Ceramic Vermiculite Fabrics with Excellent Textile

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Product Description:

1.Description of Ceramic Vermiculite Fabrics with Excellent Textile:

We have designed Ceramic Vermiculite Fabric for applications involving high temperature processes. This fabric resists most acids and alkalis and is unaffected by most bleaches and solvents.  It is highly flexible and conformable. Applications for this product include welding blankets and curtains, heat shields, etc.

2.Product Description of Ceramic Vermiculite Fabrics with Excellent Textile:

Ceramic Fibre Cloth: 3 mm thick reinforced with SS wire having 15 to 20% organic carrier fibre to facilitate carding process.

Ceramic Vermiculite Fabrics with Excellent Textile

Ceramic Vermiculite Fabrics with Excellent Textile

3.Product Application of Ceramic Vermiculite Fabrics with Excellent Textile:

Industrial Heat Resistant Fabrics / Garments / Accessories

Emergency Safety Showers and Eyewash

Marine / Offshore Safety Products / Accessories

Alcohol Detectors / Breathalysers

Oil & Chemical Spill Kits

High Pressure Regulators

Accessories for Protection From Industrial Hazards

Industrial Safety Lockouts – Tag outs

Traffic and Road Safety Products

Welding and Cutting Equipment

Furnace Observation Products and Accessories

Personal Protective Equipment

Respiratory Protection Products

Fall Protection Products

Fire Fighting Equipment & Accessories

4.Technical Data of Ceramic Vermiculite Fabrics with Excellent Textile:

Ceramic Vermiculite Fabrics with Excellent Textile

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Q:How to apply the quota of cement and vermiculite insulation layers?
Vermiculite is a kind of hydrate, which is blocky, flaky and granular. It is the product of weathering and alteration of natural mineral such as biotite. The interlayer water molecule is ignited at high temperature, and the volume is increased by 18-25 times. Rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, aluminum, iron, magnesium, silicate and other ingredients. Vermiculite has higher layer charge number, so it has higher cation exchange capacity and stronger cation exchange adsorption capacity. Characteristics: light weight, and good adsorption properties, not decay, can be used for 3-5 years (unlike the humus, coconut shell, clothing and other perishable).
Q:The role of vermiculite
After mining, ore vermiculite rolling, screening, puffing and other physical processes after thermal insulation, sound insulation, waterproof and insulation is the main raw material and filling material decoration materials and other industries, has been widely used in gardening, warm baby fever, posts, Sachet, construction, metallurgy, oil, chemical, shipbuilding practice, etc. industrial.
Q:What is vermiculite used for?
Because vermiculite has a very high melting point, generally reach 1270 to 1370 DEG C, in addition to fire prevention, heat insulation, sound-absorbing, non-toxic, linear expansion coefficient, the special properties of low thermal conductivity and many other materials do not have, therefore in the application of life and industry is very extensive.
Q:Can vermiculite be used for making flowers?
Vermiculite can be used to make flowers, and its permeability is very good.
Q:Where should I use vermiculite?
The expanded vermiculite is paved on the top of the building, and the utility model has good insulation and heat preservation effect, so that the building is warm in winter and cool in summer. A partition plate of high-rise building with vermiculite brick masonry, can play a sound insulation, fireproof and dampproof effect, and can reduce the building load.
Q:Vermiculite soil and clay can be kind of meat plants collocation
It is best to add some particles in, because vermiculite and soil are water retention, so airtight soggy, fleshy easy to rot.
Q:Can you put vermiculite in the fish tank?
Animal husbandry: expanded vermiculite has unique structural and surface properties, as well as non-toxic, sterile and chemically inert. It can be used as a carrier, an adsorbent, a fixative, and a feed additive.
Q:How long is the service life of the special vermiculite for incubation? How often do you change it?
Incubation of vermiculite and horticultural vermiculite does not distinguish between silicate minerals. Its role in incubation and horticultural farming:1, for turtle eggs hatch, with mud and sand is more convenient, safer and more effective.2, for the transport of turtles, moisturizing buffer effect, can improve the survival rate.3, planting medium, one of the main materials, and peat, perlite and other mixed use.4. Sowing mulch.
Q:What material is vermiculite?
Vermiculite is a mineral associated with silicates and asbestos. Having a mica like layer structure. It can improve the soil nutrition, and is often used as a high-quality flower cultivation soil
Q:Are perlite and vermiculite fertile?
The expansion effect of vermiculite in Horticulture: vermiculite have very strong water absorption, can effectively promote plant root growth and seedling growth is stable. Provide water and nutrients necessary for plant growth for long periods of time and maintain the stability of root sun temperature. At the same time, the vermiculite can make the crops get plenty of water and minerals from the early growth stage, and promote the rapid growth of plants and increase the yield. It can be concluded that vermiculite has a relatively large fertility, at least stronger than traditional soil.

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