Ceramic filter cartridge made by silicon clay kiln

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Product Description:

Ceramic filter cartridge
Material: Silicone clay
Production process: made by silicon clay kiln.
Usage: drinking water, purification, sterilization and pharmaceutical, electronics industry, sterile water, sterile water, high pure water preparation and the like.
Pros: good clean condition and high filtration precision. Long life, easy to clean and renewable.
Specifications: Length 10 inches
Weight: 300 g 500 g
External diameter: 58 mm to 68 mm
Inner diameter: 28 mm

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Q:My home water is well water. What do I need to filter?
. Now popular water purifiers, plus reverse osmosis that can filter out the effect of pure water.
Q:What's the use of a filter in a turtle jar? Don't change the water?
Can reduce the number of water change
Q:What is the water in the oxygen filter?
There are two main reasons for the water supply in the oxygen tube wall. One is caused by improper human operation. The other one, a normal condensation, causes water in the pipette wall and does not affect the use of the machine and the effect of oxygen therapy.
Q:Does the tank filter need to work all the time?
In principle, usually 24 hours, the maintenance of good, with a long time, if encountered in the following several circumstances, to be free to grasp the noise; if the sound does not affect your rest, it is best to always open
Q:What filters should be used for water with high levels of heavy metals?
the physical method enables the heavy metals to carry on the adsorption, the enrichment and the separation under the condition which does not change its chemical form, the common methods include the membrane separation, the adsorption method, the ion exchange resin method
Q:What's the most effective water filtration method in the family?
Can choose bigger cola bottles or juice beverage bottle as a container, remove the bottom
Q:Does the pre filter affect the flow rate of the tap water, and it acts as a barrier to the flow pressure? Does it cause water flow to slow down at home?
but due to the low accuracy of pre filter generally dirty resistance is small, will not affect the water flow too much.
Q:Water purifier is filtered to 0.01 good or 0.0001 good?
Of course is 0.0001 micron.1 and RO reverse osmosis water purification equipment is used in reverse osmosis membrane filtration technology
Q:What brand of household water filter is better?
At present, many new concepts appear everywhere, some nouns have some truth, although not necessarily accurate, will gradually be accepted (such as water, water and home appliances). The use of some new terms the general consumer misleads the lack of technical knowledge, such as the so-called "living water", "magnetized water, ion water, some will be prohibited by the state of production and sales in the market, some slowly disappear, the more you know about the water knowledge more accurately to buy the things they need.
Q:Filter location of inlet valve for Vanward gas water heater
Therefore, the filter is generally installed in the tap water into the pipe before the joint.

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