Changlin Brand 3ton Wheel Loader 936

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Product Description:

1. Features of Changlin 936 3ton Wheel Loader

1.Equipped with Yuchai engine that features large power reservation ,low consumption and good power performance.


2.Long -time tested fixed shaft power shift T/M and 3-elements T/C are mature and reliable.


3.Easy ,accurate and imported single-handle P.P.C system.


4.Patent streamlined body,humanistic cabin provide operator more space and comfort.


2. Product Specification:


1Bucket Capacity             1.8m3
2Rated Load                     3000KG
3Max.digging force             96KN
4Max.traveling force         105KN
5Operation weight             10200KG
6Overall Dimension             6923x2305x3136MM
7Engine Model NoYC6B125 Or Detuz Or Cummins Engine
8Rated Power92KW
9Rated Speed2200r/min
10Min. Fuel Consumption≤235g/kw.h
13Forward Traveling Speed   0~6.6km/h   0~13.8km/h   0~30.1km/h
14Reverse Traveling Speed 0~8.2 km/h 0~17 km/h   0~29 km/h
15Max. grade ability30°
16Steering angle±38°
17Min. steering radius4885mm
18Dumping clearance2934mm
19Dumping reach1043mm
20Displacement of redirector400ml/r
21Operation pressure14Mpa
22Lifting time5.1s
23Lowering time3.0s
24Dumping time1.1s
25Standard tyre17.5-25-12PR
26Tyre pressure0.275-0.294Mpa

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you just go to google and type that question

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