CDM7 Series Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

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Q:How do I get the instrument panel lights to come on in my 1999 Honda CRV?
double check your stereo wiring. and check fuses.
Q:What are the common electrical components of your everyday residential A/C system? i.e. switch, relay, etc.?
There are two sides to the average home A/C unit. You have the evaporator side or indoor blower and the condenser side outdoor unit. On a close of the thermostat 24v from r to y (G) the indoor fan relay closes(24v GC). Allowing 110v to the indoor blower. The 24v signal also travels to the condensing unit (YC). If equipped with low and/or high pressure switches and they are closed 24v will be supplied to the cooling contactor. When the cooling contactor coil is powered 220v will pass through the contactor to the compressor and condenser fan (Condenser fan sometimes have fan cycling controls). Both compressor and condenser fans have capacitors. Indoor blower motor typically 110v supplied to indoor unit through breaker Outdoor unit typically 220v supplied through separate breaker. Indoor unit transformer takes 110v and down steps to 24v for control power. (Sometimes internally fused) Typical 24v wiring C- Common leg of 24v R- Red supply side of 24v W- Heat Y- Cooling G- Indoor Fan
Q:Looking for a true electronic components store near Lakewood or Long Beach, CA?
Electronic Components (714) 373-7339 Westminster, CA 92683
Q:sony projection kp46xbr35 pic is shaped like a bowl?
If it had bad fuses the cross would be misaligned. If you move the red and blue up and down and the whole picture moves (the red and blue part) then I suspect a vertical deflection problem. This could be the output ic, the jungle ic, or associated component and connections. The only way to find out is with an 0-scope in a shop.
Q:What makes cells stick together?
In plant cells it is the plasmodesmata that hold the cells togetherthere are small rigid openings on the cells that allow the cells to by connected together (like their cytoplasms literally go through one another) which allows for adhesion of cells together and cellular communication. In animal cells it is that Adherens Junctions between cells that allow for the adhesion of cells together.
Q:PSU failed for good due to overheating?
No, there are usually no fuses. The power supply overheats and the circuitry fries. Get another that is rated above the minimum most of your computer components are rated to work. If you have a high end, add-on video card, look at the documentation that came with it, or manufacturers website to find those specs. Look at links for power supplies.
Q:Saab 9-5 owner has question about Alarm System Malfunction - any advice?
you may not beleive this, but, your alarm systen, is radio controled. The little goody on your key ring is a tiny transmitter.It is on the same band as microwave ovens and cell phones. Some one in your neighborhood, may have been useing their cell fone, and it tripped your alarm. Don't worry about taking the fuse out. It will not hurt any thing. You may want to install a toggle switch under the dash, that will disable the alarm, in case it does it againreplace the flat battery in your key ring controler too.
Q:Electricity in the home Components of the main please help me!!!?
components are: circuit breaker aka MCB circuit breaker box aka distribution panel aka Consumer unit wire of various sizes wire staples outlets switches lights (permanent mounted in ceiling or wall) Parts attached to the appliance, not part of the mains plug wire and the various tools used to put it all together.
Q:Do you trust buying cheap batteries?
You'll be sorry - no!
Q:2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Radio problem.?
The radio has a second fuse for memory, although it is used by other components so you would notice that worth a second look though! Check all the fuses with a lest light or a volt meter, if they're all are ok then its likely your radio, they are rather problematic

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