Ceiling Suspension Grid

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Product Description:

1,Structure of (Ceiling Suspension Grid) Description

Ceiling suspension grids are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized steel. Available in customized specifications.

Our ceiling suspension grids are double web cold-rolled sections, manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized steel, The tees section is with pre-painted capped. It is given to ensure that the system is manufactured to a very high quality level.

2,Main Features of the (Ceiling Suspension Grid)


T-grids for home use


1)Flat series with 38mm hight:

Main tee: 38x24x0.3x3600mm

Long Cross tee:26x24x0.3x1200mm

Short Cross tee: 26x24x0.3x600mm

Wall angle: 24x24x0.4x3000mm


2)Flat series with 32mm hight:

Main tee: 32x24x0.3x3600mm

Long Cross tee:26x24x0.3x1200mm

Short Cross tee: 26x24x0.3x600mm

Wall angle: 24x24x0.4x3000mm


3) Flat series with black or white groove:

Main tee: 30x24x0.3x3600mm

Long Cross tee:30x24x0.3x1200mm

Short Cross tee: 30x24x0.3x600mm

Wall angle: 24x24x0.4x3000mm


4) Slim flat series:

Main tee: 32x14.5x0.3x3600mm

Long Cross tee:32x14.5x0.3x1200mm

Short Cross tee: 32x14.5x0.3x600mm

Wall angle: 20x14.5x0.3x3000mm


5) Exposed system with black or white groove:

Main tee: 38x15x0.3x3600mm

Long Cross tee:38x15x0.3x1200mm

Short Cross tee: 38x15x0.3x600mm

Wall angle: 20x15x0.4x3000mm



3,(Ceiling Suspension Grid) Images

 Ceiling Suspension Grid



4,(Ceiling Suspension Grid) Specification

Ceiling Suspension Grid


5,FAQ of (Ceiling Suspension Grid)

We also have ceiling grids with alloy end.


Other hight and thickness and surface treating are also available.


Ceiling grid cover is also available.


Loading Quantity:

Main Tee:32*24*3600*0.3  25PCS/carton  225cartons/20'FCL

Long Cross Tee:32*24*1200*0.3  50PCS/carton  675cartons/20'FCL

Short Cross Tee:32*24*600*0.3  75PCS/carton  450cartons/20'FCL

Wall Angle:24*24*3000*0.4  50PCS/carton  100cartons/20'FCL


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Q:what is the average cost of to put up a grid ceiling?
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