Changlin Brand 5ton Wheel Loader 955N

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Product Description:

The features of 955N wheel loader 5 tons :


1) 955L upgraded version (Chang Lin new appearance),

2) High-performance, low fuel consumption

3) Peer mainstream configuration (engine bivariate hydraulic system);

4)  Medium-and long-wheelbase body, short wheelbase car's turning radius

5) Speed advantage, the  fastest in this line.


6) The  vacuum hydraulic oil tank avoid leaking, very convenient to maintain the hydraulic system, also ensures that the hydraulic system get the cleanest oil, greatly extending the hydraulic components.




Main specificationUnit
Bucket Capacitym33-4.5
Rated load T5
Max.digging forcekN160
Max.traveling forcekN150
Operating weightkg16500

WeiChai WD10G220E23
Rated powerkw162
Rated speed rpm/min2000
Min.fuel Consumptiong/kw.h210
Transmission system

Forward traveling speed     km/h12.1/37.4   
Reverse traveling speedkm/h16.5
Axles and Main Drive

Drive system
four-wheel driving
Gear ratio   
Max.grade ability 
Brake system

 Travel brake type single pipeair over hydraulic caliper disc brake,activate 4 wheel brake
 Service brake type Flexible Shaft
Working Hydraulic System

System operation pressure MPa19
Lifting time s6.2
Lowering times3.8
Dumping time s1.8

 Choose suitable tyre according to situations
Standard tyre
Tyre pressureMPa0.274-0.294
Refill Capacity

Fuel tankL250
Engine crank caseL42
T/C and Transmission L45
Hydraulic tank L180
Axles main drive   L2*13
Hub reductionL4*3.5
Brake system L2*1.5
Working Equipment

Strong Z-bar structure provide strong breakout force
Dumping clearance (at dumping angle 45 ° )mm3050
Dumping reach (at dumping angle 45 ° )   mm1107


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