Changlin Brand 16ton Motor Grader 722H

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Product Description:


  • Equipped with ShangChai SC11CB220G2B1 engine

  • Sing-handle electro-hydraulic controlled power-shift T/M, 6forward &3reverse shifts makes operation easy and convenient

  • Hydraulic lock, auto lock/unlock NO-SPIN differential ensures stability and powerful traction

  • Ideal axel load allocation provides excellent stability while cutting hard surface

  • Serviceable, efficient hydraulic system enables every part to be fully used

  • Box-typed frame and advanced T/M enable it to complete heavy-duty work

  • A wide working range is accomplished through flexible blade suspension system and articulated frame

Detailed Product Description 
Overall Dimension
3Height(To the top of the cab)3600mm
4Wheel base6100mm
Main Technical Specification
1Operating weight16400kg
2Blade length4320mm
3Blade height645mm
4Blade width22mm
5Max lifting height450mm
6Max grading depth535mm
7Min. turning radius7300mm
8Pivot angle frame+260
9Max turning angle(front wheel)+490
10Oscillating angle of front axle320
11Front axle center ground clearance610mm
12Cut angle29-77°
13Traveling speed(Km/h),6 forward and 3 reverse

(1) 1 gear forward6.8

(2) 2 gear forward10.3

(3) 3 gear forward15.3

(4) 4 gear forward22.7

(5) 5 gear forward32

(6)6 gear forward47

(7) 1 gear reverse6.8

(8) 2 gear reverse15.3

(9) 3 gear reverse32
Diesel Engine
2TypeDirect injection. Turbocharged. Water cooling
3Rated output164 kW
4Inter-bore of cylinder/Stroke107/124  (mm)
5Total exhaust of cylinder6.7 (L)
6Model of starting motorKB-24V
7Power of start motor1.68(KW)
8Voltage of starting motor24(V)
9Rated speed2200(r/min)
10Max. Torque>800(N.M)
11Starting typeElectric
12Min. specific fuel consumption<244(g/Kw.h)
13Engine specific oil consumption0.95-1.77(g/Kw.h)
14Net weight590(kg)
Transmission System
Torque Converter
1ModelWG180 (ZF technology)
2Type3-elements.single stage
3Torque ratio1.94
4Cooling typePressure oil circulating
Transmission Case
1ModelWG180 (ZF technology)
2Typepower shift, single-shift lever, netural-shift lock device
3Gear shift position 6 Forward and 3 reverse gears
 Axle and Tire
1Type of main reducerspiral bevel gear, single stage
2Gear ratio of main reducer3.583
3Type of final reducerSingle stage chain-drive
4Gear of ratio of final reducer3.75
5Gear ratio13.436
6Tandem driveDouble row roller-chains
7Size of tire17.5-25-14PR
Working Device Hydraulic System
1Model of oil pump(include steering pump)CBGj2045/1025
2System pressure175(kgf/cm2)
3Model of distribution valveHUSCO5000-D
4Hydraulic lockKAYABA technology
5Model of oil motorEATON, JS-130
Steering  System
1TypeFour Tire deflexion
2Model of steering gearBZZ1-E160B/ FKA-163022
3System pressure16MPa

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