) Outside of front wheel6258(mm)

11Pivot angle frame38+

12Oscillating angle of rear axle+12°

13Lifting time of bucket5.8(sec.)

14Lowering time of bucket3.2(sec.)

15Dumping time1.5(sec.)

16Traveling speed (Km/h)

(1)1st gear (forward & reverse)6.8

(2)2nd gear (forward & reverse)12.2

(3)3rd gear (forward & reverse)24.5

(4)4th gear (forward)35

Diesel Engine

1ModelShangChai SC11CB240.1G2B1

2TypeDirect injection. Turbocharged. Water cooling

3Rated output177(KW)

4Inter-bore of cylinder / stroke121/152(mm)

5Total exhaust of cylinder10.5(L)

6Model of starter motor4N3181

7Power of starting motor7.5(KW)

8Voltage of starting motor24(V)

9Rated speed2200(r/min.)

10Max. torque912(N.m)/1400RPM

11Starting modeElectric

12Min. specific fuel consumption238(g/Kw.h)

13Specific oil consumption of engine0.95-1.77(g/Kw.h)

14Net weight960(Kg)


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There are multiple working devicesA normal forklift is an armA bucketIf the 3 piece, such as adding a bucket, lateral displacementOr grab one of the joystick more than one

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