Ceiling Suspension Grids

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Product Description:

1,Structure of (ceiling suspension grids) Description

1.Convenience in installation,it shortens working time and labour fees.

2.Neither air nor environment pollution while installing.With good effect for space dividing and beautifying.

3.Re-cycled Material which is meet the environment protection policy in the world.Using fire proof material to assure living safety.

4.Can be installed according to practical demands.

5.The physical coeffcients of all kinds frames are ready for customer and designers’reference and request.

2,Main Features of the (ceiling suspension grids) 


Ceiling Grid ( Ceiling Grids) T24


[Usage]  ceiling t grid is suspension false ceiling consisting of the main tee, cross tee, and wall angle to make the grid system to support the lay-in ceiling tiles. It is easy for installation and maintanence.  

The Tee Grid System Installation Diagram and the Raw Materials.

Installation steps

1.)    Determine the requirment ceiling level,mark the position and fix wall angle on the wall.

2.)    Hang main tee with T-bar suspension hook.

3.)    Insert cross tee to the main tee.

4.)    Cross tee adjacent to wall angle light fittings

5.)    Adjust the levels and alignments throughout the entire grid system accurately

6.)    Install PVC gypsum ceiling tile or othermaterials ceiling panel.

3,(ceiling suspension grids) Images

ceiling suspension grids

4,(ceiling suspension grids) Specification

Product name

T Grid


Galvanised Steel


Difference size and stype for choice




Standard Export Carton Packing

Brand name


Commercial building,common office,hotels,


washing rooms etc.indoor&outdoor decoration.




























MAIN TEE38X24X3600/3660X0.327PCS/CTN2346318
CROSS TEE32X24X1200X1220X0.375PCS/CTN50437800
CROSS TEE32X24X600X610X0.375PCS/CTN50437800
L ANGLE22X22X3000X0.450PCS/CTN1125600

The length can be provided in accordance with customers' requirements.

Thickness: 0.20 - 0.40mm.

5,FAQ of (ceiling suspension grids)


1.The frame is the light style.It is hung according to strict requirements.Then put the sound absorption board on the frame.

2.Hang the frame with H light Ceiling Grids.Insert the board into the frame.

3.Hang the frame with T Ceiling Grids,put the non groovy part on the frame.The groovy part needs the Ceiling Grid.

4.Set the plasterboard on the Ceiling Grids.There are 15 plasting points which will be put with the lines and set with nails.

Where are  our  advantages ?



1. A grade fireproof by mainland china's NFTC.


2. Made from natural inorgnanic materials.100% no  asbestos,innocuity.


3.Huge output,short delivery time.Producing up to 18000m2 daily.


4. Can be customized for your project, for your request. eg:1200*3600mm


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Q:to span 24' to support a suspended ceiling, how deep of an I beam do i need and at what center. non load beari?
You should get a rail kit when you buy your tiles. Just ask them at the hardware store when you go and get them. tell them how long and wide the room is and they will figure out how many feet you will need. Measure along one wall and find the center, then do the same along the other wall, that will give you center. You will need some wire and U nails to suspend the rails from as you put them up. Make sure the line at the top of the wall where you plan to hang the ceiling is Level, may need to fudge this a little, if one corner is higher then the other.
Q:General light steel keel wall thickness is how much
The thickness of the light steel keel wall = keel type + the thickness of the second floor panel; it is assumed that the use of 75 keel, 12mm inside and outside the use of gypsum panel; then the wall thickness = 75 +12 +12 = 99mm.
Q:How do I fix a drop ceiling in a basement apartment bathroom?
It's no longer the high-quality sort of ceiling for a bathroom, but it will work. I'd endorse that you simply use the vinyl faced gypsum tiles for the ceiling. They're extra moisture resistant than regular tiles. An exhaust fan is an excellent idea as good. Hope this helps.
Q:Pure light steel keel ceiling how much money a square, Bao Gong Bao material
Give it to the 2B of the 2B! This price is very 2B ah
Q:What is the difference between light steel keel and aluminum alloy keel?
Light steel keel is generally used in the veneer, that is, keel seal gypsum board in the paint, aluminum alloy in the frame of the more, paint keel, aluminum, mineral wool board.
Q:Living room ceiling, light steel keel gypsum board, the minimum can be hanging?
If you just to install LED lights or lamp on the width of 200 can be, if you want to install the downlight, then the best is 300-500 In fact, you do not want this situation is not a long hanging platform and do not install the downlight, you can directly 200 wide paper gypsum board walking inside the hidden light belt on it, so for your room will not look too short Cause a sense of oppression. And you have a relative in a wall to do a shape to be suitable for stretching the height of the height of the shape, so both from the decoration and make space vision more comfortable.
Q:Light steel keel gypsum board partition wall how to install the door
Line: according to the design and construction plans, in the already done on the ground or pillow belt, release the wall position line, doors and windows hole border frame, and put the top keel position edge. Install the door hole box: put the line after the design, the first wall of the door opening box installed.    Install along the top keel and the keel: Install the top keel by the line of the placed wall, To the keel, fixed with a nail on the main body, the shot nail distance of 600mm.
Q:Removal of light steel keel
In the absence of the use of marble glue and other adhesives in the case of removal of light steel keel gypsum board wall steps: 1. First find the automatic screw, remove the tapping screws; 2. Remove the gypsum board; 3 remove the keel (according to the order of the keel installation, reverse order to remove the keel. Keel of the general installation order: the main keel - vice keel); In the case of the use of marble glue, the gypsum board can only be damaged.
Q:National norms Light steel keel wall can not do high? What is it?
In recent years began to have, mainly design drawings clearance
Q:Light steel keel performance and use
Most used in the ceiling! Light steel keel, the surface after the heat crossing zinc treatment

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