CDW1 Series Air Circuit Breakers

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Q:loose ground wire on my amps capacitor help?
you should be fine just re tightening the ground without disconnecting power. Disconnecting the ground wont harm your amp or capacitor. Just be careful especially if your using metal tools not to touch any power. I once dropped an allen wrench between the 2 terminals on the top of a cap and the thing lit up, melting the entire top in a single second.
Q:30amp fuse in a car?
Yes, if you want to put a 30 amp circuit in, you need to use a switch rated at 30 or more amps. The amp rating on the switch is the maximum it was designed to handle. You could use a 30 A fuse and a 50 A switch if you wanted to. The fuse should be rated at the same rating as the lowest rated component. Example, if you have wires that can handle, 20 amps, a relay rated for 40 and a switch rated for 30, you would need to put a 20 A fuse in (max). The power consumption of whatever you're trying to power doesn't matter for this purpose. It has to simply be less than the fuse. That being said, I agree with JetDoc. Use a relay. There are 4 terminals on the relay. Two for the switch and two for the device. You put your 30 A circuit in and feed constant power to the proper terminal. Then feed the device from the relay (which should be rated at at least 30 A). Then you put constant power to a switch. Any switch would be fine. Relays use hardly any power. From the switch you run a line to one terminal on the relay and the final terminal is grounded. I added a picture of a common relay. All relays should have a mini schematic on them to tell you what terminal is what on the bottom. For example, this one has terminals 30, 85, 86,and 87. 86 and 85 should be used on this one for the constant power and a feed to the device. It doesn't matter which is which. 30 and 87 should be the the switch and ground. Again, doesn't matter which is which. Some specify which to use as a ground, but it doesn't usually matter. Ignore the relay on the left. That's a 5 pin and you don't need it.
Q:96 Chrysler Concord fuse?
These cars were bad about ignition switches burning out from too much amp draw from the blower motor. Also, it has 2 fuse holders. One for the components, and one which is in between the battery and the fuse box that use to be called 'fuse links' and are now replaceable fuses or master fuses. All that you mentioned that doesn't work goes through the ignition switch except running lights.
Q:Can a blown fuse cause my car to stop running if so which one?
Ensure that your starter is getting power if it is not check that you installed it correctly. most common ones come with three wires a ground, power and ignition. If it is not getting power when you turn the ignition then check the starter fuse. Another way is to check the starter directly, you can use a screwdriver or wire to connect the power and ignition wires to spin the starter be careful not to make contact with the ground. If it spins then you have another problem, however if it does not spin then you problem is the starter itself, an electrical connection, fuse, or electrical component related to the starter. Note that even something as simple as a gear selector for an automatic or the clutch pedal for a manual can cause this problem. for automatics they will only start in P or N. for manual the clutch must be fully pressed. My guess is you are having starter related issues because any other mechanical problem would at least let your starter spin even it the engine does not start. Do you have any more useful information?
Q:no electricity in the car?
Try recharging the battery first. You probably shorted the battery and may have damaged it beyond repair. A new battery should be all you need to do.
Q:95' Pontiac Firebird won't start?
Actually the sparks may indicate that the battery is dead. I think your best bet is to remove the battery (or have someone do it for you) and have it checked at an auto parts store. Batteries are one of the least expensive and the most troublesome parts of your electrical system. There are other things, like a fusible link, that could cause everything to go dead, but it usually is the battery.
Q:2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Radio problem.?
The radio has a second fuse for memory, although it is used by other components so you would notice that worth a second look though! Check all the fuses with a lest light or a volt meter, if they're all are ok then its likely your radio, they are rather problematic
Q:My 2003first ford tauras high beams radio and cruise all went out is it a fuse or something else?
All these components have separate fusing. the lights are both on individual fuses. radio has a few that control the diff components related to it, and cruise is completely separate from both. your problem is else where. i would definitely check the fuses though
Q:I have a Kenmore 110.64672400 and my husband thought it would be easy to disconnect the buzzer.?
go okorder
Q:A 3a device run with 13a fuse, has this been harmed?
The larger fuse alone will not cause damage, but together with another problem may. My guess. What ever is causing the radio to cut out, was also causing a 3 amp fuse to blow. That's why the previous moron I mean owner replaced it with a higher value. I would be concerned that something is overheatiing and shutting the unit down. It's only a mater of time before it doesn't come back on after cutting out.

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