Ceiling Tee Grid for Suspension System Use Design

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1)24T  Tee  model:
a)Main tee: 24x32x3.0m,or3.05m,3.60m,3.66m
b)Cross tee: 24x26x1.2m,or1.22m
c)Cross tee: 24x26x0.6m,or0.61m
d)Wall angle: 22x22x3.05m,or3.60m
e)Thickness: from0.23mm,0.25mm,0.28mm,to0.30mmand0.40mm
2) 24T  Tee model:
a)Main tee: 24x38x3.0m,or3.05m,3.60m,3.66m
b)Cross tee:24x28x1.2m,or1.22m
c)Cross tee:24x28x0.6m,or0.61m
d)Wall angle:22x22x3.05m,or3.60m

 3) 15 T  Tee model:

a)Main tee: 15x32x3.0m,or3.05m,3.60m,3.66m
b)Cross tee: 15x26x1.2m,or1.22m
c)Cross tee: 15x26x0.6m,or0.61m
d)Wall angle: 22x15x3.05m,or3.60m
e)Thickness: from0.23mm,0.25mm,0.28mm,to0.30mmand0.40mm
4) 15T Tee model:
a)Main tee: 15x38x3.0m,or3.05m,3.60m,3.66m
b)Cross tee:15x28x1.2m,or1.22m
c)Cross tee:15x28x0.6m,or0.61m
d)Wall angle:22x15x3.05m,or3.60m


Ceiling suspension grids are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized steel. Available in customized specifications. 


Our ceiling suspension grids are double web cold-rolled sections, manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized steel, The tees section is with pre-painted capped. It is given to ensure that the system is manufactured to a very high quality level.

Suspension Grid--FUT



FUT 32 A1

Main Tee: 30PCS/CTN, total 5400PCS / 180CTNS / 1*20FCL

Long Cross Tee: 60PCS/CTN, total 32400PCS / 540CTNS / 1*20FCL

Short Cross Tee: 90PCS/CTN, total 32400PCS / 360CTNS / 1*20FCL

Wall Angle: 50PCS/CTN, total 4800PCS / 96CTNS / 1*20FCL

Total: 75000PCS / 24000M2   

Ceiling Tee Grid for Suspension System Use Design

Ceiling Tee Grid for Suspension System Use Design

Ceiling Tee Grid for Suspension System Use Design

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Q:Non-permanent/damaging ceiling hook or similar? I have no overhead lights!?
there are hooks with a double stick foam tape that will easily hold 10lbs. of weight. (Any hardware store) As long as what you are hanging is not too heavy, you should be fine. you can remove (when the time comes) with a razor blade and a little touchup paint.
Q:Gypsum board pillar is a wooden grass or light steel keel?
See how much you use to get this, the wood keel if the wet use of time is certainly not long.
Q:What to do with an ugly T-bar ceiling?
Home depot has new panels and decorative panels. You can easily replace them. That's also the best time to paint the track too while the tile's aren't in. Not sure if this will change the office look or not. Good Luck
Q:Do the ceiling, the general use of what kind of specifications gypsum board and light steel keel?
Light steel keel points on the people, not on the people, the master hanging system: CS50CB50, CS60CB50, CS60CB60, not on the system: CB38CB50, CB50CB50.
Q:What are the usual measurments of ceiling tiles in a school?
If you mean the drop-in tiles that fit into the metal grids, there are 2 sizes, 2ft x 2ft. and 2ft. x 4 ft. You can get them at lowes or home depot.
Q:Metal studs between 2nd and 3rd floor of condo? ?
It could be that your ceiling joist (not studs), are running the other direction. It also could be that your ceiling framing is metal joist. Another option is the ceiling could be suspended on metal grid that allows drywall to be hung form it. Whatever the application-make sure you have a good secure point to fasten to.
Q:Basement insulation.....?
You okorder.com/... Hope this helps.
Q:Are you off the grid in the Southeast?
the two sites below might give you some ideas.
Q:Can a ceiling fan be used to generate electricity to run itself? so that you just use grid power to start off.?
ahhhhh I think we have all asked ourselves that question at some point... No it cannot, sorry to tell you. But maybe you can figure out the next best thing...maybe something with a 99.9999999% efficiency rating. That would be close enough I believe.
Q:Do cut off the wall, with light steel keel, the cost of various materials how to calculate?
Light steel keel material is divided into several kinds of light steel keel, is a new type of building materials, with the development of China's modernization, light steel keel is widely used in hotels, terminals, bus stations, Shop, factory buildings, old buildings and buildings, interior decoration, roof and other places. Light steel keel ceiling with light weight, high strength, to adapt to water, shock, dust.

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