Ceramic Fiber Module Refractory Anchor Product

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Product Description:

  • Material: SS310,SS304

  • Ingredient: 1Cr18Ni9Ti, Cr25Ni20 

  • Working temperature 1260/1400 °C

  • For installation of ceramic fibre modules and block

  • U-form penetration nail

  • Instant card, rotation card

  • penetration rod

  • screw, nut

  • v-form rame

  • angle iron anchor

  • butterfly anchor

  • diamond anchor

  • hole suspending anchor, corner, anchor,etc 

  • Wide temperature range,from800C to 1400C

  • Various shapes

  • Reasonable structure  

  • Firm, reliable anchor

  • Install easily and quickly 


                                                 Anchor Products

Classification Temp.(°C)




U-form penetration nail,

Instant card, rotation card,

penetration rod,


nut v-form rame,

angle iron anchor,

butterfly anchor,

diamond anchor,

hole suspending anchor, corner, anchor,etc


304S Series

310S Series

Working Temp. (°C)




The anchor can be designed according to the application and the size of modules.



Technical Criteria




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Q:Stainless steel wire braided hose, why so much water leakage ah?
That is, with the use of water leakage, not two from the middle tick, what can replace the water, the total change is not a thing ah?
Q:The difference between high gloss wire drawing and stainless steel drawing panel
Stainless steel wire drawing, stainless steel surface is a treatment effect, like a silk shop on top of the same effect, Baidu pictures can see,
Q:Stainless steel plate surface treatment: ink, wire drawing, polishing what does that mean? How?
Polishing, also known as mirror treatment, no Silk Road, brightness ranging from 4K-12K. By acid water surface grinding, processing costs slightly higher than oil mill and wire drawingI hope I can help you!
Q:Stainless steel how to make copper imitation drawing effect?
First stainless steel wire drawing, and then handed over to an electroplating factory to deal with it.
Q:Why does the 304 stainless steel wire produce magnetism when it is stretched?
As a result of the above reasons, the amount of magnetism is large and small with the amount of deformationThe best and most thorough way to eliminate or reduce the magnetism is to anneal!
Q:How to distinguish between 302 stainless steel screws and 304 stainless steel screws?
[difference] 302 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel 304 stainless steel is one of the most widely used kind of chromium - nickel stainless steel, as a widely used steel, corrosion resistance, good heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties; punching, bending and other thermal processing, non hardening heat treatment (using temperature -196 to 800 DEG C). 302 stainless steel the carbon is relatively high (302 C = 0.15%; 304 C is less than or equal to 0.08%) and better strength. The other indicators are basically the same as those of 304.
Q:What is stainless steel wire drawing tube?
Stainless steel wire drawing is a kind of metal processing technology. It is the most popular surface treatment technology in the stainless steel and aluminum products industry. It is the drawing effect of the stainless steel and aluminum products.Stainless steel wire drawing generally has several effects: straight silk, snow pattern, nylon pattern.
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Galvanized wire is divided into two types of hot galvanized and cold galvanized, galvanized color is dark, more zinc consumption, and the formation of the base metal infiltration layer, corrosion resistance is good, outdoor environment hot galvanizing can keep for decades. Cold galvanized production speed is slow, coating evenly, the thickness is thin, usually only 3-15 microns, shiny appearance, poor corrosion resistance, corrosion will generally be a few months.
Q:How to distinguish invisible security net 304 stainless steel wire?
Profile: invisible anti-theft network is the use of 1.8mm steel wire, the distance of 5 cm composed of anti-theft network, the appearance looks very beautiful, does not affect the lighting, does not affect the line of sight, does not affect the appearance of the building.

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