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Q:my 10 amp power supply goes on but wont work?
Does the power cord coming from the cb radio have a fuse? if so, it is probably blown. If it does not, then you may have fried a diod or other component on the cb radio circuit board.
Q:2000 Chevy S10?
Take it to a Chevrolet Dealership for service. You have an issue with your anti-lock brakes. Since these other shops just pulled a fuse, mark them off your list of ever returning for future services, they are not to be trusted.
Q:What do these circuit components do?
Switch- Turns the circuit on. Cell- Basically, a single battery Battery- A pair of cells. Diode- A semiconductor device with two terminals, typically allowing the flow of current in one direction only. Resistor-A resistor is an electrical component that limits or regulates the flow of electrical current in an electronic circuit. Variable Resistor- A variable resistor is a potentiometer with only two connecting wires instead of three. Lamp- A device for giving light, either one consisting of an electric bulb, together with its holder and shade or cover, or one burning gas or a liquid fuel. Fuse-an electrical device that can interrupt the flow of electrical current when it is overloaded. Voltmeter- A device that measures Volts. Ammeter- A device that measures Amps. Thermistor-A resistor whose resistance varies as a function of temperature. Thermistors are used in electrical devices such as thermometers and thermostats that measure, monitor, or regulate temperature. I.D.R- Interval data recorder.
Q:Looking for a true electronic components store near Lakewood or Long Beach, CA?
Electronic Components (714) 373-7339 Westminster, CA 92683
Q:smog test: what are reasons for engine check on?
Five most common reasons for your “check engine light being on”: Faulty Oxygen Sensor Loose / Missing Gas Cap Catalytic Converter Mass Airflow Sensor Misfiring Plugs
Q:Describe the 2 major body components of Fungi? and there description and their function.?
The hyphae is the thread-like filaments that form the structure of fungi. A mass of hyphae is called the mycelium. Upon the hyphae, spore bodies form to produce new fungal colonies. When the proper conditions occur, the hyphae of mating types fuse and form fruiting bodies such as mushrooms in which the sexually produced spores form and are released. The hyphae produces enzymes that digest the food they grow upon. These enzymes are called exoenzymes.
Q:Car stereo not working?
No, fuses do not protect against reversed polarity. They are designed to protect from shorted electrical supply wiring and overloads (excessive current). Reversing the DC polarity to many devices will spell sudden death. Depending on how long the condition existed, there could have been a really huge buildup of heat which has damaged power supply components. One reason that reverse polarity is used with DC welding equipment is that normal polarity puts more heat into the workpiece, whereas reversed polarity puts the heat into the welding electrode.
Q:Having problems Setting up my sound system?
First, NEVER USE A BIGGER FUSE, WHEN YOU HAVE AN ELECTRICAL ISSUE!!!!!!! It's a very easy way to set a vehicle on fire. I've seen it, and it's not pretty. Can we/I have more details, vehicle, system components, with model numbers, what you have done prior to the installation the only thing I can think of, with the information provided, is you have the power and ground wires backwards like touching your batteries terminals together
Q:How do I get the instrument panel lights to come on in my 1999 Honda CRV?
double check your stereo wiring. and check fuses.
Q:2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Radio problem.?
The radio has a second fuse for memory, although it is used by other components so you would notice that worth a second look though! Check all the fuses with a lest light or a volt meter, if they're all are ok then its likely your radio, they are rather problematic

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