CDM1 Series Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

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Q:whats wrong with my guitar amp?
If the fuse blew, something caused that (fuses going on their own are pretty rare). Chances are, you had a tube short which took out another component(s), and that took out the fuse. Music Man amps are actually kind of notorius for damaging the plate resistors when a power tube fails. I'm betting that's what happened, and now (even though you've replaced the power tubes), they're not getting adequate voltage on the plates to operate properly. Unless you know your way around a tube amp at the component level, I'd say take it to a good amp tech. Something like this shouldn't take more than an hour to diagnose and repair. Good luck. Greetings from Austin, TX Ken
Q:Fuse keeps going out in my car?
is there a penny in your cigarette lighter that is known to blow fuses, also just take out the cig lighter and see how long it lasts then.
Q:Video card attached to motherboard?
Replacing the motherboard in your Laptop will cost your just as much as if you would purchase a new laptop. It is sometimes cheaper to buy a new laptop than to replace the motherboard.
Q:sony xplod cdx-gt35uw radio quit working while driving. All known fuses are good. Now What?
Did you check the fuse in the back of it? and have you checked all the good connections? Sometimes components just die especially cheap ones.
Q:new world gas cooker plan7 oven not working and 3amp fuse keeps blowing?
You could have a small scratch in the paint inside the microwave oven cavity. The paint is a protective covering to the metal which makes up the microwave and if the paint is chipped, even a tiny one, the microwaves react with the metal to some degree. If the scratch is large enough you will get sparks, but if it is small it may only blow fuses.
Q:Charging problems on a 96 Beretta Z26 3.1 v6?
Go to a wrecking yard and get a fuse box cover. You can also test your system yourself for a short or parasitic draw. First, shut off all the car's lights and accessories then close all the doors. With the battery in the car, first remove the negative battery terminal. Now, using a multimeter set to the DC volts scale put one probe on the negative terminal of the battery and the other probe to ground. Read the meter. If you read more than about a quarter of a volt, you have a draw somewhere. Troubleshoot the draw by having someone remove fuses one at a time until you see the meter voltage drop. When you see the voltage drop, you’ve found the circuit in which you have a power drain. Thoroughly examine that circuit, area by area, until you locate the reason for the voltage drop. Isolate and repair the problem. If this doesn't fix the problem, take extra care for a few days and see that all the lights are off before you walk away from the car for the evening. It could be something so simple as a door that hasn't closed fully, causing an interior light to remain on overnight or maybe a bad switch on an under hood or trunk light. Any of those are more than enough to do the job. I've done it myself, more than once. Usually, a full battery charge will take care of it. Even a jump start and running the car for an hour or so should build your battery up enough to get you going again as long as your alternator is doing its job.
Q:My headlights in my 1987 Nissan Pickup keep burning out. I've checked all my fuses and they are good any idea?
Fuses save circuits from shorts, if the bulbs are blowing out as opposed to the fuse or circuit breaker interrupting the power, then you may have a voltage regulator problem. Put a voltmeter across the headlight socket rev the engine, it should go no higher than 13.4 volts. If it does you need a voltage regulator. If not, check the ground connection. Good luck!
Q:how to distribute power 6V DC to 20 load components?
If the loads aren't fused, they should be. The easiest and cleanest way to connect this many loads to one voltage supply is to use a fuse block. The link below shows one variety. I don't know if you can find a fuse block that holds 20 fuses but you could use two fuse blocks with 10 fuses. I've done this many times. It's much neater and easier to work with than a bunch of wires going to one connection.
Q:why did my blinkers, brake light, and gauges stop working on my kawasaki kz1000?
Because it spent all that time in the ocean after the tsunami
Q:my 10 amp power supply goes on but wont work?
Does the power cord coming from the cb radio have a fuse? if so, it is probably blown. If it does not, then you may have fried a diod or other component on the cb radio circuit board.

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