Changlin Brand 5ton Wheel Loader 957Z

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Feature of  CHANGLIN 957Z 5ton

Wheel Loader is a type of construction machinery (engineering vehicle/construction equipment), usually wheeled, that has a front mounted square wide bucket connected to the end of two booms (arms). Wheel Loader ZL18H consists of reliable Cummins engine, 2 forward & 2 reverse power shift transmission, combined seal cylinder which obtains high seal performance and more reliability.

1. Excellent performance, great power, less malfunction

2. Bottom heavy design, stability and suitable for all kinds of construction environment

3. With hydraulic steering system, compact structure, small size, energy saving, easy to maintain 

5 ton  957Z Wheel Loader with High Class Quality 




1. The 957Z wheel loader utilizes 4 forward and 3 reverse power shift transmission.


2. The KD switch allows for easy and efficient operation of the engineering vehicle.


3. This equipment adopts load-sensing fully hydraulic steering system and dual-pump confluent flow working hydraulic system.


4. The combined seal cylinder ensures high sealing performance and working reliability.








Overall Dimension 
1 Length(with bucket on ground) 8130(mm) 
2 Width(to outside of wheels) 2800(mm) 
3 Bucket width 2946(mm) 
4 Height(To the top of the cab) 3450(mm) 
5 Wheel base 3200(mm) 
6 Tread 2200(mm) 
7 Min. ground clearance 450(mm) 
Main Technical Specification 
1 Rated load 5000(Kg) 
2 Operating weight 16700KG 
3 Rated bucket capacity 3.0(m3) 
4 Max. breakout force 165kN 
5 Max. traction 150kN 
6 Max. gradient ability 300 
7 Max. dump clearance 3050(mm) 
8 Dump reach 1107(mm) 
9 Dump angle at any position ≥450 
10 Digging depth(with bucket bottom horizontal) 165(mm) 
11 Min. turning radius 
     (1) Outside of bucket 6775(mm) 
     (2) Outside of rear wheel 6098(mm) 
12 Pivot angle frame 380 
13 Oscillating angle of rear axle +13o 
14 Lifting time of bucket ≤5.6(sec.) 
15 Lowering time of bucket ≤3.7(sec.) 
16 Dumping time ≤1.7(sec.) 
17 Traveling speed(Km/h), 4 forward and 3 reverse 
     (1) 1st gear(F/R) 6.7/6.7 
     (2) 2nd gear (F/R) 12.2/12.2 
     (3) 3rd gear (F/R) 25.6/25.6 
     (4) 4rd gear(F) 39 
Diesel Engine 
1 Model ShangChai SC11CB220G2B1 engine 
2 Type Direct injection. Turbocharge. Water cooling 
3 Rated output 162 (kW) 
4 Inter-bore of cylinder/stroke 121/152(mm) 
5 Total exhaust of cylinder 10.5(L) 
6 Model of starting motor KB-24V 
7 Power of start motor 7.5(KW) 
8 Voltage of starting motor 24(V) 
9 Rated speed 2200(r/min.) 
10 Max. Torque 843±6%(N.m)/1400(r/min) 
11 Starting type Electric 
12 Min. specific fuel consumption 230(g/Kw.h) 
13 Engine specific oil consumption 0.95-1.77(g/Kw.h) 
14 Net weight 960(Kg) 
Transmission System 
1. Torque Converter 
    1 Model ZF technology WG200 
    2 Type 3-elements.single stage 
    3 Torque ratio 2.55 
    4 Cooling type Pressure oil circulating 
2. Transmission Case 
    1 Model ZF technology WG200 
    2 Type power shift, spur gear constant-mesh 
    3 Gear shift position 4 Forward and 3 reverse gears 
3. Axle and Tire 
    1 Type of main reducer spiral bevel gear, single stage 
    2 Gear ratio of main reducer 4.625 
    3 Type of final reducer Single stage planetary 
    4 Gear of ratio of final reducer 4.9286 
    5 Total ratios 22.795 
    6 Size of tire 23.5-25-16PR 
Working Device Hydraulic System 
1 Model of oil pump JHP3160C 
2 System pressure 180(kgf/cm2) 
3 Model of multi-way directional valve 7130-B97(HUSCO) 
4 Pilot valve 406-1044-1145(HUSCO) 
5 (D*L)Dimension of lifting cylinder 160*90*810(mm) 
6 (D*L)Dimension of tilting cylinder 180*90*563(mm) 
Steering System 
1 Type Middle articulated frame. Full-hydraulic Steering 
2 Model of steering pump JHP2080S 
3 Model of redirector TLF1-E1000B+FKB6020 
4 Model of priority valve YXL-F250F-16N7-A 
5 System pressure 16MPa 
6 Dimension of steering cylinder 90*435 (mm) 
Brake System 
1 Type of traveling brake Caliper disc brake Air over oil activate 4 wheel brake 
2 Air pressure 6-7.5(kgf/cm2) 
3 Type of emergency brake Manual control cutting-off air brake 
4 Type of parking brake Drum brake Manual control cutting-off air brake 
Oil Capacity 
1 Fuel(diesel) 250(L) 
2 Engine lubricating oil 42(L) 
3 Oil for converter and gear box 42(L) 
4 Oil for hydraulic system 250(L) 
5 Oil for driving axles(F/R) 26(L)

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