Cell Tray for Sugarcane Seedling for sales

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Great for cut flower and vegetable transplants

1.With its large cells ;

2.made for growers who are looking to grow a larger transplant ;

3.Various size and colors to your choose ;

4.Difficult to destory ;

5.Easy to carry but with high quanlity .


Dimensions: 540 x 280mm

Cell top: 40 x 40 mm

Cell bottom: 20 x 20 mm

Depth of cell: 70 mm

Cell number: 6  x 12

Material: PS first grade

Color: black shiny




Carton size:57*29*55cm



- Special Orders are our speciality

We have many years experience in designing machines and molds, which grant us to manufacture qualified products with any special new design and different sizes.

- Large product capability

3 Tons per day and 100 Tons per month, we can provide any of them in a very short time.


- Qualified products

We use pure organic materials to produce high quality products, the tray is very flexible you can roll it and when you leave it on the table it just recovers the original form, cann't break easily even the workers handle it roughly. 


- Various thickness

We can offer thickness from 0.6mm-1.9mm, helping maximize the potential of different usages- disposable and multiple use. 



How to pack the product?

Good packing strategy

We provide good packing method, that's why we can put 85% more quantity in same container comparing other suppliers. We believe it's very economical for our customers to stay in business by keeping cost down. 

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