CDM2 Series Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

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Q:I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse, why won't the A/C compressor will not shut off?
did they replace the relay? if not you might want to think about replacing the compressor.
Q:Describe the 2 major body components of Fungi? and there description and their function.?
The hyphae is the thread-like filaments that form the structure of fungi. A mass of hyphae is called the mycelium. Upon the hyphae, spore bodies form to produce new fungal colonies. When the proper conditions occur, the hyphae of mating types fuse and form fruiting bodies such as mushrooms in which the sexually produced spores form and are released. The hyphae produces enzymes that digest the food they grow upon. These enzymes are called exoenzymes.
Q:ford mondeo electric problem heeeeeeelp?
There must be a blown fuse. The purpose of a fuse is to break the connection if the circuit becomes overloaded, this prevents electrical fires, and other dangerous situations. Blown fuses are not obvious if you just glance at the fuse box, you need to remove them in order to see the conductor. I would look at a wiring diagram, find the components on the diagram that are not working, and trace them back to the fuse number and location. This problem can only be a blown fuse or fuseable link.
Q:1996 Peterbilt 378 i already check all the fuses, diesel filters,hose, and the truck doesn't start.?
Your no start condition could be any of a number of things. First, I will assume it is cranking but not starting. If you are seeing any kind of white smoke while it cranks, you are getting fuel to the cylinders. So air in the system or low fuel should not be the problem. If you are cranking and getting NO SMOKE and NO START, you probably are not getting fuel. Check your fuel filters for clogs or gel. Other things to check: 1.Check your battery connections for corrosion. Also check each battery's voltage. You should have two batteries. If even one of them is low or has a bad cell, it can cause a failure to start. This is because glow plugs (thos things that heat the cylinders so the fuel can burn) us ALOT of voltage. If they don't get the full voltage, she probably wont start. If the battteries are good, you may have a bad glow plug relay or bad glow plugs. Finally, if all this fails find a OBDII scanner and check for codes. Perhaps you'll find your answer there.
Q:Electronics question :)?
Transformer - changes voltage to another voltage, according to turns ratio (primary to secondary winding) Twin and earth - mains electricity cable - house wiring Battery- Electrical DC storage device. Stores DC electricity BS3036 fuse - Not too sure on the BS meaning, but a fuse protects circuits by going open circuit in the event of the circuit going short circuit.
Q:Car audio question need advice?
NO, turning the subs around will not produce a better sound(vibration) unless the subs front wall is completely cealed off from the trunk which means you would have to have a custom box. but in most cases like yours it will actually reduce the sound. the trunk is basically a expansion area.bass extension comes from space within the trunk. the trunks surface area resonates the subs movement and redirects it into the cabinet. that's why you lose sound pressure when you open the trunk. this fundamental is quite complex actually and requires tuning of the box and subwoofer. a good way to increase sound pressure and extend the subs motion into the cabinet is by making a port into the cabinet for example letting a seat down or if you have a armrest that has a trunk opening area, that can be used as a port to allow the sub woofer to resonate the area within the cabinet but this can also allow more subwoofer distortion to be heard aswell. it requires alot a padding and dampening material to reduce the amount of sounds leakage and rattle distortion. you have an improper amp for sub woofers is probably the reason why you might not feel proper lows. the humming sound can be from a variety of reasons. but the sound itself is distortion from either improper filtering, or a lack of energy to the amp, if you have the gains set high on the amp you are over the distortion limit and are probably under powering the amp to produce a proper wattage and normal levels. OR you are getting distortion from your head unit, which is not uncommon. what type of subwoofer and amplifier do you have by the way.
Q:Desktop not powering on?
It is older out of date computer, so repair may be unwarranted, What is not clear is to why you would unplug, I'd computer was on while doing so, you could fry components or create surge enough to blow fuse or power component, Where did the pop come from, computer or outlet, if you have surge power bar, that may pop circuit button to which you reset, If it does not boot up or restart, then you may have fried part, you need to take of side panel view motherboard and parts from power to check for black or burnt smell from wires, Since we know not of you tech computer skills, it may be best to have friend wiz check device, as it is old, and stil workingreplacing motherboard is easy enough and fair enough to do for salvaging old files as 32bit compatable. If you are tetchy, then dis connect power and turn on, if fan in power box does not start, the power box is fried, if it does start, then some other part is fried as capacitor anywhere on board, that is tricky to repair, because you have to disassemble, solder pints and remove, and replace with new part (carefully), if not take to tetchy friend or shop, high end stores like computer world may not fix, low end shops like tech 101 gaarge will fix, If you are student then check with friends first, if you are elderly, then check with children relatives first, .
Q:Electronic Components?
Go to Radio Shcak and buy one of the simple electronics project kits. You'll learn all you need to get started.
Q:whats wrong with my guitar amp?
It could be the the power supply (that provided power to the tubes) is not working. Just because the low voltage filaments are getting power and lighting up doesn't mean that the high voltage portions of the tubes are getting power.
Q:Electronic component code reference?
May be this will help you: •A: Assemblies •B: Transducers / Sensors / Detectors •C: Capacitors •D: Storage devices •E: Miscellaneous •F: Fuses •G: Generator, battery pack •H: Indicators, signaling devices •J: Connector / connector pin Joining another connector (P) •K: Relays •L: Inductors and filters •M: Motors •N: Analogue devices •P: Measuring / test point / connector plug •Q: Transistors •R: Resistors •S: Switches, push buttons, emergency stops and limit switches •T: Transformers •U: Integrated circuits, Power converters, DC power supplies •V: Electron vacuum tubes tubes •W: Wires, conductors, power, neutral and earthing busses •X: Terminal strips, terminations, joins •Y: Solenoids, electrical actuators •Z: Filters

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