Cast Iron Single Stage Pump of High Quality

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China main port
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1 unit
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1000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Cast Iron Single Stage Pump of High Quality                           

It is one of the new generation sewage pump ,which designed base on international advanced
technology,advanced in energy saving,high efficiency,wrapped proof,non clogged,auto
installation and control,have excellent performance for medium contains particles and

Working Condition
1. Medium temperature can not exceed 60degree normally.
2. S.G:1.0-1.3kg/dm3
3. PH:5-9

Mainly apply to delivery sewage water ,waster water and rain water contains solids and
*municipal project
*building construction
*residential area
*industrial sewage treatment
*eviroment protect

1. Hydraulic design with wide flow-path non-clogged structure ,allowed fibres(3 times
length of inlet diameter),particles(30% size of inlet diameter )
2. Excellent design,high efficiency and energy saving .
3. Double mechnical seals in series,made of hard alloy corrosive proof silicon
carbide,which is durable and .wearable ,that enable pump safely operation for more
than 8000 hours continous.
4. Compact structure, small volume, easy moved and conveniently mounted , no need build
pump house, greatly reduct the cost.

Structure Description
1. Casing and Impeller
Semi open impeller,adopt CAD technology design combine with the latest hydraulic
mould,wide flow path for sewage :impeller strickly under static and dynamic balance ,that
reduce vibration and relong the life of bearing and mechnical seals.
2. Motor
TEFC air-cooled squirrel cage, 3 phase asynchronous motor.
Voltage: 220V,380V ,400V,415V,440V,660V(other voltage ,pls inform before order)
Frequency: 50Hz,60Hz
Insulation : IP44/IP54/IP55
Protection class: B/F
Insulation modes: B5/V1
Notice: Special motor can be man made .
3. Mechnical Seal
Bergman brand,composed by oil proof NBR and wearable stainless steel spring ,can be
continous operation at least for more than 8000 hours
4. Bearing
The upper bearing is deep groove ball bearings to bear the radial force ,the down bearings
are angle ball bearings to bear both axial and radial force.
Its brand is C&U,which is most famous China brand ,NSK is available if required.

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Q:Pump impeller diameter plus assembly what changes? What's the effect on the motor?
Two item 1.5 kilowatt type self suction pump original impeller 14.7cm installed 15.5cm may be a problem.After the impeller increases, the flow, head, shaft power will increase (increase in volume see the following formula), the original 1.5KW motor may overload operation.The larger the diameter of the impeller, the greater the lift, the greater the flow rate, because the flow rate of water depends on the centrifugal force generated by the impeller rotation and the line speed on the tangent. The greater the diameter, the greater the centrifugal force and the linear speed. The relationship between the centrifugal pump water delivery and the vacuum degree is that the centrifugal pump is the centrifugal force principle to complete pumping. Without water, the time and space turn will burn out the equipment. Vacuum pumping or vacuum pumping two times.The vacuum of the inlet of the centrifugal pump is composed of three parts (the equation of the inlet of the pump and the level of the suction liquid).
Q:1999 Plymouth Breeze Water Pump?
An engine scan will not tell you your water pump is leaking. Take it some place that knows what they are doing.
Q:can i use a water pump to pump air?
With much less efficiency of course, provided the proper leak profing.
Q:Already changed water pump and still leaking???
have you ever checked the radiator to make sure if that's utilising anti freeze? if so and you notice white smoke that's time for head gaskets. If not yet you nonetheless scent it then you fairly are very close to to blowing a hose or heater middle out. might have a small leak interior the radiator it is getting blown lower back into the cab.
Q:help with 95 dodge neon sludge and water pump?
Correct Sugar in the tank, is a MYTH. The problem you have, is NOT due to someone putting sugar in the tank. Secondly, your fuel system doesn't connect at all to your radiator. So, replacing a fuel pump has nothing to do with sludge in your coolant. So, is the sludge in the coolant, or the fuel? Because honestly, your question makes no sense right now. Edit: I didn't correct your spelling. I corrected the fact that you are incorrect about sugar in the tank doing anything. IF anything, it would have clogged your fuel filter. Not your fuel pump. Go read the article.
Q:What does water pump mean?
The pump is the pump, and pump the water where you want it
Q:What is the function of open circulating water pump and shutdown in thermal power plant?
According to the water quality difference, the purpose is to provide the corresponding cooling water, for the system oil cooler, machine seal and other cooling. Open water directly from the circulating water pipe to use, the pump is delivered to the host, the small machine oil cooler, water quality is not very high, the circulating water drainage to the back pipe, water through the water filter filter impurities. The closed water takes the self closing water tank, which is used for removing salt water. General supply pumps, water pumps, sealing cooling water, condensate pumps, sealing water, generator, hydrogen cooler and other requirements of good water quality system, closed water self circulation, and through the cooler and open water circulating water heat exchange.
Q:will a electric generator work in a water pump?
Well yes it wiould , powerful pumps need more electric power so check that the generator can supply the power needed by the pump
Q:$90 labor to replace a water pump...?
A water pump. Ninety dollars sound like 1.5 hours of work at $60 to $65 an hour. The car must cool off first. The car must be emptied of coolant . The serpentine belt must be removed. There might be other items that may need to be placed out of the way on this Impala, capitalized, Mr. Swayward, as car names are proper names and must be capitalized. Apparently teachers do no cover this in class any more. There are many bolts that need to be removed. There is a gasket that needs to be removed. There is a water (coolant) pump that needs to be removed. There is a new pump that needs to be installed. There is a gasket and a cover pan to be installed. There is a serpentine belt that must be returned to service by adjusting the tension. There might items that were removed that need to be moved back. There is coolant fluid that must in added to the vehicle. Past a certain point of adding coolant the engine is run to circulate the fluid to burp the system out of air. As the coolant levels goes down, more fluid is added. Repeat as needed. Once assured of no air then the radiator cap is placed and then work can be checked for leaks and for quality of work, A few minutes of monitoring the engine and the temperature are needed. An experienced mechanic could possibly do this faster but the labor rate comes form a book or website used all over the USA as the time an average mechanic would need to complete this job. As to your question. Is it reasonable? Since you know where on the planet you happen to park this car, then you could call another car repair shop and ask as to this job. You can compare prices.
Q:water pump or not? need clarification before i spend more money?
If you carefully squeeze or even feel some of the coolant hoses while the car is running then you will find out if the water pump is working. You should feel the coolant in the hose surging through the hose. You said it's still leaking coolant, but can't you see where it's coming from - then go from there? Are you getting any white smoke out the tailpipe - this would be a possible blown head gasket, a crack somewhere in the engine block or coolant water jackets. All of these would cause the coolant to seep into the combustion chamber and burn off, usually causing unmistakable white smoke (you see these cars on the road sometimes). I also agree with having a mechanic do a cooling system pressure check - this is the best way to tell where or if the coolant is leaking somewhere. They should also be able to diagnose the problem if its something else, and can easily tell if its the water pump too. Instead of wasting your own time and money, maybe its time to see a mechanic. I also like doing my own work, but sometimes you have to throw in the towel and let a reliable mechanic check it out. BTW, a vacuum leak would not cause overheating, but would cause bad idling, surging, bogging, etc. O2 sensors could cause similar problems, but again not an overheat. I hope I'm wrong, but you may have a blown head gasket.

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