Cavitation RF Slimming Machine Made in China

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Multifuction medical equipment ultrasonic rf cavitation    

slimming rf machine skin care

for body slimming face lift eye lift skin care skin tightening


    China Manufacturer New products Skin Care Medical Equipment                           Ultrasonic RF Cavitation slimming rf machine    


                  Looking for distributors / agents from worldwide 

Our products are widely used in cosmeticsaesthetics, and dematology fields.


We have R&D department so we can meet your specific demands if you need.


Any interested, please feel free to contact us for more detailed information. 


Cavitation slimming RF Machine Brief Introduction 


Security Degree




Ultrasonic Frequency



Ultrasonic output power



Ultrasonic output mode


Hand-held treatment head

The material of head


Stainless steel

The size of Ultrasonic head


Diameter 68mm

The surface temperature of Ultrasonic head



Radio Frequency

RF frequency



RF output power



Bipolar RF heads(eye)



Bipolar RF heads(face)



Bipolar RF heads(body)



Sixpolar RF heads(body)


UP TO 100W

Mono polar RF heads


UP TO 100W

Operation Time


10 minutes,1-60minutes adjustable

Cooling System


Air cooling




Net Weight



The Standard of Fusebox



Input Power





AC220V/110V, 50/60HZ

Cavitation RF Slimming Machine Made in China

Cavitation RF Slimming Machine Made in China



Cavitation slimming RF Machine Advantages 


1.  Portable device to be easy use and take. 


2.  Multifuction in one machine, fat reduction, skin tightening, skin care, face lift, eye lift, meeting most demands of women.


3. Easy operation and long time quality gurantee.


4. Beautiful design and precice system. 




Cavitation slimming RF Machine Features


1, Non-invasive. 

Compared with the traditional liposuction, this technology is safe, painless and effective.


2, Non-toxic, no side-effects


3, Applicable to treatments on any area of the body.


4, Accelerate the metablism of the tissues, tighten the skin and increase the elasticity of the skin. It also overcomes the disadvantages of the skin looseness caused by the traditional surgery.


5, No need to have a recovery time. Unnecessary for dieting.

 Beijing sincoheren portable ultrasound rf slimming cavitation machine




Established year


1999, about 15 years

Company Type


Manufacturer has export licence



Factory, R&D, International Sales, Domestic sales, Salesafter, Marketing




Minimum order quantity


 1 set

Price Terms



Payment Terms


L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal, Ali Insurance

Delivery Ways


Express (DHL, TNT), Air Express to your airport, by sea

Technical Support


1 year warranty and lifetime technical support

Sales After Service


By internet within 24 hours and some support service in your office



Many worldwide and still developing more 



IPL, Laser, RF, PDT, Cavitation, Cryolipolysis



Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigment removal, body slimming

Scar removal, tattoo removal, skin care



Our R&D will satisfy you at competitive price

Contact me, Ida Wang


Email,  Whatsapp,  Skype, 



sales11 at sincoheren dot com , 0086 136 9122 5025 , wwxy320


Cavitation RF Slimming Machine Made in China

Cavitation RF Slimming Machine Made in China

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Q:Does the TV have radiation? How much penetration is it?
TV: negative oxygen ions will cause discomfort Watching TV, it should not be too close. Too close to the words more than hurt the eyes, when the TV picture tube in the opening, its negative will send high-energy electron beam. When these electron beams violently impinge on the fluorescent material on the inner wall of the screen, the image is displayed on the screen, but at the same time it also produces X-rays with penetrating power. There is a time limit for watching TV. If you want to see a long time, should remember at least every hour to leave the scene for a while. Sitting at least two meters away from the TV, and it is best to install a protective screen, the TV screen display images will also release a large number of positive ions, they like the same magnet adsorption of air around the negative oxygen ions, so that indoor air A significant reduction in negative oxygen ions. Long in the absence of negative oxygen ions in the state, people are prone to headache, chest tightness and loss of appetite, the kind of long time watching TV, should also pay attention to the flow of indoor air.
Q:Partial discharge detection manufacturers that kind of partial discharge device is simple and convenient,
Wuhan can measure the GN800 partial discharge detector using the current popular UHF ultrasonic detection of local discharge through the external UHF transmitter to receive the local part of the local discharge of radiation special high-frequency ultrasonic signal energy efficiency testing equipment Use must be power off GN800 partial discharge detector with the implementation of the operation of electrical equipment, local discharge for live detection
Q:Are all factories required to carry out environmental impact assessment of radiation equipment?
No. Only the radiation source unit to do evaluation, specifically asked the local environmental protection department
Q:Is the telecom splitter installed on my roof, is it radiation to my family?
No, this online rumor many times, this is lower than your sun's sun radiation
Q:Where does computer radiation come from?
Another: do not agree with t0931 point: Under normal circumstances, TV, VCD / DVD and other household appliances remote control is infrared emission, rather than radio wave, it is a very small power near the infrared, is a light, not electromagnetic radiation. Because you can remote control of household appliances, manufacturers are too much, it is difficult to avoid because the radio remote control signal re-code led to others at home remote control TV results you follow the move. But the infrared light is not going through the wall. So to avoid this problem
Q:Is the hair dryer radiated?
And this radiation will increase the risk of leukemia and brain tumors in children. If you often contact the electromagnetic waves at night, will affect the body of melatonin (Melatonin) secretion, thereby hindering the sleep and immune system. Proper use of the hair dryer 1, open and close the hair dryer as far as possible away from the head a little. 2, when used, it is best to keep the hair dryer and the head vertical, and must have a 15 cm safe distance. 3, as long as dry like, and not more than half an hour, if you want to use for a long time, the best intermittent stop. 4, can not hand to grasp the hair dryer head. 5, in the "grip" inside the iron and the like to join the "magnetic material", can reduce the electromagnetic waves. 6, in addition, should be avoided in the wet place to use the hair dryer, to avoid the risk of leakage. Try to use the middle or low temperature, but a long time to use high temperature, so as not to burn. Put away  The answer was adopted by the questioner
Q:Do you have radiation?
You turn on the radio, transferred to the signal channel will be issued a noise, know that noise is it? Cosmic microwave background radiation! There is no electrical era, there is a lot of radiation on Earth! There is no evidence that living around the tower will cause harm to the human body! Electric mattress 110 watts of equipment, not as good as one-tenth of the electric heating tools, if so that the electric heating radiation is even greater! This is purely nonsense! The biggest four mobile phones in life!
Q:How much radiation is the scanner?
Power supply wiring board (under the use of state) radiation index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Text: vacuum cleaner and hair dryer radiation, iron is not small radiation, the use of children should be far away from the power wiring board radiation also Cause your attention, do not put it on the bed. Electric foot basin, treadmill, fat sports machine This is now popular electric foot basin, let us see how much radiation it? From the power line 0.03 meters, 2.20μT. Electric foot basin radiation index: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ others like to live at home, this treadmill how much radiation? Treadmill working conditions, the panel at 0.15μT, conveyor front 3.90μT, conveyor tail 0.11μT. Treadmill radiation index: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ladies love, always like weight-loss, let us look at the fat machine how much radiation? Fat sports machine, side, high gear, 0.03 meters, 5.48μT. Fat sports machine radiation index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Tip: electric foot basin radiation, fat sports machine radiation are larger, treadmill conveyor belt radiation larger front. What is the spectrum analyzer is not the radiation is not small? In fact, as long as the infrared is no longer the scope of our test, and it is not produced by electromagnetic radiation. So yeah, you can rest assured that
Q:Help EMA (electromagnetic ultrasound) master; reward 20 points
The surface of the measured object is provided with a meandering coil, at some point, by loading a high-pressure narrow pulse or harmonic current source to generate an alternating electromagnetic field H, will be measured in the object to generate the induced current, that is, eddy current I The If a stable magnetic field is produced by the permanent magnet at the same time, it will interact with the internal eddy current of the metal to produce the Lorentz force. The particle of the measured object produces mechanical vibrations under the action of this force, resulting in ultrasonic waves propagating or traveling along the surface of the test object. This is the basic principle of electromagnetic ultrasonic excitation. Electromagnetic ultrasonic reception is the reverse process of excitation. When the surface of the measured object from the internal projection, the displacement of the particle, with a positive charge of the lattice under the action of the bias magnetic field, resulting in alternating current. This alternating current will cause the magnetic field of the alternating surface of the conductor to be measured. This alternating magnetic field leaks out the conductor and excludes the electromotive force in the coil above the conductor to be measured. This can be detected. In the electromagnetic ultrasonic non-destructive testing, the measured object as part of the turtle magnetic sensor, must be electrical or magnetic conductor. If the measured object is a ferromagnetic material, in addition to Lorentz force, but also by the role of magnetostrictive force.
Q:Radiation of electrical radiation
In addition, according to the recent China Environmental Monitoring Center announced the indoor appliance radiation rankings, seven commonly used appliances, the microwave ranked first, more than twice the national standard of radiation. When is the maximum mobile phone radiation? By the Chinese Consumers Association and the China Institute of Metrology jointly commissioned by the China Institute of Metrology found that the phone in the call out with the initial contact with the network within a few seconds, the largest electromagnetic radiation, the first ring after the ring, the radiation gradually reduced The The test results also show that CDMA radiation is significantly less than GSM; built-in antenna is smaller than the external antenna, but the built-in antenna phone back electromagnetic radiation than the front plate several times;

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