Ceiling Suspension Grids

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1,Structure of (Ceiling suspension grids) Description

T24 ceiling grid for suspension
- white, golden, silver.
- price $0.8-1.1/m2.
main tee,cross tee, wall angle

2,Main Features of the (Ceiling suspension grids) 


Ceiling Grid ( Ceiling Grids) T24


[Usage]  ceiling t grid is suspension false ceiling consisting of the main tee, cross tee, and wall angle to make the grid system to support the lay-in ceiling tiles. It is easy for installation and maintanence.  

The Tee Grid System Installation Diagram and the Raw Materials.

Installation steps

1.)    Determine the requirment ceiling level,mark the position and fix wall angle on the wall.

2.)    Hang main tee with T-bar suspension hook.

3.)    Insert cross tee to the main tee.

4.)    Cross tee adjacent to wall angle light fittings

5.)    Adjust the levels and alignments throughout the entire grid system accurately

6.)    Install PVC gypsum ceiling tile or othermaterials ceiling panel.


3,(Ceiling suspension grids) Images

Ceiling suspension grids

4,(Ceiling suspension grids) Specification







Min Typical Max

Main tee







Mid Cross tee







Short Cross tee







Wall angle

3000 or 3600






5,FAQ of (Ceiling suspension grids)


Name:  three-dimensional black line groove.



1.Usage:Widely used in condole supports, building decoration materials.

            For example,  used to make ceiling for office, shop and other spaces;


2.Advantages: Cauterization resistance, water resistance, beauty and strength


3.Package: Carton packaging


4.Size: follow your demand.


5. Easy to install, match with all kinds of PVC gypsum ceiling, Mineral fiber ceiling,


  gypsum ceiling, calcium silicate ceiling.


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Q:Light steel keel wall need to do wall
Yes, this can be moisture and paste the footsteps
Q:Light steel keel is what material
Useful aluminum alloy to do the ceiling keel, the aluminum alloy material through the electric oxidation, bright, stainless, soft colors. But now most of the hot-dip galvanized steel strip with a multi-channel process from rolling, we are on the high-speed steel keel and paint keel manufacturers, we use the production of rolling abrasive, galvanized steel With the production of light steel keel standard is the shape to be flat. Edges and corners clear, no burrs and deformation of the incision, no skinning and falling off the phenomenon. Galvanized light steel keel fire resistance is good, but can not meet the water.
Q:Home decoration ceiling light steel keel best use what specifications
Light steel keel is a modern industrial materials, steel steel is processed by the formation of the keel, but also the need for workers to plastic reinforcement. Light steel keel is often used in the decoration of the ceiling and in the partition. Light steel keel has the advantage: long life, waterproof fire, environmental protection, light texture, solid and strong. Light steel keel is the office decoration, office decoration and most of the public choice of the best choice. Because a large area of the ceiling decoration needs a solid keel, and light steel keel is such a keel. Light steel keel shortcomings are: conductive performance easily lead to leakage, the construction of wood keel relative to the more complex, and easy to deformation.
Q:Where can I buy a light that can reflect stars off my ceiling?
Command hooks do work very well, as other answerers have told you. But they are once and done. A cheaper solution, if you want to go around a window frame is stick 'um - at least that's what it is called in Canada. It is a putty that is sticky and really strong and you can remove it and re-use it. I have seen in in blue (not so inconspicuous) and white (almost invisible if you have white frames) and is strong enough to hold the lights and comes off without damaging the paint. This stuff is also awesome for holding candles straight in their holders.
Q:Help with painting scripture on bedroom ceiling?
That will be tough to do - how about writing it across the top of the walls - like a border? Otherwise you'll need to plot it out on graph paper and mark a grid on the ceiling very faintly with pencil or a chalk line & follow the grids from the paper onto the ceiling.
Q:Paint keel, triangular keel, T-keel, what is the difference between these?
Triangle keel, T-keel called paint keel, triangular keel is used in the wall, T-keel is divided into large T in the small T, is used to put the mineral wool board. Aluminum plate and mineral wool board ceiling can be used
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of wood keel and light steel keel?
Wood keel: easy to draw, what is the amount of small, complex structure of the special occasions. But the fire is not allowed to use a higher environment;
Q:I use the card light steel keel to do the wall and ceiling, do not want to be fooled
How to use the wall card hanging ~ ~ where the first time heard the process. The Are used light steel keel, wood keel. Glass cut off this kind of.
Q:Calling all Do-It-Yourselfers!! floor to ceiling wall molding?
You shouldn't have to install MDF in order to do that unless maybe your wall was not flat. And yes, it should look good with a vaulted ceiling. You'll also want to make sure that your trim boards aren't bowed. Most likely, all you'll really need to do is nail where the studs are on your wall.
Q:Cutting light steel keel what
Automatic chase cut

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