CE Certificate Vermiculite Fire-retardent MgO Board

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Specifications of Specifications of Vermiculite Fire-retardent MgO Board 

Fire-retardent mgo board with CE certificate is high bending strength, used widely for ceiling, partition, floor, interior wall

Fire-retardent mgo board is one of mainly products produced by shanghai xinlong fireproofing material co., ltd.

Size: 1220*2440mm, 1200*2700mm, 1200*3000mm, 600*600mm

Features  of Vermiculite Fire-retardent MgO Board

Mgo board is light weight, fireproof, waterproof, high bending strength, anti-halogen, sound insulation, heat insulation etc.

CE Certificate Vermiculite Fire-retardent MgO Board

CE Certificate Vermiculite Fire-retardent MgO Board

Application of Vermiculite Fire-retardent MgO Board:

Partition, ceiling, sandwich board skin, table, desk, bar counter, wall, fireproof system wall, flooring, door etc.

Payment methods: T/T

FOB Shanghai

Delivery time: 20 days

Packing: Wood pallet, in bulk

Other Information:

We mainly produce 3 kinds of non-decorative building boards like magnesium oxide board(also called mgo board), fiber cement board, calcium silicate board, they are used widely for ceiling, partition, flooring, exterior/interior wall, door, table etc. What's more, there are five production lines in our factory, including sanding line, rolling decoration line, fiber cement board production line, steam curing line, and 2 production lines of magnesium oxide board. 

It's our purpose to provide the high quality building boards to our clients. And we sincerely hope we can have a pleasant corporation with you in the near future. 

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Q:How to apply the quota of cement and vermiculite insulation layer?
Vermiculite is a kind of hydrate, which is blocky, flaky and granular. It is the product of weathering and alteration of natural mineral such as biotite. The interlayer water molecule is ignited at high temperature, and the volume is increased by 18-25 times. Rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, aluminum, iron, magnesium, silicate and other ingredients. Vermiculite has higher layer charge number, so it has higher cation exchange capacity and stronger cation exchange adsorption capacity. Characteristics: light weight, and good adsorption properties, not decay, can be used for 3-5 years (unlike the humus, coconut shell, clothing and other perishable).
Q:How much should the ratio of soil vermiculite to perlite be?
All kinds of flowers need different drainage, so the proportion is not the same. For example, cactus soil half, the other half can be conducive to drainage ventilation, prevent decay. If it's jasmine, then 7 pieces of soil and 3 others will do. You can make a flexible decision without a prescribed proportion.
Q:Where should I use vermiculite?
The vermiculite used in greenhouse has the characteristics of loose soil, good permeability, strong water absorption and little temperature change. It is beneficial to the growth of crops and also to reduce the input of fertilizer. In the newly emerged soilless cultivation technology, it is an essential raw material.
Q:What is the theoretical and practical significance of adding three yuan purifier pad with vermiculite?
Reduce drilling content, actively transition to unleaded gasoline, install car purifiers, and so on. In today's modern civilization, the automobile has a wide range of catalysts for automobile exhaust purification. At present, the main catalyst is three yuan. This catalyst is available to make HC and CO oxygen...
Q:You can use pure vermiculite for meat
The economic benefits can be added to crush a honeycomb briquet can buy in, in granular soil fleshy special, such as akadama soil, deer marsh soil, volcano stone and so on.
Q:Can ordinary small stones instead of vermiculite be used as Camellia cuttings?
Of course not. Vermiculite is used in horticulture as its main function is to increase the aeration and water retention of soil (medium). Because of its fragile, with the use of time to extend, easy to medium dense and lost ventilation and water retention, so coarse vermiculite better than the use of long time, and the effect is good.
Q:Can you put vermiculite in the fish tank?
Animal husbandry: expanded vermiculite has unique structural and surface properties, as well as non-toxic, sterile and chemically inert. It can be used as a carrier, an adsorbent, a fixative, and a feed additive.
Q:Will vermiculite be absorbed by plants?
Vermiculite in the agricultural plant, can be used as a soil conditioner, because of its good cation exchange and adsorption, can improve soil structure, soil water storage, improve the permeability of soil and water, the acid soil becomes neutral. But vermiculite is not easy to use for a long time.
Q:Does the vermiculite contain alkaline? Can it be planted with azalea?
Rhododendron, also known as: pomegranate, mountain azalea etc.. Rhododendron, Rhododendron, deciduous shrubs, deciduous shrubs. A wide range of azaleas, gorgeous color, flower, leaf and beauty, and pot planted ages, China is one of ten traditional flowers. The south of the Yangtze River is mainly planted in the ground, and the north of the Yangtze River is potted and ornamental. Rhododendron is fond of cool, humid and airy semi overcast environment. It is not only afraid of extreme heat but also afraid of cold. The growth temperature is 12~25 degrees, and the temperature in summer is more than 35 degrees centigrade. However, the growth of new shoots and leaves is slow and in a semi dormancy state.
Q:Vermiculite in the end what color is good, my how like false?
Because vermiculite has the ability of ion exchange, it has a great effect on the nutrition of the soil. In 2013, the world's total output of vermiculite exceeded 500 thousand. The major producers are China, South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe and the United states. Vermiculite is a kind of clay mineral similar to montmorillonite, which is a layered structure of silicate.

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