Ce Certified Repair Shop Cheap Four Post Car Lift

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HCT TECHNOLOGY is a brand name founded in the year 2004. The main company's name is HCT AUTOMOTIVE. The company itself is already 16 years in garage equipment market.


We are working in export market for 4 years and we have established stable partnerships in many countries worldwide.


We take part in biggest car maintenance shows every year.

Autopromotec 2005 Bologna

Automechanika 2006 Frankfurt

Auto 2007 maintech in Beijing

Autopromotec 2007 Bologna

Equip Auto 2007 Paris

Automechanika 2007 Shanghai

Automechanika 2008 Frankfurt

Automechanika 2008 Shanghai

Autopromotec 2009 Bologna

Products Type

1. All Types of Lift

2. Hose Reels

3. Wheel Balancer

4. Tire Changer

5. Spray Booths

6. Waste Oil Equipment

7. Oil Lubrication Equipment



Four Post Lift




Item No.


Lifting capacity


Lifting height


Minimum height


Overall height


Overall length


Overall Width


Runway Width


Lifting time


Lowering time



220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz 1Ph/3Ph

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Ce Certified Repair Shop Cheap Four Post Car Lift

Ce Certified Repair Shop Cheap Four Post Car Lift

Ce Certified Repair Shop Cheap Four Post Car Lift


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Q:anyone selling a used car lift two post?
not easly moved buy one where you are
Q:Trying to get new tags for car- lift notice required for DOT?
Your tags were suspended at some point for some reason, and at the time you were probably told what you needed to do to have that flag LIFTed off your record. Perhaps it will take an SR 22 filing to get it off. If you have an accident on black ice you were at fault since you were driving too fast for conditions. Contact them and find out what you will need to do.
Q:Why does the front end of a reer wheel drive muscle cars lift off the ground?
Regardless of which wheels are driven (front, rear, all 4), the front end of a car will lift when accelerating forward. It works in reverse too - lifting the rear end when accelerating backward. Front-drive cars can't lift the tires off the ground though, because as the front tires have less and less weight on them, they have less and less traction to apply that force. Front end unloading is very simple to understand when you consider the forces involved and their respective vectors. In the simplest terms (and ignoring gravity for a moment), the ground is exerting a force on the car. In order to imagine the correct force, understand that the force is being applied to the center of mass of that car, but the force is applied through a contact point. The center of mass is different with each car, but it's obviously always going to be above the ground. So the force is acting in a straight line from the contact point (where the tires touch the ground) toward the center of mass, which is above ground. Therefore, the force always has an upward component. A racecar is very low to the ground, so the upward component of the force is much smaller than a lifted truck's would be. The same effect can be achieved by altering the length of the wheelbase as well. Linkage-based suspension setups can reduce the effect by causing the rear end to lift a similar amount, but cannot completely eliminate it due to the physics discussed above.
Q:The car to do four-wheel positioning lift lift up and down the good data before the beam is not the same reason?
The car looked down and look at the car, there may be suspended rubber sets of loose phenomenon
Q:Classification of car lifts
Double-column car lift is a vehicle repair and maintenance units commonly used special mechanical lifting equipment, widely used in cars and other small car repair and maintenance. The double-column car lifts lift the car in the air while saving a lot of ground space for easy ground operations. But the double-column car lift for the largest saving material, generally removed the floor. Because there is no floor, so that the torque of the column need to rely on the ground to offset, so the ground is very demanding, if there are beams (gantry lift) to rely on beams offset.
Q:The depreciation of the lift
This depends on the use of life, the use of wear and so on. The The To be depreciated
Q:is it possible to bend the frame of your car by lifting up just one corner of it with a floor jack?
It is possible, but not very likely. It would be more likely that you twisted the body slightly. If the frame did bend, your frame probably had a problem to begin with (age deterioration or a previous accident). There could also be worn suspension parts that could have been damaged due to age and/or wear. How does the car drive? You haven't mentioned a specific problem. If it drives good you may not have any problem. Jacking cars by the correct points are very rarely the cause of problems!
Q:do the wheels need to be suspended for shock replacement if you have a car lift?
In order to replace the shocks you need to have the suspension at it's longest travel, or fully extended. So that would mean the wheels have to be suspended. The drive on lifts ive used in the past have had hydraulic lift points in the center to lift the car up once it is on the platform, but this case may be different. Good luck hope it helps
Q:Muscle car vs Lifted Jeep?
The Jeep. I am a muscle car man my self but i wuld go with a mustang or a dodge charge/challenger if i were to buy one.
Q:can you lift a car by the pinch weld?
If you mean the seam along the side of the body, where the rocker sills are attached, I wouldn't if you have an alternative, like a spring pad or crossmember. Anytime you put stress on this area, you weaken it. Older model K cars and Chrysler products had the car jack use this area as a lift point. I've seen lots of cars ruined, when rust damage allowed the lift to go through the area, then damage the door or something worse. It's just an exposed seam spot welded together at the factory. Hope this helped

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