Ceramic filter cartridge made by silicon clay kiln

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Product Description:

Ceramic filter cartridge
Material: Silicone clay
Production process: made by silicon clay kiln.
Usage: drinking water, purification, sterilization and pharmaceutical, electronics industry, sterile water, sterile water, high pure water preparation and the like.
Pros: good clean condition and high filtration precision. Long life, easy to clean and renewable.
Specifications: Length 10 inches
Weight: 300 g 500 g
External diameter: 58 mm to 68 mm
Inner diameter: 28 mm

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Q:The aquarium aquarium is the upper filter drip box is good with
g is very convenient, dirt is not easy to accumulate in the bottom of the cylinder. However, due to the lack of epiphytic area, nitrifying bacteria have little self-cleaning capacity. Nitrifying bacteria are mainly attached to filter medium, if the density of fish is large, feeding more and can not absorb the fish in time, the fish will dissolve in the water, and many times the water bodies are very easy to muddy
Q:What kind of water purifier filter is good, what material is used in general?
microfiltration (MF): filtering accuracy in general 0.1-50 micron, like all kinds of common PP filter, activated carbon filter, ceramic filter are used for coarse filtration microfiltration, simple, sediment, rust and other large particle filter water impurities, bacteria, virus, organic compounds, heavy metals and other harmful substances can not be remove the water
Q:How do fish filters work well?
Nitrifying bacteria will grow on biological filters, that is, the main component of water quality is biofiltration. Under the conditions, you can add a layer of biological filter, a layer of physical filter overlay.
Q:Which filter material is good for kitchen water purifier?
ultrafiltration water purifier, containing ultrafiltration membrane, worry about precision 0.01 microns. Suitable for kitchen use, can filter sand, rust, colloid and so on. Filtration effect elite water purifier due to ordinary.
Q:Can tap water be filtered and filtered to drink?
only to buy water purifiers, water filtration every day, you can often drink fresh water. I think it's ok.
Q:What's the function of the filter in the fridge?
the capillary diameter is very small, it is likely to cause blockage without refrigeration.
Q:What happens if the water is not circulating under the filter tank?
Check the intake. It's probably the water port, too. Now is the main aquarium filtration system universal filter, trickling flow, bottom filter, filter barrel, side filter, filter back, the filtration system in different forms, but the essence is the same, is a filtration system and cultivate nitrifying bacteria in the cylinder outside.
Q:The filters in my fish tank glow with white foam on the water
As long as the filter does not put the charcoal, the fish will not be sucked away.
Q:Household water filter regularly cleaned?
We also use a filter, usually cleaned in 2 or 3 months, so as to ensure the clean water.
Q:Disposable needle filters are divided into two categories: organic and water. What are they used to filter?
The common filter membrane has a pore size of 0.22 microns and 0.45 microns. The caliber of filter is 1, 1.3 and 2.5 cm. It is used in combination with disposable syringes and needles, and the interface is standard.

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