CCAM wire Copper clad aluminum magnesium wire

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1.High Conductivity,Good Elongation
2.Price much lower than copper
3.Many Applications for wide use

CCA Wire:
1, Diameter: 0.10~6.00mm
2, Type: Annealed
3, Copper Volume: 15% or 30% (according to the request of customer)  
4, Tensile Strength: 99~155MPa
5, Density: 3.63G/cm3
6, Resitivity: Max: 0.02676 Ohm. Mm2/m

Application :

CCA wire widely used in Cable TV signal and large volume communications net work signal transmission, control signal cable , welding  cable and so on .

High Frequency Signal Transmission :

1. Choice conductor material for : cable TV coaxial cable

2. 50Ω Radio frequency (RF) cable

3. Flexible RF coaxial cable inner conductor material

4. Computer cable and other data cable inner conductor material

5. Superfine coaxial cable inner conductor material

Other type:

CCS wire  

Copper clad Steel wire

CCA wire    

Copper clad Aluminum wire

ALMG wire  

 Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy wire

CCAM wire  

Copper clad Aluminum-Magnesium wire

TCCAM wire

 Tinned Copper clad aluminum Magnesium wire

ECCA wire

 Enameled Copper clad Aluminum wire

CCB wire

  Copper clad brass wire

Power Transmission:

1. Choice conductor material for Enameled Wire

2. Power cable conductor material

3. Control cable conductor material

4. Car and locomotives cable inner conductor

5. Construction cable conductor material

6. Bus-bar conductor material

7. Fuse

8. RF shielded  cable network

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Q:Need help finding a firewall/hole to run power cable for the amp?
Make a new one. Use a drill bit the same size as the wire. They also sell firewall grommets that will prevent the wire from cutting.
Q:just got a dell inspiron laptop and was wondering about the screen dimming when I remove the power cable.?
normal, although you can chage some of the settings under control panel as well as using the function key and raise/lower the brightness
Q:The living room to the bedroom cable does not work
Low voltage and wire aging has nothing to do with the cross-section of the wire, the cross-section is small, then the resistance of the wire is large, the pressure drop is large, the user's voltage will be reduced, but also with the wire and wire connection resistance, contact resistance Large, but also cause the user to drop the voltage, low voltage and the aging of the wire has an indirect relationship, the wire aging, that there is a certain history, and in recent years, rising living standards, household appliances also increased, with the time Increased, the power has increased, relative to the wire is concerned, is overwhelmed, so the line is often the place where the line voltage is very low
Q:PCI-e 6 pin Graphics card power cable?
You It takes two 4-pin PSU molex connectors and converts it into 1 6-pin PCIe connector. Make sure your PSU can supply the necessary amps on its +12V rails, and if you got a PSU with multiple +12V rails, you need to make sure you got the load spread out among different rails to avoid overloading one rail.
Q:If i bring my xbox into another country, can i plug the power brick and power cable for that country in it?
depends on what country you're going to
Q:HP Pavilion dv9500 power cable broke?
Contact HP, this laptop was designed for Vista so more than likely there are no drivers available for xp.
Q:Does the Sandisk Mp3 player 'Sansa' e200 series have separate power cable?
Sansa released a base station not to long ago that I love. The advantage to it is that it can not only charge the player, but it can also allow you to connect the player to a stereo system. It even has a remote control with it for the player. I got mine on OKorder just search sansa base station. This option is great for just charging and player it in the house. The advantage to the wall charger is that it is more portable. If you are looking for something to travel with that will probably be what you will want.
Q:Wiring a power cable?
You should always put a fuse close to the battery. Here's why: The job of the fuse is to protect the wire between the battery and the amplifier. If that wire should happen to touch a metal component in the vehicle (pinched under a seat bracket, for example, or worn through against a sharp edge of metal in the firewall) then it would cause a short circuit. If you have a fuse near the battery, then it just blows the fuse and stops the current flow. If you don't have a fuse, current will flow until the wire overheats. When the wire is damaged, it will damage anything it's next to: vehicle wiring, carpet, seats, your amplifier. It's not hard to cause very extensive damage to your vehicle from a melting amplifier power wire. A fuse is a very inexpensive way to prevent very expensive damages in the event of a short circuit. To be effective, the fuse needs to be between the battery post and the spot where the wire is shorted. That's why you should place the fuse as close to the battery as possible. I personally would never, under any circumstances, connect a wire to a vehicle battery without the appropriate size fuse or circuit breaker.
Q:computer power supply cables/ placement?
Its on your motherboard factory web site. usually there is a 4 or 8 pin for the mobo PCI bridge, sata, pata, power connectors for drives. smaller for floppy, blue wire for PSU fan speed report. just find out what FORM you need, most are ATX.
Q:When adding second internal drive to Dell OPTIPLEX 780 do I have to get another power cable and data cable?
You should be able to do so, provided you have the mounting space for the drive. You have to watch how you buy the drive - any OEM drive comes bare, with no cables (no SATA data cable). Other box stores selling drive may or may not include the data cable, you have to check. The power cable comes from your power supply, make sure you have a spare SATA power connector from the PSU...

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