CDL7 Series Residual Current Circuit Breakers

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Q:Overheated PS3 on accident?
your husband might be wanting to kill you now haha
Q:Electronics question :)?
Transformer - changes voltage to another voltage, according to turns ratio (primary to secondary winding) Twin and earth - mains electricity cable - house wiring Battery- Electrical DC storage device. Stores DC electricity BS3036 fuse - Not too sure on the BS meaning, but a fuse protects circuits by going open circuit in the event of the circuit going short circuit.
Q:1996 Cadillac Eldorado ETC, No power to Fuel Pump - Filter, Fuse, Connections & Relay all good, what can it be?
You have a open circuit from the relay to the fuel pump.Check continuity from those two points.If no continuity and hot leg from relay is hot,run a new wire from the relay to the fuel pump. Cam sensor plug with power on should read about 8 volts at the plug and 5 volts going to the computer.If you do not have 5 volts coming from the sensor to the computer ,the sensor could be bad if you have the 8 volt input before the came sensor. Make sure the oil pressure sending unit is plugged in as if it is unplugged it will not allow the injectors to work.
Q:voltage problems abroad?
Most likely the breaker fuse inside the power supply fried may have successfully prevented mainboard components from damage. In some units this is a user serviceable part. Unless you are an experienced micro electrician I would simply replace the power supply. They cost anywhere from 30 to 80 dollars. regards, Philip T
Q:my 2000 ford F-150 windows just quit working along with my interior light.?
blown fuse
Q:my car battery is over charging AGAIN, I replaced the altenator, and put in a new battery, sulfur smell again ?
Oh no! You too? I have this same problem on an '05 Ford Focus. What kind of car is yours?
Q:Parasitic battery draw 2003 Land Rover Discovery, 300ma from FL5 and 280ma from ABS fuse, any ideas?
Give the abs unit a slap with your palm.I had one of thes e with a stuck solenoid causing the unusual current flow What follows is not related to your problem but the info about FL5 follows:- If you have a Range Rover Classic or Discovery 1 that is getting up there in age and has had its share of use, not to mention exposure to western New York winters, you may soon find out how a fusible link works. Sometime in the 1992 Model Year, Land Rover introduced the fusible link as an added protection to the electrical systems in the Range Rover. This system also was used in the Discoverys. If you experience a number of sudden and simultaneous failures of various electrical systems and components, there is a good chance that you have blown one of these fusible links
Q:We had a voltage spike of over 250V now the tv does not work,have checked the fuse it is ok.any ideas?
The spike happens too quickly for the fuse to go open but transistors usually fail before the fuse , it is common for the surge resister usually a 5 watt and 4.7 ohm , these resisters don't burn or discolor so yo need a multi meter to check it ! Oh and if you follow the wires from the degauss coils that are around the tube bowl to the circuit board there will be a device with 2 or 3 legs close by , feel at it and if it is hot then it means that the mains fuse, the on/off switch and the mains cord all good , Oh well I don`t want to write a full length novel on it so that should get you started so good luck . PS do all this with the set switched off of course !!
Q:Car Wire Short Finder?
An induction short finder shouldn't cost $ around for a less expensive alternative. These work very well in locating the shorted circuit and generally will pretty much pinpoint the area where the circuit is actually shorted.
Q:A 3a device run with 13a fuse, has this been harmed?
it depends whether or not the radio received more 3 amps. if it did it is most likely ruined as normally the fuse will have stopped this happening. my only advice is to put the correct fuse in the radio and try it then if it still does not work it was ruined.

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