Ceiling Gypsum Board

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Product Description:

Main Material: Gypsum Powder

Normal size: 2440x1220mm, 2400x1200mm

Normal thickness: 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5,10, 12, 13, 15mm

Edge: Square, Tappered

Category: Regular, Fire resistant, Moistureresistant, Water proof

Performance: Fire-resistance, Moisture-resistance,Water-proof, Heat-preventing


1) Sepcial healthy breath function

2) Cost effective and more reliable, easy to install

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Q:i have to plaster a plasterboards?
Are you asking about putting plaster over lathe over plaster board or are you asking about filling the dings and cracks in plaster board?
Q:Which would be better to soundproof a bedroom - soundbloc or polystyrene backed plasterboard?
sound bloc is designed for that purpose or insulate the walls and ceiling before sheetrock installation.
Q:Gypsum board production needs what equipment
Q:Can I use a pull up bar with plasterboard walls?
a door frame would work. plaster board will push away, and you will fall.
Q:What are the characteristics of the Nexu gypsum board and the ordinary gypsum board?
Commonly used is the Taishan gypsum board, good quality gypsum board high strength, good moisture resistance!
Q:GRC is not commonly known as gypsum board
GRC's main raw materials are: high-strength cement, sand (quartz sand) glass fiber, steel and other production, the color is yellow with white, the main purpose is outdoor decoration, Gypsum board: also known as silicon calcium board, the main raw material is gypsum powder, made of fiber, the color is pure white, the main purpose is the indoor ceiling decoration,
Q:can u fix plasterboard to an internal brick wall using dot and dab or something simila?
Yes go with captaint`s method. Half in. strips of plywood, if wall is irregular,shim to plum. You may need to nail until glue dries where shimmed. but if wall is nice and plum you can glue wall apply drywall use fat boy screws ( heavy course thread screws ) these are made to bite into concrete. But furring wall with plywood first probably way less grief! When using fat bot screws these will not countersink properly, so you`ll need to remove before taping.
Q:Are plasterboards stronger than bonding & plastering?
plasterboards (AKA drywall, sheetrock) are not very strong, definitely not strong enough to hold kitchen cabinets by themselves. be sure that when you hang things like cabinets, shelves, etc from the wall that they are anchored to the studs and the frame of the house or else they will just tear out.
Q:How can I hang a light onto a plasterboard ceiling?
You need to buy special plugs for plasterboard. There are several systems for light, medium and heavy use. They mostly use some type of anchor that spreads out on the otherside of the board. They are quite effective, and really quite clever.
Q:Do I need to replace my plaster ceiling plasterboard that got soaked from an upstairs bathroom leak? ?
If you are absolutely certain the leak has been fixed and there is no more water dripping... 1. Place a fan facing toward the ceiling for about a week or as long as it takes to make sure the ceiling is completely dry. 2. Paint the stained area with Killz. (Not sure of the spelling but it's a water stain retardant) Let it dry overnight, regardless of what the directions say telling you it's dry in less than two hours. 3. Paint the surface again with Killz 24 hours later. 4. Wait 24 hours to see if the stain is visible. If it is, paint another coat of Killz. 5. If the stain is undetectable, wait 48 hours and paint the ceiling with with the color of your choice. A second coat of paint may be required.

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