ceramic wall tiles for balcony /bathroom & kitchen / Dubai market

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1200 m²
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540000 m²/month

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Formaldehyde: 0 Material: Ceramic Feature: Soundproof,Heat Insulation,Dust-Proof,acid-resistant,Fireproof
Color: Black,White,Red,Green,Blue,Wood Grain,any colours Position: Interior Certification: CE,ISO
Customized: Customized wall tile: ceramic tiles

Product Description:

ceramic wall tiles for balcony bathroom & kitchen /Dubai market




1.  All ceramic wall tile are PREMIUM AAA Grade. We established an independent dept to inspect all goods before shipment.

2. OEM service: We can make your brand on the package or even on the tiles. Also, you can customize your own designs with us.

3.  Special dimensions are available according to request.

4.  More than ten years experience and very professional team in exporting to ensure your order more smooth.

5.  On time delivery, in general 15~20 days.

6.  Best service: customer can follow their order situation any time, no matter on product line, warehouse or shipment.

7.  Own designer team ensure the designs are newest and adjust for pure and right color.

Package Details :

8 pcs/1.44 SQM /carton

1080 cartons/1555.2 SQM/ 1*20 GP/with pallet

27 Ton/ 1*20 GP

Product effect:

ceramic wall tiles for balcony /bathroom & kitchen / Dubai market


Factory show:

ceramic wall tiles for balcony /bathroom & kitchen / Dubai market


1.    What is your MOQ?

       MOQ: one design one container .

       Decoration design: one design 1x20’GP, also can mix color in one container.

2.    What is the MOQ to use customer design carton?

       MOQ: 5x20'GP. if less than this qty will charge for carton design draft fee.

       We have own designers to meet your requirements.

3.    What is special of your tiles?

       More glossy, more shine, more 170g glaze , special technology of tile body more stable.

4.    How you assure the quality?

       We inspect the quality during incoming material, production process, packing and loading.

5.    Where is you market ?

       Our main markets are North America , South America , Asia and Middle East .

6.    Do you attend oversea fairs ?

       Yes, we attend the fair in Dubai, Vietnam , Algeria , Korea ,Brazil and Frankfurt etc .

7.    Can you make OEM ?

       Yes ,we can .

8.    Where is you famous customers ?

       Our customers are including The Homedepot, OBI,...

9.    What price you can offer?

        EXW, FOB, CFR/CIF, ect

10.  Do you have quality control team and designers?

        Yes, we have 10 QC and 8 designers to guarantee quality and meet your colors and styles need

11.  What payment you accept?

       Normally By TT, L/C also acceptable.


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Q:How to install a solid wood floor
4 keel and walls or other materials are set aside 5-10mm.5 if there are water pipes or heating facilities on the ground, when the keel is laid, the keel should be replaced with plastic steel, aluminum alloy and other new type of keel or adhesive bonded with short wood keel.6 after the laying of the keel should be smooth and strong inspection, if not smooth or not solid, can not lay the floor.
Q:Multilayer solid wood floor and pure wood floor which kind of good?
Note: the optional floor is not the harder the better, because the more hard texture, the feeling is not good, and lost itself wood sound absorption and moisture resistance etc.. Some businesses often use some metal objects carved floor, the floor is not damaged as well, this is just a business promotional gimmick. We know the most simple truth: the wood must be afraid of iron (two of the molecular structure is not the same), and not afraid of the floor of the iron is not necessarily a pure wood products. I hope you will not be misled by the advertising business. To know the statistics on the floor of the complaints, 100 complaints, because the problem is not even wear a very simple reason...... Who will go to his home wearing high-heeled shoes at random? Or hit the floor with a metal object?. So the real problem is that the floor cracks, deformation, etc..
Q:Is it safe to burn engineered hardwood flooring?
it should be fine, most resins thes day and coating are none toxic. they dont allow to sell them anymore because of the ozone. it doesnt have lead in it like it used too. if your cold- burn it!!
Q:Looking to buy new hard wood floors. What's the difference between Engineered hardwood and?
Engineered is thinner, made up of 3 or 5 plys similar to a ply wood. Its very sturdy very straight. The top layer being the wood of choice such as oak, ash, maple etc. Engineered wood is generally 3/8 to 5/8 thick.Solid hardwood is generally 3/4 thick and solid throughout of the wood of choice. Such as solid oak maple cherry etc. Engineered wood can some times be re sanded and refinished. Solid hard wood can always be done, some times many times. Both are good woods and have their places to be used. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:Multilayer solid wood floors and wood floors which good
Give you a brief introduction of their strengths and weaknesses! Solid wood flooring solid wood flooring is drying, processing of the formation of ground decoration materials. It has a pattern of natural, comfortable and safe use, is an ideal material for the bedroom, living room, room decoration. Solid wood decorative style natural texture, recover the original simplicity, decrease in forest cover, vigorously promoting environmental protection today, the solid wood floor is more precious. Solid wood floor is divided into AA grade, a grade, B grade three, the highest quality AA
Q:Where is the difference between floor tiles and wood floors
Environmental performanceFloor is divided into three categories: solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring (laminate flooring) and composite flooring. These three solid wood flooring is the best environmental protection, followed by solid wood flooring. Floor tile environmental protection: Although the floor tile has the natural radioactivity, has certain harm to the human body, but in recent years, most of the floor tiles have reached the national limits of health standards.
Q:Has anyone had experience with Bruce engineered hardwood flooring in their kitchen?
know dont think i have lol tc
Q:Wood floors are generally what wood? What kind of good?
Many kinds of solid wood flooring, but also the main factors affecting the price of solid wood flooring.
Q:Multilayer solid wood floor and single layer solid wood floor which is better?
. inherited the elegant natural wood floor. Comfortable. Characteristics of good insulation, overcome the solid wood floor for monomer contraction. Easy Qiqiao cracks deficiencies, has good dimensional stability, and pest control. No fuel. Do not reverse deformation. From the perspective of the protection of forest resources, it is the product of real wood floor.2 with flooring installation and maintenance convenience, to avoid the release of high intensive composite floor formaldehyde. Juegan and other drawbacks. Stiff wood composite floor with high-grade senior matt paint, the wear resistance of high luminosity, soft, general household use without wax maintenance, use for several years without painted wood composite. The floor with low formaldehyde emission adhesive, environmental protection is good.
Q:What is the difference between composite wood flooring and laminate flooring?
Laminate flooring in the market a lot of names, according to national standards, its official name should be impregnated paper veneer laminate flooring1, excellent physical and mechanical propertiesThe first is the composite laminate flooring has high wear resistance, surface abrasion resistance is 10-30 times of ordinary paint wooden floor. The second is the product of the internal bond strength, surface bonding strength and impact toughness and other mechanical properties are better. According to the test, the surface resistance of composite reinforced wood floor is less than 1011, with good antistatic the performance, can be used as a room floor. In addition, composite wood floors have good resistance to corrosion, anti ultraviolet light pollution, cigarette burning resistance and other properties.2, there is a larger size and good dimensional stabilityTrends for large size floors and wood floors, with the size of the increase, the possibility of deformation is also increased. The composite wood floors with a high standard of material and reasonable processing method, has good dimensional stability, the floor size changes little indoor temperature and humidity caused. Low temperature radiant floor heating system architecture start with the composite wood floor is one of the most suitable floor materials.

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