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1.Vietnam standard (TCVN)

- Quality of Cement as per TCVN 6260 - 2009

2.European standard (EN)

- Certificate I -EN 197-1.2000- CEM II 42,5 R

- Certificate II - En 197-1.2000 CEM II 42,5N

- Certificate III - EN 197-1.2000 CEM I 42,5R

3.American standard (ASTM)

- ASTM C150 TYPE-1







Test Results

Test Method



≤ 26.00


EN 196-2



≤ 6.50




≤ 4.50




≥ 54.00




≤ 5.00




≤ 3.5


Loss on Ignition, (LOI)


≤ 10.00


Insoluble Residue


≤ 12


Physical and Mechanical Properties

Finess test

EN 196-6

-          Blaine


≥  3200


-          Retained content on sieve 75mm


< 15.0


Time of setting

-                      Initial set

-                      Final set


            ≥  75                      

< 420



EN 196-3

Soundness (LeChatelier)


< 10.0


EN 196-3

Compressive strength


EN 196-1

2 Days

≥ 20.0


3 Days



7 Days



28 Days

≥  42.5


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Q:If u set a car battery on the ground(dirt,cement,asphalt,etc) will it lose its charge?
oh yea the concrete will
Q:please tell me the order of increasing strength of cement mixtures?
cement or concrete. Cement is baked lime. Concrete is a mixture of sand gravel and cement. Fly ash is more of a lubricant and helps to give you a smoother finish. A basic mixture for concrete is 1 cement 2 gravel and 3 sand. To increase the basic strength add more cement as cement is the binder. To much cement and the result will be crumbly. The more sharp points in the type of sand or the more surface texture of the rock increases strength. reinforcement wire or bar will increase structure strength. Dan
Q:are jordan cements the same thing as jordan 3s?
The only Jordans that have cement are the III's and the IV's (3's and 4's), and only the 3's have a True Blue colorway, so yes, they should be the same. Typically you can find a pair on eBay. I would also suggest staying away from other websites that sell Jordans, as most are typically fake.
Q:Oil drilling - cement casing?
The cement is injected at the bottom of the casing by using the drill pipe which lowered into the well. Drill pipe is hollow to allow drilling mud to be circulating during the drilling phase but it a can also take the cement and spot it at the bottom of the well. Knowing the depth of the well and the size of the drill bit being used along with the casing size, the cement company can calculate (with a safety factor) the amount of cement to inject to seal the space between the well bore and the casing. As to what BP did or did not do relative to their casing design, I am not sure but it does appear that the cement plug failed and let the oil reservoir pressure back into the well bore. Because the well bore was filled with salt water at the time and not drilling mud, the hydrostatic pressure of the salt water was not sufficient to counter balance the reservoir pressure. Casing designs vary with the conditions for a specific well or field and are set by the company owning the well. There are general industry best practices but I don't believe they are incorporated into any API standards.
Q:Would it be cheaper to build a walkway out of brick or cement?
If you use cement then you'll either have to have a electric cement mixer or a big wheel barrow. then you'll have to continously lift 50 pound bags of mix and rock into the mixer or if it's a wheel barrow then you'll have to mix it by hand with a shovel and use the correct amounts of water for it to cure correctly and not crack or cure at all. But first you'll have to level the ground by hand as I imagine you wont have a bobcat, then you'll have to build 70 foot long forms from 2X4's and reinforce them with rebar so it stays put. Then you'll have to by type 2 base to line the bare ground and rent a compactor to flaten it. Then if your backs not sore enough you start mixing the cement at an estimate of about 2 tons per cubic yard and do all that math depending on how wide and depth time 70 feet to get the estimate of how much your gonna be in debt for buying all this. So is that the easiest way?? HELL NO! thats why people use mixer trucks to pour side walks. Now if I were you i'd use what they call pavers. Those are the decorative flat bricks you see in secret gardens and what not. They come in all types of shapes and some places carry different colors. This will set you back about $.79 to $1.80 a piece and the average paver is about 12 inches LxW and 1 1/2D. These cover area without crushing the bank account. All you'll need is to level the ground of course, order the right amount base which is a sand and gravel mix and rent a compactor. Level,spread,compact and lay. Thats cheaper and easier as well as giving a custom touch to your project. Good luck dude.
Q:how to calculate quantity of cement in concrete?
There are hundreds, maybe thousands of recipes for concrete. Your typical ingredients include: -Water -Cement -Aggregate Standard concrete may be assumed as 150 pcf, and a decent baseline to go by is that you will need one pound of water to every four pounds of cement. In the field this is typically a bit higher to enhance the ease of mixing. Your question is very broad - are any other parameters indicated?
Q:Stained cement.?
relies upon on some issues as to in the event that they're going to come proper up. If the oil is the familiar previous black motor oil and has been sitting there awhile that's interior the concrete and takes solid stuff to get it up. superb I even have used is what provider stations have used for some years to get oil off their concrete. that's mentioned as wildcat cleanser and is attainable in a bucket. Is yellow powdered granules which you unfold on the oil stained concrete once you have first moist it down. Then scrub it with a broom or brush somewhat and permit it sit down. Turns green whilst it hits the water and has acid in it so will burn epidermis, ft, and likewise injury clothing if get plenty on them. After it sits yet no longer letting it dry out can then hose it off. rigidity washer will help if this is previous stain. There are all varieties of alternative ideas listed on the information superhighway on Yahoo seek, yet i've got not finished lots of them. Wildcat can frequently be discovered at Carquest or O'Reilly, or Napa form shops. unsure if any of the cheapo decrease cost places like vehicle Zone carry it or no longer. could verify nonetheless as though they do probable have it in smaller sizes.
Q:How to check content cement & concrete? What do we increase strength of concrete ?
...do the concrete cube test.....different countries have different standards... ,,generally...the cement acts as the bonding agent for the concrete mixture..and thus the main factor that determines the resistant factor to resist compression...
Q:Why does the cement tanker have a distinct shape?
Tankers for shipping dry cement on roadways are basically hoppers on wheels. Their shape reflects the desire to empty the tank purely under the influence of gravity. I suspect the slope of the ends is just steep enough to ensure clean, complete dumping.
Q:Best way to fix a crack in cement block basement wall?
A temporary fix is to chip out the crack 1/2 deep/wide and fill with mortar. You will probably have to excavate/dig outside to fix a footing drain that has stopped flowing/blocked. GL

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