Ceiling Suspension Grid

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Product Description:

1,Structure of (ceiling grid for suspension) Description

ceiling suspension grid:
1. Standard thickness;
2. Exact dimensions.

ceiling suspension grid


2,Main Features of the (ceiling grid for suspension) 



1) ISO9001:2008
2) Factory price
3) Double check QC procedures;
4) Customize on your demand.


We produce top quality hot-dipped galvanized steel coil main material by ourself. So we can control the quality from raw material.

The two-sided galvanized ainc quantity is higher than national standard, fully guarantee metal corrosion resistance, anti- rust capacity.


1. ceiling suspension grid size:


1). Metric sizes:


3,(ceiling grid for suspension) Images

ceiling suspension grid



4,(ceiling grid for suspension) Specification


Main tee





Long cross tee






Short cross tee






Wall angle









2). Emperial sizes:


Main tee





Long cross tee






Short cross tee






Wall angle









5,FAQ of (ceiling suspension grid)


3) Notes:


a. The thickness can be 0.23mm to 0.4mm according to customers' requarement.

b. The sizes can be made to customers' order.


2. Classifications of ceiling suspension grid:

Normal White Flat System

Colorful Flat System

Groove System

Exposed System

FUT System


3. ceiling suspension grid features:
1). Includes main tee,cross tee and wall angle.
2). Rotary-stitched, for torsion strength and stability.
3). Unique connection design for easier installation.
4). Accurate grid size for best installation effect.


4. Installation Steps of ceiling suspension grid:

1). Determine the requirement ceiling level, mark the position and fix wall angle on the wall

2). Hang main tee with T-bar suspension hook

3). Insert cross tee to the main tee

4). Cross tee adjacent to wall angle light fittings

5). Adjust the levels and alignments throughout the entire grid system accurately

6). Install PVC gypsum ceiling tile or other materials ceiling panel

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