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Q:What kind of electrical component is this?? From a circuit board.?
Do you see the black bridge marked DF 10S near the fuse, and the VDR marked MOV1 as well? I would suspect either of those to be a POSSIBLE cause of the fuse blowing, because the black bridge can't stand much overvoltage, and the MOV can also go short- circuit because it has done its job, protecting from excess voltages. I say possible, because there could also be a string of other damage. But checking those first would be a start. I think there could also be a PCB track that's been vapourised, leading from the mains to the fuse. The flash seems to be under the board, not under the fuse, and I can't SEE a track there.
Q:How do I get the instrument panel lights to come on in my 1999 Honda CRV?
double check your stereo wiring. and check fuses.
Q:Why is my fuse blowing all the sudden?
Start by disconnecting the wire from the amp. Replace the fuse and see if it blows. If it does, there is a short in that wire. Look for somewhere where the wire has rubbed against metal, like where it goes through or around the firewall! If that is not the problem, re-attach the amp power with the amp off! See if the fuse blows! If it doesn't, turn on the amp. What you want to do is continue testing components until you find the problem!
Q:please help! Odometer and Speedometer question?
if the gages read nothing i would start by checking fuses.
Q:1996 Cadillac Eldorado ETC, No power to Fuel Pump - Filter, Fuse, Connections & Relay all good, what can it be?
1996 Cadillac Eldorado Etc
Q:How do I fix my speaker?
Take the bass driver out of the cabinet, take a flash light and look inside to see if you can see any lose wires, or damage if you do see lose wires solder those wires back where they belong reassemble the unit and try it outif there is something else wrong and there are no lose wires, you may have to replace a resistor or relay or it could be a fusedownload a service manual from the Internet and use that to find the fusecheck all components for damage or leakage.if you find something that looks blotted or is leaking look in the service manual for the proper value buy a replacement part of same value and replace it.but just try replacing the fuse firstfuses come in all sizes and shapes so sometimes you cannot tell where it is just by looking
Q:My car won't start!!!?
The ignition fuel and starter are all on the same circuit?? Seems odd, but possible I guess. Your going to have to get an amperage draw test done on the individual components of the system and see which one is drawing enough amps to melt the fuse. Could be the components, the wiring (not likely) or the control module (rare). Also could be a short to ground or short to power. Sounds confusing but I bet it's faulty internal starter windings causing the problem. Have the starter removed and professionally tested by a reputable auto electric shop not a parts guy that thinks he's a mechanic. Also if it's a manual transmission car try parking it on hills and roll starting it to verify the problem if this is possible.
Q:what electronic component is this?
Use a volt/ohm meter to test the fuse. Connect leads to each side of the fuse. With power off, measure ohms. Anything other than zero, you need to replace the fuse. or With power on, measure volts. Anything other than zero, you need to replace the fuse.
Q:What is the blood component to these functions?
1: Could be White Blood Cells and other immuno cells 2: Hormones 3: Hemoglobin located on red blood cells 4: Carbonic An hydrase (which fuses CO2 molecules into a bicarbonate for transfer in the blood) as well as carbamino hemoglobin located with red blood cells and some plasma transports small amounts of diffused CO2 5: Red blood cells hemoglobin and bicarbonate are 2 major blood pH buffers 6: Don't know what you mean cause glucose, amino acids and fatty acids/ other monomers float freely for the most part in the blood (plasma if you want the correct portion of blood) 7: If by tissue you mean clotting then platelets and clotting proteins like fibrin/fibrinogen 8: Carrier proteins carry those things. or they float freely anything thats a protein or cell is part of the solid component anything not manufactured by the body is plasma portion, e.g. glucose, amino acids and such been awhile since I did circulation so I hope thats pretty accurate
Q:Broken T.v?
There are any number of components to cause a tv to go dead. First off, you probably blew a fuse, but what caused it to blow? Anything in the power supply or horizontal output circuit can do this (most likely) .Then again, it may only be the fuse. But I think you'll need to bring it in for repairs, 10 months old should actually be under warranty. I doubt very much that your picture tube caused this!!

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