CD/MD electric wire rope hoist

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Best price wire rope electric hoist with motorized  Best price wire rope electric hoist with motorized  Best price wire rope electric hoist with motorized  Best price wire rope electric hoist with motorized

CD/MD electric wire rope hoist is a small sized lifting equipment, which can be mounted on single beam, bridge, gantry and arm cranes. With slight modification, it can also be used as a winch. It is widely used in factories, mines, harbours, warehouse, cargo storage areas and shops, essential in raising working efficiency and improving working conditions. Model CD electric wire rope hoist has only one normal aped, which can satisfy normal application. Model MD electric wire rope hoist provides two speeds: normal speed and low speed. At a low speed, it can do precise loading and unloading, mounding of sand box, maintenance of machine tools, etc.




Brake, motors, gear box & Control panel are independent units and are accessible easily. The complete hoist can be easily maintained by keeping it in its installed position, thus saving on precious labour as well as down time maintenance time.



Technical Data:

TypeElectric wire rope hoist
Hook Pathm3/6/9/12/18/24/30
MotorHoisting Type ZD112-4 ZD121-4 ZD122-4 ZD131-4 ZD132-4 ZD141-4 ZD151-4 ZD151-4 ZD152-4 ZDX62-6
Connecting Times120
Working systemintermediate FC=25%
Power source3P AC 380V 50Hz or according to your requirements

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Q:how do you replace elevator hoist ropes?
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Q:How do I get this package in and our of the trunk of my car?
a folding engine hoist sounds about right - but a van with ramps or a pallet hoist sounds best

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