Ceiling Suspension Grid

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Product Description:

1,Structure of (ceiling grid for suspension) Description

ceiling suspension grid:
1. Standard thickness;
2. Exact dimensions.

ceiling suspension grid


2,Main Features of the (ceiling grid for suspension) 



1) ISO9001:2008
2) Factory price
3) Double check QC procedures;
4) Customize on your demand.


We produce top quality hot-dipped galvanized steel coil main material by ourself. So we can control the quality from raw material.

The two-sided galvanized ainc quantity is higher than national standard, fully guarantee metal corrosion resistance, anti- rust capacity.


1. ceiling suspension grid size:


1). Metric sizes:


3,(ceiling grid for suspension) Images

ceiling suspension grid



4,(ceiling grid for suspension) Specification


Main tee





Long cross tee






Short cross tee






Wall angle









2). Emperial sizes:


Main tee





Long cross tee






Short cross tee






Wall angle









5,FAQ of (ceiling suspension grid)


3) Notes:


a. The thickness can be 0.23mm to 0.4mm according to customers' requarement.

b. The sizes can be made to customers' order.


2. Classifications of ceiling suspension grid:

Normal White Flat System

Colorful Flat System

Groove System

Exposed System

FUT System


3. ceiling suspension grid features:
1). Includes main tee,cross tee and wall angle.
2). Rotary-stitched, for torsion strength and stability.
3). Unique connection design for easier installation.
4). Accurate grid size for best installation effect.


4. Installation Steps of ceiling suspension grid:

1). Determine the requirement ceiling level, mark the position and fix wall angle on the wall

2). Hang main tee with T-bar suspension hook

3). Insert cross tee to the main tee

4). Cross tee adjacent to wall angle light fittings

5). Adjust the levels and alignments throughout the entire grid system accurately

6). Install PVC gypsum ceiling tile or other materials ceiling panel

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Q:What is the light steel keel double gypsum board partition wall
Refers to the internal framework of light steel composition, Two pairs of laying gypsum board, and then in the gypsum board and then putty putty, brush paint. This composition of the partition is the so-called double gypsum board partition.
Q:Light steel keel is what material
Made with steel
Q:Cheapest place to get ceiling tiles for a drop ceiling?
How big is the basement? One option is to frame in soffits to reduce the size of the drop ceiling area. Framing and drywall cost a lot less than grid and tile. Hope this helps.
Q:Double-sided 200 light steel keel gypsum board wall how much money a square
Gypsum board and keel need to determine the price according to the brand, the general price of the brand needs 100 open, with artificial
Q:Both sides are empty light steel keel partition in the middle to conceal the socket
Install the switch and socket where the hidden wooden keel or woodworking slats to facilitate the self-tapping nail fixed bottom box.
Q:What would I need to refinish this basement?
Depending on the region you live in, you should have a dehumidifier running in the basement during the summer months. Make sure to buy one that will drain automatically - you can run the hose to a drain in your basement. This would take care of the normal rise in moisture and therefore prevent the basement from having a musty smell. When finishing the floor, if you prefer carpet, glue it down. If you happen to get water (other than sewage), the carpet can be extracted, dried, and cleaned. Depending on what you plan to use the finished area of the basement for, make sure you have coverage on your insurance policy for water backup or sump pump coverage if you have a sump pump. This is something you can talk to your insurance agent about. The missing ceiling tiles should be easy to replace.
Q:Light steel keel gypsum board bulk density
Light steel keel is better than gypsum board
Q:There is heating the ground, the above to add light steel keel wall how to deal with?
First find out the ground to the laying of the warm tube, it is best to get to warm the construction drawings and then according to the marked on the map, looking away from the far away to cross the line to see and design the wall is likely to be compatible, and then play Bolt, install the keel. Estimated not easy to get, to be very careful, before the construction of the warm door off, the water vent and then get.
Q:Living room around the ceiling with light steel keel or wood keel?
The answer is very agree. It is recommended not to use wood keel, the most simple, the national standard keel 10 years can guarantee no deformation (construction to do), wood keel for a few years, that wood word to describe: miserable!
Q:Removal of light steel keel
The hole in the material on the fill on the material chant, or the appropriate words to be a decoration to cover him There's no good way Rent the house you add light steel keel wall to do what, plus also use marble glued to the keel ah, Tile hole the most troublesome, if the landlord did not comment on the use of marble rubber tonic color patch can see if The wall must be re-brush about, not just the hole, there must be rust and the like

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